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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Mystery Surrounding Shane Clancy

Good friend and terrific writer, 'The Truthman' has a passionate post over at GSK Licence to [K]ill

The Truthman has followed this story carefully and has posted many articles about it. His current post, "Shane Clancy : The Bigger Picture", is full of heartfelt passion and a frustration borne out of a lack of answers.

One paragraph that sticks out for me in this brilliant post is the following:

Shane Clancy is a victim of the corruption of psychiatry by the pharmaceutical industry, although some would say it is not mere corruption, but in fact- collusion. – as both serve the agenda of the other. In other words, the industry needs people to take medications for mental illnesses as the mental illness market is a massively lucrative market. The psychiatrists have no real answers nor strategies to deal with ‘mentally ill’ patients, they get paid for deciding a diagnosis and writing a prescription. Psychiatry needs the industry, like a baby needs its mothers milk. The pharmaceutical industry funds research for psychiatric projects, it supports lectures for psychiatrists and helps them further their career. The psychiatric community defends and protects the industry because the industry takes care of the needs of psychiatry- it does this by way of validation, monetary gain and status.

It's a tragic story, confused by the circumstances of Clancy's death. It certainly needs a thorough investigation - I hope the Truthman keeps at it.

I have to take my hat off to GSK Licence to [K]ill, I know how consuming these stories can be when writing about them. I of course make reference to my coverage on the Sara Carlin inquest. Two totally different stories yet both drawn together by an inappropriate use [prescribing] of antidepressant medication.

Truthman has hit the nail firmly on the head with this post, I suggest you pay him a visit. The Clancy family deserve answers - The Truthman is speaking for Shane.

It must be added that there was more than one victim in this tragic case. My thoughts also go out to the family of Seb Creane, whom was killed as a result of Clancy's frenzied attack. [Back story in the Sunday World]

Read The Truthman's post HERE



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