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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

He's Coming Home

For the past 6 months I've lived each day on the edge. As a parent it's hard to deal with the fact that your children grow and wish to put themselves in front of danger, a danger we all take for granted as we sit at home and bitch about how hard it is to make ends meet.

For the past 6 months my son has been in Afghanistan, we have spoke many times over the phone and communicated online via secure servers set up by the MOD.

Things are pretty grim out on the frontline, young men are seeing things that no young man should see.

Time is approaching for my son to return, his 6 month tour of duty is almost at an end and it fills me with such joy that he will soon be back. This joy has been tripled with recent news that he and his gallant soldiers from his battalion may not have to return to Afghanistan, instead they will be trained back home in England.

The Daily Gazette writes:

PARATROOPERS from Colchester will be trained to fly out within five days to any incident around the world.

Families of soldiers serving in 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment, will be relieved to hear their loved ones will no longer be called on for six-month tours in Afghanistan after being taken off the tour rota.

Instead, they will be required to answer the nation’s call, if troops are needed anywhere in the world, having been chosen for the UK’s Airborne Task Force.

My joy may not be echoed by other parents of soldiers sharing in other regiments but I'm sure I can be forgiven for this moment of happiness.

My boy returns soon, I'm counting down the days, as he is.

I am immensely proud of his achievements, his courage and his willingness to help others who are in no position to help themselves.

I look forward to sharing a beer or two with him upon his return.

To all of those who serve. I will live forever in your debt. I salute you.

Utrinque paratus [Ready for anything]



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