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Monday, November 21, 2011

Apocalyptic Australia

Shocking news from The Australian newspaper yesterday revealed that parents are being forced to have their children medicated with psychiatric drugs.

Experts...and I use the term loosely, have warned parents that if they don't medicate their children who have been diagnosed with ADHD then they face being referred to the child protection authorities.

This is utter lunacy and surely a human rights issue...although I expect the 'experts' have already trawled through human rights issues and will claim it's a child's human right to receive the medication he/she needs. I guess they'd have a point...if the child actually had a proven illness!

It amazes me how, in this day and age, witchcraft is still being practiced, because ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly what this is.

In essence the 'experts' are telling parents we will raise your kids for you because you are not capable of doing it.

  • Don't smack your child for being naughty - drug them
  • Don't ground your child for being naughty - drug them
  • Don't stop your child's weekly allowance for being naughty - drug them
  • Don't stop your child from watching TV for being naughty - drug them

If your child is naughty send them to the white-coated 'experts' who can explain in detail that your child's behavioral problems are due to a biochemical imbalance of the brain. Ask them to show you the proof of this imbalance and sit back and watch them stutter their way through supposed evidence.

Pushing pills on children has become a pastime, it's growing in popularity not only in Australia but other countries too.

Consider the bullet points above for a few moments and ask yourselves what punishment you received for being naughty, it certainly wasn't a trip to the local head-shrinker to be forced fed mind altering drugs, was it?

Yesterday, with the help of Maria Bradshaw [Casper], I wrote about a New Zealand psychiatrist who goes against what drug regulators say about prescribing children as young as two mind altering drugs. Prof John Werry believes that children need medicating, he cannot show us any scientific evidence that supports his claim apart from 'depression sclaes' that are as old as the hills and about as useful as a trapdoor in a rowing boat!

Not content wit targeting children as young as two, the world of psychiatry has gone stark raving bonkers with the early intervention program, masterminded by former Australian of the year Patrick McGorry. I've wrote about McGorry numerous times on here. He, along with his fellow DeLorean posse have claimed that they can predict if your child will fall foul of a mental illness in future years. I'm reminded of gypsy women selling lucky heather and guiding one to have their palm read on the sea-front.

The 'experts' in Australia are nothing more than vendors of lucky heather, if you refuse to buy the lucky shrub then a curse will be bestowed on this instance you will be reported to the Australian child protection authorities.

I'm left wondering exactly who has the mental illness here, is it the children of Australia for being children or is it the experts who believe that box-ticking forms can prove if one has a biochemical imbalance.

Full story in The Australian HERE

 Hat-tip Stephany - Soulful Sepulcher

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