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Friday, August 03, 2012

The Demise of SSRi Crusaders

SSRi Crusaders List owner and RIP Troll Jeremy Bryce [59]

It's a great pity that a once thriving community of mental health advocates and sufferers has fallen by the wayside.

What used to be an informative place to discuss the issues of the dangers of psychiatric medication has now, it appears, become a soundboard for the list owner and moderator, nae RIP Troll, Jeremy Bryce.

The Yahoo Group, SSRi Crusaders, thrived during its previous ownership. The brainchild of Cassandra Dawn Casey saw her form the network in 2001.

Due to work commitments and Dawn's efforts to raise further awareness she handed over the reigns of SSRi Crusaders in May 2005. Her efforts for raising awareness have to be applauded [Fig 1]]

Fig 1
Sadly the contributions of people seeking advice has demised since Dawn's departure.

Dawn handed over the reigns to Jeremy Bryce, an Irishman with a less than savoury background. Bryce had been a subscriber and regular poster to SSRi Crusaders and, until recently, a regular on two other Yahoo forum until being banned for targeting parents of children who had died by suicide as a result of the SSRi medication they were on and also his stance on individuals whom he believed were attached to Scientology, which basically amounts to anyone with two arms and two legs.

His role as list owner and moderator of SSRi Crusaders gave him the opportunity to continue his tirade of abuse toward grieving parents and patient advocates, which, sadly, continues to this day.

One only has to take a look at the statistics [number of posts] in SSRi Crusaders since Bryce took charge [Fig 2]

Fig 2
Bryce continues to attack bereaved families online via his various fake Twitter accounts and blogs. Quite why he uses my name to do such things remains a mystery, in fact his constant goading of Maria Bradshaw, Leonie Fennell and Neil Carlin, all of whom lost children to suicide, baffles many.

His fake blog [] is promoted by his fake Twitter account [] and uses some of the most vile forms of RIP trolling I have ever witnessed.

Here's what Bryce, under the pseudonym of 'Bob Fiddaman' had to say about the death of Oakville teenager, Sara Carlin:

You'll note from the above Tweet, and others I am highlighting, that Bryce chooses to use a photo of me as his avatar on his Twitter account.

Here's what Bryce, once again under the pseudonym of 'Bob Fiddaman' had to say about the death of 22 year old Shane Clancy:

And here is what he had to say about the death of 17 year old Toran Henry:

The fake Twitter account is a mish-mash of anti-Fiddaman rants that vary from the sublime to the delusional, as is his fake Fiddaman blog.

Bryce [59] is a father himself and its difficult to understand why he would target families who have lost their loved ones to suicide, even more difficult to understand that those closest to him, online *girlfriend Mardi Bennett, a grandmother, continue to stand by his side in the belief that his online cyber-bullying of dead children is perfectly okay.

* Here Mardi tells a forum that she is 'Morses' girlfriend. 'Morse' was yet another pseudonym Bryce used back in 2004.

Mardi, aka "tuesday1st" promoted yet another anti Fiddaman blog in the Critical Psychiatry forum here, this particular blog also targets the families of suicide victims.

As for SSRi Crusaders, its demise is apparent as Bryce continues to implode by being anally fixated about what I do and whom I choose to write about.

I find his attacks on grieving families sickening, his siding with the pharmaceutical companies who manufactured the drugs that killed these children goes against everything that SSRi Crusaders once stood for, more importantly its a kick in the teeth for the former list owner and moderator whose mission was to raise awareness about the dangers of psychiatric medication.

For now, Bryce continues to allow posts through that he feels are worthy. Any criticisms of his RIP trolling of dead children are never published.

The tagline for SSRi Crusaders is 'Exposing the Truth!'  

The truth, of which, can be seen in Fig 3

Fig 3

SSRi Crusaders can be subscribed to here, but don't hold your breath folks. Criticize Jeremy Bryce at your peril - he may just start targeting your children next.




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