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Monday, December 03, 2012

That Was the Month That Was

Browsing through the back end of my blog to see what posts have been popular amongst readers gives me a pretty good idea of what people find interesting on my blog.

Here's some of the more popular posts of this past month [November]

In no particular order:

A post about the launch of, an adverse reaction reporting website.


A post about Peter Dunne, New Zealand Associate Minister of Health, and his Tweets regarding suicide prevention.


A post where I use a comparison of Jack the Ripper's crimes to that of the crimes of GSK


Another Paxil trial that was ghostwritten by Glaxo's hired hand


A post regarding the recent apology by Gruenenthal, the German manufacturer of Thalidomide and the role GSK [then SmithKline French] played in suppression of their own Thalidomide clinical trials.

Many thanks for your continued support.