Friday, January 25, 2013

Fiddy's Friday Night Show - Never Too Old To Rock

Every Friday, time permitting, I'm going to post something about my new venture which, may I add, has nothing to do with either the pharmaceutical industry, antidepressants or suicide. This blog recently went over 600,000 hits so I guess I can sit back and enjoy life for a while.

Last week Maria, she's my partner if you didn't already know, gave me the biggest surprise of my life, a replica Gibson SG guitar. For those guitar geeks out there [I'm definitely not one] the specs are:

...has an alder body, which contributes to its bright tone. The twin open coil humbucker pickups make for great sustain and high gain lead & rhythm sounds. Other features include a bolt-on mahogany neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware and the dual volume and tone controls.

Maria, knowing my love for all things AC/DC secretly researched what type of guitar Angus Young played. The signature Angus Young custom made Gibson was out of our price range so she purchased the replica. Enthusiasts will notice it's a lefty, there was only one of these left in New Zealand and Bradders, that's Maria, pulled out all the stops to purchase one. She, knowing AC/DC can only be played one way, [loud] also added a mini amp, once again, for the guitar enthusiasts, the mini amp is...

7-watt Mustang Mini guitar combo amp is perfect for guitarists of any skill level who need a small-but-powerful solution for practice, impromptu jam sessions, or small performances. The Mustang Mini runs on the included AC power supply or six C batteries (not included), allowing you to take great tone wherever it's needed.

Eight amplifier models form the backbone of the Mustang Mini's sounds, along with 12 onboard efffects (additional effects are available using Fender's free FUSE software and the Mustang Mini's USB connection). 24 presets give you amazing sounds right out of the box, with more presets—including Artist presets—available using the aforementioned FUSE software. A digital chromatic tuner ensures you're always on pitch.

Ave Maria!

Now, I have never played the guitar in my life, well, that's a lie, for years I have mastered the air guitar, playing along, as one does, to the likes of AC/DC, Airbourne and any other band with a dirty guitar sound. Big Country have also been on my list of air guitar thrashing over the years.

So, my black Gibson replica awaits. Most of this week Maria and I have sat down to watch The Block, a TV show out here in NZ and Australia, in between I pick up my new axe and am reminded of how easy Angus Young [AC/DC] plays it.

I had a half hour spare today so I booked myself a guitar lesson [for beginners] - The teacher is, as luck would have it, a huge fan of AC/DC. We went through some simple exercises and he gave me something to work on until my next lesson [next Friday]

Sometimes people need a hobby, I've always loved music be it rock, country and even old school pop so why not learn the guitar? I'm 48 now, Angus is 57.

I'll never be able to play the guitar like Angus or, indeed, his brother, Malcolm... but I'm going to have so much fun learning.

Each Friday I'll update readers - hey, if it ain't your thing then that's fine - it's more of a diary for me.

Hopefully I'll be able to look back in 3, 6 or even 12 months time and be able to see how far I've progressed.

Maria has headed out tonight, she has a meeting - I'm sat here and my fingers are itching.

Back again to ramble next Friday.