Thursday, January 31, 2013

CASPER Haka 4 Life - How You Can be Part of it all

The CASPER Haka 4 Life takes place next week at the Treaty Grounds in Waitangi.

Since news broke CASPER have been inundated with queries from people all over New Zealand who wish to be part of the Haka but who just can't make the trip to Waitangi.

A suggestion made now seems to be snowballing.

The event can be supported without even leaving your hometown folks.

TV One, the network TV channel out here in New Zealand are keen to film people performing the Haka all over New Zealand, simultaneously with the one performed in Waitangi. Furthermore, organizers of any event outside of Waitangi will get a free pair of CASPER glow in the dark shoelaces [see Fig 1]. The organizer of the largest event outside of Waitangi will receive a free CASPER T Shirt [see Fig 2]

If you can't wait for the event then you can purchase your CASPER glow in the dark shoelaces via Trade Me or on the day at the Treaty Grounds. Trade Me link HERE [**New Zealand and Australian residents only]

Fig 1
Fig 2

Co-Founder of CASPER, Maria Bradshaw, is asking people across New Zealand to find a venue - a park, town square, school playground, beach...anywhere public and easily accessible and to also promote the event using Facebook, Twitter and text messaging to promote the event.

The Ka Mate should be performed at midday on Feb 6th. If you can video the event and upload to YouTube then the best video wins five pairs of brand new shoes from CASPER sponsors NumberOneShoes!

Use Facebook  text, Twitter to create and publicise your event and get all your friends, family, colleagues and randoms along.

Perform Ka Mate at noon on Wednesday 6 Feb.

Youth suicide is a huge problem in New Zealand, a problem that the current government can't seem to tackle. Figures show that the problem is increasing, in fact it rose by 46% last year! The government believe that more mental health services are needed. To end your own life is deemed as having a mental illness when in actual fact there are many other pressing factors that need to be tackled.

The CASPER Suicide Prevention Strategy is a must read for any parent or, indeed, any mental health worker or supporter. Take time to read through the strategy - it could just save lives!

More information can be found HERE, alternatively you can email Maria direct at

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