Monday, March 11, 2013

Kiwi Facebookers

This one goes out to all New Zealand residents who have a Facebook account.

CASPER, the suicide prevention charity based in Auckland, need your help.

It's basically a single vote, something you can choose to do from the comfort of your own home.

What's in it for CASPER?

Well, Toyota are giving away 25 cars to 25 lucky charities in New Zealand, CASPER have been nominated as one of the charities in line to win a car.

This is where New Zealander's can do their bit to prevent suicide.

A lot of work done by CASPER involves driving around the country to give presentations. At present, CASPER CEO, Maria Bradshaw, uses her own car.

If one of the lucky 25, CASPER will be able to use their own branding on the side of the car. This will spread awareness throughout New Zealand as Maria drives through various towns and cities.

There's a lot of worthy charities that have been nominated so choose your vote wisely.

If you are concerned about the alarming rate of suicide in New Zealand then please make your vote count.


You can register your vote on the special Toyota Facebook page. Click button to vote

Having trouble locating CASPER?

Type 'community action' into the search box then press 'GO'

Bob Fiddaman