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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are drug side effects interfering with your life?

Forget the MHRA, FDA and Health Canada. All three have a proven track record of failing to protect the public from the dangers of drugs, in particular psychiatric drugs.

The adverse reporting systems on the websites of the regulators mentioned above leave a lot to be desired. They are old, out of date and are rarely followed up.

All three are paid by the pharmaceutical industry, all three have revolving doors for ex pharmaceutical employees, all three have failed in their duties to safeguard human health.

That's why the launch of is important. is the brainchild of Data Based Medicine whose Chief Executive Officer and principal founder is Dr David Healy.  His team include Dr. Derelie Mangin, Dr. Kalman Applbaum, Dr. Ralph Edwards, Dr. Brenda Gallie, Robert Whitaker, Dr. Joanna Le Noury and Dr. Nancy Olivieri. Their biographies can be read HERE.

Unlike the MHRA, FDA and Health Canada, is NOT funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

It's a website designed to do exactly what the above three regulators are supposed to do - Protect the public from unsafe drugs.

There's even a database where you can enter the name of a drug and see the side effects that have been reported.

The beta site has been launched today [only the research portion is live for the moment (report a drug side effect will be coming soon)] It's going up against pharma paid services so I anticipate it will receive the usual mud-slinging from the pharmaceutical shills out there.

If you want to see a change in the way drugs are regulated then is the place to start. Part of their mission statement reads:  “We’ve talked about it – and now we’re doing something about it.”


The home page sees a video from Maria Bradshaw. Maria lost her son, Toran, almost 4 years ago. He was prescribed Prozac, despite never being diagnosed with a mental illness. Toran's story can be read in four parts here, here, here and here.

Pass on the link to family, friends, doctor's and other healthcare professionals. Don't let the pharmaceutical industry dictate to you via the regulators any more. Force them to read the anecdotal stories they have, for years, ignored. Put pressure on them to do something about it.

Next time a child dies from suicide, make sure it's someone from who goes in front of the media and not some pharmaceutical lapdog claiming that the benefits of these drugs outweigh the risks.

There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough.

That time, ladies and gentlemen, is upon us. Making medicines safer for all of us

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