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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seroxat Sufferers Reaches Half a Million Views

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I never anticipated that this little old blog of mine would reach half a million views when I first started writing in April 2006.

It's been a journey where I have learned so much and made so many wonderful friends both in cyberspace and in person.

Six years ago I had a gripe about the antidepressant I was prescribed that took me a total of 22 months or so to wean off. So, I started asking questions about it to both GlaxoSmithKline and the UK medicines regulator, the MHRA.

I've resigned myself to never seeking the truth from those 'transparent' bodies, they are, after all's said and done, in bed with one another.

Anyway, those who have been regular readers will know some of the more popular posts on here.

A big thank you to all who return, a big hello to all who are just finding this blog and learning the truth about one of the most despicable and manipulative pharmaceutical companies in the world, that's just my own personal view by the way Glaxo.

I've branched out a bit since those early days, covering many personal stories of men, woman and children affected by a whole host of antidepressant medication.

I even have my very own Internet I must be doing something right [Hey, Jeremy, I'm so happy that I give you a purpose in your life]

Thanks to all of those that have highlighted stories on this blog by way of posting on their own blogs, thanks to those of you who have made this journey easier when we all know how sickening and heart-wrenching it can be when speaking with parents whom have lost their loved ones to suicide induced by SSRi medication.

I have to admit that GlaxoSmithKline have made my job so much easier by staying in the news for so long with their various denials of fraud, birth defects, piss-poor quality factories and withdrawal issues... not to mention Ribenagate. Thanks Glaxo for giving me the opportunity to highlight your illegal activities via posts on this blog, via your Facebook page and my YouTube video channel.

Big thanks to the CCHR for the two awards, through them I have met so many lovely people and had so many doors open for me. They have their critics but I'd back this organisation to the hilt for what they have and continue to achieve. Brian Daniel's, you sir, are one funny clunge :-)

Special thanks to Maria Bradshaw, my partner, whom I met in LA two years ago and moved in with three months ago. Also Neil and Rhonda Carlin, Leonie and Tony Fennell, Stuart and Claudette Jones and Steph Gatchell, all of whom have become close friends. As have Dr Sarah Richards and Sarah Venn.

Big shout out to my dad and sisters too, thanks for understanding the passion.

Two people that inspired me to write, Evelyn Pringle and Rob Robinson. Thank you.

Special thanks to Chipmunka Publishing for sticking their neck out and publishing my book too.

Big up to Baum Hedlund, US attorneys. I just loved the way y'all kicked Glaxo's ass.

Thank you also to Seroxat Secrets, GSK Licence To Kill and The Seroxat User Group, Soulful Sepulcher, Write With Stan and the countless other patient advocates out there in cyberspace.

Thanks again folks.

I salute you all.





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