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Thursday, August 30, 2012

That's Nice, an Irish Perspective

Being involved in this sickening world of pharmaceutical and psychiatry manipulation can be kind of draing when researching and writing about particular cases. Suicide is the ultimate adverse reaction to antidepressant type drugs and I've spoken with many parents who have lost loved ones as a result of induced psychosis brought on by the medication they were taking. My partner, Maria Bradshaw, having lost her own son to Prozac induced psychosis.

Sometimes a post or article comes along that brings a smile to my face, occasionally I think, why didn't I think of that?

One such post appeared yesterday on Leonie Fennell's blog. Leonie is yet another parent battling against all odds and fighting for the truth. Opinionated psychiatrists have tried, in vain, to shut her up. Letters from solicitors, a lame effort to stop Leonie speaking out against Irish psychiatrist, Patricia Casey.

Leonie has even took the ball to the doorstep of Lundbeck, the pharmaceutical company that manufacture the antidepressant that induced psychosis in her son, Shane, an inducement that caused Shane to take his own life and the life of another young man.

Her blog post, That’s nice! Now F**k off!, sees Leonie substitute profanity with kindness, a kindness with tongue firmly in cheek, aimed at those whom she has had the misfortune of reading. She writes...

"I suppose I should explain myself here. We Irish (for the most part) are notorious for using bad language. We rarely find bad language offensive and (more often than not) find it a source of amusement. I don’t know if people in other countries are aware of commedian Brendan O’Carroll? His TV series ‘Mrs Brown’ is a huge hit over here and in the UK. His irreverance is classic. In the (1 min) segment above, Mrs Brown refers to her ‘elocution lessons’ and says “I used to say ‘F**k Off!’ but now I say ‘That’s Nice’.

"I have decided that, following Shane’s death, 3 years is long enough to be miserable. Rather than holding my tongue about the ‘experts’ who have involved themselves in Shane’s case, I have decided as Oprah would say, to find closure. I am dismissing these people with Mrs Browns ‘expert’ advice and in this instance, it’s definitely not a term of endearment."

Leonie then targets those whom have made ridiculous statements. It's a clever post and gave me a much needed giggle after having a tooth extracted yesterday. On Irish psychiatrist, Patricia Casey, Leonie writes:

"To Professor Patricia Casey, UCD, who attended Shane’s Inquest on behalf of the Irish College of Psychiatry, and who, coincidentally, has links to Lundbeck. For your opinion (directly after my son’s Inquest) that there were ‘aspects’ of the evidence with which the ‘College’ took issue. For your subsequent denials that SSRI’s can cause suicide and for the two solicitors letters that you sent me; That’s Nice!"

Leonie adds 6 more acts of kindness to various targets.

Holding on to Leonie's coat tails I've come up with a few myself.

To GSK's Alistair Benbow, for going on national television and claiming that Seroxat is not addictive - That's Nice!

To GSK's CEO, Andrew Witty, for claiming that his company's wrong-doing was all part of an era - That's Nice!

To the MHRA, for sitting around thumb-twiddling whilst children die as a result of taking antidepressant type drugs prescribed to them off-label - That's Nice!

To the NZ Associate Minister of Health, Peter Dunne, for failing to prevent the out-of-control suicides in New Zealand - That's Nice!

To the editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry [JAACAP] and his reluctance to retract the ghostwritten and fraudulent Paxil 329 study - That's Nice!

The list could go on and on but I'll leave it for now but will vow to use the phrase 'that's nice' at any given opportunity, be it in interviews or when giving talks out here in New Zealand.

See the original post from Leonie HERE.




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