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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Glaxo's Private Investigator Arrested

Both Peter Humphrey [left] and his former client GSK are under investigation by Chinese authorities

So, here we are again. Yet more details emerging from China regarding the great GSK swindle.

It now appears that a private investigator once hired by GSK has... wait for it... been arrested for illegally buying and selling private information.

Where's John le Carré when you need him?

This is yet more egg on the face for GSK's knight Andrew Witty.

Here's the latest twist.

China-based investigator Peter Humphrey and his business partner-wife, Yu Yingzeng illegally trafficked a huge amount of personal information on Chinese citizens to seek profits via registering so-called research companies in Hong Kong and Shanghai since 2003.

Humphrey, wearing an orange vest and handcuffed, appeared on Chinese television, [video] and confessed, ”We used illegal means to obtain personal information, I am very regretful for this situation and apologize to the Chinese government.”

Humphrey and Yu run the Hong Kong-registered, ChinaWhys Co, a business risk advisory firm, and have, in the past, worked for GlaxoSmithKline.

Ironically Humphrey lists his successes as neutralizing a counterfeit-and-fraud syndicate that hijacked the business of a global consumer goods manufacturer, eliminating fraud from the buying operation of a leading megastore chain and uncovering fraudulent JV deals for a global appliances manufacturer.

His wife apparently has "hands-on experience in all aspects of operational process and is experienced in operational/financial audit to identify management control weakness, FCPA-style bribery concerns and fraud risks. She has worked on numerous pre-transactional due diligence projects and on complex fraud investigations at multinational operations in China. Her successes have included solving a supply chain fraud by establishing activity links to capture criminal evidence for a U.S. food manufacturer, and pinpointing weak HR policies as a threat to effective control for a European retailer. She also led a large-scale investigation into bribery and kickbacks at one of the world's top PC manufacturers, in which her evidence led to top-level dismissals and a thorough reorganisation."

It's unknown if Humphrey's arrest is tied in with the Glaxo fraud.

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