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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Disease-mongering AKA Fear-mongering

Fear-mongering is a form of manipulation which causes fear by using exaggerated rumours of impending danger. It is used by many but often those who use this manipulation don't know they are being played by an insidious industry who hire some of the most ingenious marketing teams in the world.

Unfolding in the UK at present is a manipulation, make no bones about it.

England, Scotland and Wales have pre-ordered a product, they did so based on what scientists told them. That product has to be used by a certain date, in as much in the same way as the food you buy in the supermarket does. It was not purchased under 'sale or return' terms.

When all goes to plan, the product rolls out, in this instance the vaccine (even though it's not actually a vaccine I will use this term to avoid confusion)

The initial fear-mongering started with the Chinese media. How can we forget the images of the streets of Wuhan and also surrounding hospitals with citizens laying dead on the floor. The whole world saw those images - they were meant to. Unbeknownst to many this was probably the second phase which had been triggered by a disease escaping from a laboratory in the Hubei Province. There are still some that argue this isn't true and that it came from an infected Pangolin or Bat purchased, or indeed handled, in a wet market, ironically situated in the capital of the Hubei Province, Wuhan.

Any mystery surrounding a virus leak gives the real origins of the virus valuable time. Whilst everyone was focused on the Wuhan wet-market, the players could cover their tracks so to speak. It's a bit like hearing the police want to interview you for a crime you committed, you hear this second-hand so it gives you time to find a reliable person who will lie for you (an alibi)

The virus coming from inside a lab was, at first, deemed conspiratorial. Sky News Australia's documentary, 'What Really Happened in Wuhan', put the conspiracy theory slur to bed when it premiered in Australia on Sep 28, 2021

The lab leak was Phase 1, prior to the leak there would have been plans put in place as one has to prepare for all possibilities.


Phase 2 was the daily media coverage - this needed to be out there 24/7. Cast your minds back to early 2020. You were around the TV soaking it all up, right? The 24/7 coverage showed us all the images coming out of Wuhan. Citizens, we were told, were keeling over in the streets and dying. Wuhan residents, we were told, were being confined to their own homes, in some instances the media told us many residents were being boarded up in their own homes. This gave us the illusion that this deadly virus was our worst nightmare come true.

Next Slide Please

There is nothing more powerful that images to spark a reaction. The body plummeting from one of the Twin Towers, the young immigrant boy washed up on a beach, the man lying dead on the street in Wuhan whilst being surrounded by men in Hazmat suits 

Nothing more powerful, right. This virus is real, it's killing people and now, according to whatever news media you followed, it's here.

Images like the one above had to be shown, as did much of the video footage in Wuhan hospitals. If footage wasn't shown then compliance would have been much more difficult to sell.

But sell it they did and we were all soon locked down in our homes - and what did we all do during those initial lockdowns? Well, we tuned in to fear, our human voyeurism wanted to take a look inside the window of each UK county - who were being responsible, who were ignoring the social distancing rules that had been implemented?

Well, our voyeur instincts were quenched by Prof. Chris Whitty who, just like the mainstream media had done in Phase 2, used imagery to reel in the viewers. It was bad in North East England but no so bad in South West England. There were a rise in cases in Merseyside but a fall in cases in Wiltshire. It all made for great theatre, it also caused a divide. (Phase 4)

The Great Divide

University of Illinois history professor Peter Fritzsche wrote the book Hitler’s First Hundred Days - When Germans Embraced the Third Reich". In it, he highlights how in the spring of 1933, Germany became a one-party dictatorship. This whole process, according to Fritzsche, took just 100 days. Here's part of the blurb from his book:

"Fritzsche examines the events of the period — the elections and mass arrests, the bonfires and gunfire, the patriotic rallies and anti-Jewish boycotts — to understand both the terrifying power the National Socialists exerted over ordinary Germans and the powerful appeal of the new era they promised."

Sound familiar?

From the get-go we have been told we need to help flatten the curve by washing out hands, social distancing and staying indoors. This, we were told, would, in essence, make the virus go away. The 'science' behind this, we were told, was robust. We all watched as the daily death toll was announced on TV, not only in the UK but in Europe too where Italy and Spain seemed to be taking the brunt of deaths, particularly their elderly residents. It was harrowing TV. Slowly but surely news was coming out that the elderly in the UK were dropping like flies, it was all very grim indeed and, we were told, we had a vital role to play in keeping away from our elderly relatives. We, for the most part, complied.

The curve eventually flattened, we know this because Prof. Chris Whitty showed us images. It was, indeed, great news. Alas, the great news soon turned sour as the curve began to rise again. Something else was needed to help flatten it.


And here we are today. Promises were made with the vaccines - two jabs and the curve will flatten, the NHS won't be so under pressure, the elderly will be protected. At every corner we were being gently massaged - we would be rolling our sleeves up to protect others, not really to protect ourselves...but it does protect you as well, we were told. What we wasn't told, from the get-go, was the actual truth. You can still transmit the virus after two jabs and you can still fall foul of the virus. People, in the main, seem to have forgot that.

The scientists advising the decision-makers are, once again, painting a bad scenario with the newest strain of the virus, Omicron. We are now seeing a repeat on our TV screens and news resources of what happened when the original virus broke, allegedly from an infected Pangolin or Bat. The fear-mongering has been ramped up again but many have had enough. Constant calls for mandates are making the natives restless - the govt and their advisors have been fully aware of this, in fact, they were probably fully aware of any outcome before Phase 1 kicked in to action.

Now, we are told, restrictions will be placed on people who don't comply. Non-agreeable citizens of Australia, Germany, Austria, Greece, and Canada are having revolvers pointed in their direction - if you don't comply, you will suffer as a result, not because of the 'Pangobat' virus, but we, as your leaders will make it tough for you. Celebrities have joined in, announcing on their weekly chat shows or column inches that the unvaccinated should be punished. Most, if not all, give out wrong data to their viewers, listeners, and/or readers. When challenged they use what drug company marketing teams use, they belittle those questioning their position with negative terms such as 'anti-vaxxer', tin-foil hat' and/or 'conspiracy theorist'. Morning red sofa TV shows fair no better as they roll out the key opinion leaders, no tough questions from the likes of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield or Lorraine Kelly. The target audience for these shows is the wimpish, the type that prefer a Posh and Becks story or like to look at Hollywood celbs who are aging, this makes them feel better about themselves. Those, who despite being shown evidence to the contrary, will roll up their sleeve on a whim whilst proclaiming, "We are doing it to protect the NHS." The nauseating compliant.

Drug companies are not allowed to advertise their wares in the UK, in fact the only two counties that allow Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTC) is the US and New Zealand. Drug companies have always found ways around this, often hiring spokespersons of celebrity status to talk about an illness, at the same time dropping in the name of a product that can 'help' that illness.

Rest assured, Pfizer are very much behind a lot of what we see unfolding in the UK. Many of the scientists advising parliament will have some sort of historic association with Pfizer, many will hold shares in the company. It's hardly an even playing field is it?

Who needs drug company adverts when the British press and celebrities or washed-up newsreaders are doing the job for the likes of Pfizer, Moderna and, to an extent Astra Zeneca (We don't hear about them anymore) - 'Reporters Expose Pfizer Misinformation And Power To Demand Eye-Popping Vaccine Profits' tells us more about this.

Also, bear in mind that almost every single 'scientific data' you read about in scientific journals wasn't actually written by the author who added his/her name to it. Chances are it was written by a PR firm hired by the likes of Pfizer, just as we saw with GSK and Paxil.

If you want to continue rolling your sleeves up then I'm fine with that. I'm not so fine with parents being hoodwinked by the 'science' and then dragging their kids to get jabbed though. Again, it's not really my business but it deeply saddens me that grown-ups just can't admit that they've been duped. Cognitive dissonance, perhaps, or maybe a strong case of Stockholm syndrome?

If the non-boostered are counted as unvaccinated, which is happening in many other countries, then expect more hospitalizations of the 'unvaccinated'. This will, in turn, be 'evidence' to show the boosters are working.

You see what they're doing yet?

Disease-mongering AKA Fear-mongering is a tactic whereby politicians, celebrities, and mainstream media outlets widen the catchment area of a disease on behalf of the drug industry so they can entrap more consumers with what people deem to be a cure for the disease. Many politicians, celebrities and mainstream media outlets don't know they're being used as advertising tools for the drug industry, who have some of the most genius marketing teams in the world. The drug industry has never been interested in finding a cure, to do so would be financial suicide. Don't fall into the trap of thinking a particular pharmaceutical product saved your life, chances are you are still taking that product - that is not a cure, it's a product that is making a very handsome profit for the industry. The drug industry is, basically, an insidious profiteering racket that has mastered the art of manipulation.

~ Bob Fiddaman, Researcher of Drug Company and Regulatory malfeasance for over 16 years

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