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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Apathy is the New Normal


As more people increasingly express their views about the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccine, we also see more news articles stating the virus has mutated. 

Supposedly, it is more dangerous and infectious. Current speculation is that the UK will soon enter a stricter Tier 5 quarantine. There is also speculation that travel restrictions will be imposed if one refuses the vaccine. 

We are now being told that there are fewer cases of the "normal" flu this year because the public is wearing masks. However, it appears that mask-wearing does not stop the Covid virus spread.

How is this possible? 

Businesses have been closed on the back of experts saying a non-compliant public is breaking the law, a law prompted by the same "experts". at the same time experts are proclaiming "the majority of the public are sticking to the new rules." It's a pat on the back for those who comply.

Those who question the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccine often do so on social media, which is now policed by "fact-checkers" who ultimately have the final say. 

Nobody can take to the streets anymore to protest. To do so, we are told, "puts lives at risk."

We are, for want of a better word, jailed, but let out occasionally for exercise. We are living isolated lives and only see people within our own bubble. There is little opportunity to hear different and challenging opinions. Tier 5 may even dismantle those bubbles and further restrict us from seeing loved ones.

We are told mental disorders are rising in part because people are worried about the future.

Online retail corporations are becoming richer by the day as small businesses are forced to close. Amazon, Netflix, and online supermarkets are having a bumper year!

Pubs, where political debates are typically hot topics, have also been forced to close their doors. 

Restaurants are currently open, but you must dine then dash. Expect Tier 5 to stop this small window of discussion amongst family, friends, and strangers. 

In the midst of this, we have an invisible virus that has become almost impossible to debate. It's bad. It's killing people. It's infecting people. But, hey, don't worry, we have drug companies working on a solution - the same drug companies who have been fined billions for violating health-related rules and regulations.

We can always shrug our shoulders and give them another chance, right? 

Apathy is here, and is forced upon many, some of whom are unaware that the government want an apathetic public and benefit from such. It is understandable that the public just want this Covid nightmare to end and will accept any solutions. They have largely been compliant and chastise those who have different opinions. It's fear at play, the same fear we saw 10 months ago when photos were released of dead bodies on the streets and on the hospital floors of Wuhan. The popular tabloid, The Sun, proclaimed Jan 2020 that, "Coronavirus leaves Wuhan a ‘zombieland’ with people collapsing in streets and medics patrolling in hazmat suits." 

It sowed the seed of what was to come, what has become. This transpired despite that some of these photos were not authentic.

We are humans and are all influenced. Yet, it seems today's influence is one-sided and led by the government-fed media.

This post may be flagged by a Google bot picking up certain words. Remember, it's only an opinion, an opinion that many may agree with but are not be allowed to share, at least not in bars, restaurants, or any other public place. It remains to be seen if this blog can be shared on social media platforms. 

I'm an observer and like to weigh up things before I write. I've been publishing about drug company and regulatory fraud for over 16 years. Many years have been frustrating as, in the main, I've been preaching to the same choir. People outside of this choir typically are members of the apathetic public.

I know how drug companies and regulators operate. I know they, their paid "experts", and celebrity endorsers, like to instil public fear. 

I know.

Bob Fiddaman

“Fear has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.”— Zig Ziglar

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