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Sunday, April 29, 2007

4th Post: More comments from the new Paxil Protest Petition 2007

This is the fouth post in the series of comments left by people signing the new Paxil Protest Petition. Others can be found HERE, HERE and HERE

Paxil has ruined to many lives.

Big Pharma and Big Brother same thing

Drug pushers

Drug companies must be held responsible for their actions and the damage their products cause as a result of unethical marketing methods

Any promotion and distribution of such products is inhumane and a means to control people rather than help them. Let's call a spade a spade. It is suppression of humanity.

I demand the actions in this petition be done: primarily GSK paying for the setting up of clinics to help people on paxil to detox safely

They need to be recognized as the drug pushers they are.

It is men who value profits at any cost who pay the biggest price.

As a mother and friend of persons subjected to psychiatry and its prepondernce of prescription drugs which include Paxil, I strongly urge you to comply with this petition for the good of all our loved ones.

Stop this insanity and destruction of human lives

Please realize the effects your are creating and act with integrity.

Legal Drug Pushing of Dangerous Drugs is the cause of underming the intelligence and productivity of mankind, irregardless of where they live on this planet. This is criminal and inhumane to kill one's own kind for profit. When life becomes a battleground, your mind is your best weapon; how good is the mind when it is in a drugged stupor? If the good people stand tall together and open their eyes, and start being willing to say what they see, and call a spade a spade, then we can help one another through our trials and tribulations. Drugs are not the solution. Love, care and concern, coupled with good communication is a universal solvent. Let us all unite with mankind, taking responsibility for our neighbors, family and community, and becocme mad as hell, and stop the steamrolling of the billion-dollar "Big Pharma" over the populations!!!!!!!!!! Especially, kick them out of our schools, as they are now preying on children with no moral conscious whatsoever.

Shame on GSK for the whole vile mess, including co-opting a legendary sports hero such as Terry Bradshaw and turning him into another of their drug pushers.

It saddens me knowing there are people on Earth who have a craving for money that they would poison people, even the unborn. And the children too. All of us standing together will shatter this supression. And we will.

It is time for those responsible to be held accountable!

An unnecessary evil.

Terry Bradshaw didn't need the money bad enough to prostitute himself

This is a vital first step towards handling a legally drugged society.

This is the ethical thing to do.

I personally know many Paxil victims and agree wholeheartedly with this petition.

This is about 10 years too late -- should have been done a long time ago

I whole-heartedly agree with this petition

You have broken your oath "First...Do NO harm!"

3 years and counting...we have sacrificed too much.

GSK executives should be held criminally responsible.

A known hurtful product would only be manufactured by an evil person or persons.

Psychs have to stop perpetrating such high crimes!

I'd like to see some answers!

ABSOLUTELY!! Your misinformation, lack of warning about Paxil is criminal

Now that we know Zyprexa documents are in hiding from the public maybe the Paxil people might want to disclose the truths about their drugs. If young girls and boys leek through the nipples on their chests because of this poison what else should we watch out for regarding SIDE EFFECTS!

Stop ruining the lives of people with your evil potions.

It saddens me knowing there are people on Earth who have a craving for money that they would poison people, even the unborn. And the children too. All of us standing together will shatter this supression. And we will.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

3rd Post: More comments from the new Paxil Protest Petition 2007

Some more comments from the new Paxil Protest Petition. I hope the MHRA are reading these. Kinda puts their yellow card system to shame doncha think?

I never would have started if I'd known quitting would make me stupid, psychotic, and sick. It also would have been nice to know anxiety was a withdrawal symptom. Because I lacked that information, I went back on the drug thinking the condition for which it was prescribed was still an issue!

I have been on it for years and am so tired of the side effects its ruining my life.

I have been off paxil for one year and have severe "dizzy spells" off and on! I have had every test conducted on me in the book so its gotta be the paxil!!!

I suffer from Mental related illeness and I find it sad that people are suffering worse than before they started medication use, I took Paxil for a year and as a result I Attempted suicde , had severe episodes of deppression, countless days and hours queastioning my very exsitance. My marriage broke up, was ill both emmontionally and physically too many times to count.

Paxil causes more harm than good

Doctors need to be aware of the harmful effects of Paxil


Ruined my life.

This Drug STOPED my daughter from living and having a feeling of being alive and when she did all she wanted to do was end it all .This drug should be illegal.And you GSK need to withdraw it NOW

I am finally breaking free of this drug...for my depression, the "cure" was so much worse than the illness! Paxil has taken years of my life (and my ability to feel anything at all) away, not only from me but from my family. It is horrible that these companies are more interested in making money than actually helping people. For all of the people like myself that have suffered because of your greed...shame on you!


Another so-far 'survivor' of Paxil.

Even with a slow taper over 10wks I became far more labile and experienced more SI than when depressed. The physical side effects have made it impossible for my to care for my baby alone

This drug sucks you in, thinking that life is great, but without even knowing it, you become a zombie. I felt like a drug addict going through withdrawl.

I have only been on Paxil a month and having a devil of a time getting off this drug. I was never informed I would go through this hell trying to discontinue Paxil. Shame on GSK!!!!

I've tried numerous times to stop taking paxil and the withdrawal effects were so horrible I had to resume. I am now afraid to even stop.

What does GSK do to help people come off of Paxil? I WANT OUT!!!!

This stuff is poison

I am going throug withdrawal on the 5th day today and symptoms are so horrible, I had to start taking Paxil again, along with other medication to battle the extreme anxiety attacks that are part of the wd.

Damn all doctors who prescribe this nightmare

I am a victim , as my husband has been on Paxil for 4 yrs. , he has road rage , gets angry so easy so , our family is always walking on eggshells.He spends money , says moneys nothing and gets angry when I say , we cant afford something like very expensive cars , he has lied to me to get his way , does money spending behind my back .I could go on, and on , I am despret for him to go off Paxil 20 ml. but Im sure you understand where Im comming from .

No words can describe how ashamed those people should be, who had a hand in releasing and promoting this drug to the public.

This drug has destroyed me and my family's life.I consider it straight from the pit of hell!

Paxil withdrawal SUCKS and everyone who uses it has THE RIGHT TO KNOW how hard it really is to get off of it.

Hold Yourself Accountable - If you won't - we will.

This drug has left me with scars, both physical and mental. I lost my marriage and my best friends. I became somebody I had never been before or have been since. Surely you have enough evidence by now to stop the pain and anguish the drug and its withdrawal can do? I now have 2 friends battling with the drug and am angry such negligence on the part of Smithkline has been allowed to occur. It must be down to money, not medicine.

Been on Paxil for several years, terrible withdrawal symptoms when i first tried to stop it. Reduced tablets very slowly but cutting with pill cutter until I was down to 5 mgs per day. I have stopped completely 4 days ago. I am still having problems with it. I know I am not over the worst. I hope its not a lifetime damage. GSK are completely ruthless, irresponsible in producing this awful drug. No compensation to the victims could be too great.

Trying to come off Paxil is a hell of it's own making;

I don' t know how old this petition is but I'm signing it anyway because of the hell I went through coming off this drug.

This drug has destroyed my life and my family.

It is so sad that so many people are suffering essentially become some people are sad...

Hellish stuff


Off paxil for almost 4 months now (still suffering withdrawals)

GSK CEO: imagine a loved one with a depressive disorder...would you allow them to be prescribed Paxil? If you answer yes then shame on you. I will have been on Paxil for 10 years in Spring 2007. Since then, I have gained 65 lbs. had 2 miscarriages, and now as I am finally able to physician says my heart rate is considered atachycardia. Thanks for all your disclosure...I would gladly trade minor depression for all the harm my body has gone through.

It is ineffable for me to express the hell I experienced with Paxil. It changes your perception of yourself and the outside world. Being on it for the past 11 years and weening off of it has made that all too apparent for me. I recoil at the thought of anyone that shared a similiar experience. I have never known such torment.....

Swiss Deroxat (=US Paxil) ruined my health

I hope they make the smaller dose tablets so I can get off of the Paxil. I am down to 10.

Please take this dangerous drug off the market NOW!

I was on paxil for 35 days of hell the doctor kept telling me to hang in there.i felt worse on paxil then i did normally so i finally told the doc where to go and i chucked the paxil in the trash!

WARNING LABEL ABOUT ACCURATE PROBABILITY OF SUICIDE IS NEEDED. As well as smaller doses Of Paxil to help patients taper off.

Went off of Paxil slowly from 8/2005-10/2005; Went absolutely crazy in that my memory, thinking, self control, etc. were so impaired I've been on disability since 3/2006 and cannot now find work---worst of all, still do not trust miy own cognition or memory

Still in the first week of not taking Paxil and I'm worried because each day the withdrawals are worse than the last.

Paxil Sucks!

Glaxo Smith Kline and J.P. Garnier need to take responsibility for all the damage they have done around the world. It is not ok to knowingly give someone a deadly and addictive drug for personal proffit. Take responsibility for your actions NOW!!!

GlaxoSmithKline must take responsibility for their actions.


This is a great petition and hopefully GlaxoSmithKline will see the harm that they have done to countless people and act honestly to ATTEMPT to reverse the that harm and pledge to not harm more people with this and the other drugs that they manufacture in the name of profit.

I am Nurse. Trust me these psychotrophic drugs are not and never have been safe

These drugs are harmful. Please remove from market

Please take this dangerous drug off the market NOW!

PAXIL DID NOT REPORT ADVERSE EFFECTS TO THE FDA!!!!!! They hired Infomedics of Woburn MA to be their 800# company and GLAXO did not want it reported to them any adverse effects people were reporting to that number!!!!! An entire call center staff KNOW this!! I was the supervisor to that call center!!!! And quit because of this and reported it to the FDA.

Remove this killer from the market -GSK execs; get an honest job - you creeps.

Get this killer drug off the market now!

The AMA recognizes drugs as the 4th largest killer, so take step to reduce that statistic.

The drug is the devil, been on it for 2 yrs planning on getting of it soon, I wouldnt advice anyone to take it, weened of once for 1 month then right back on, ill do it this time just hang in there and belive in your self

Need help to quit Paxil, horrible withdrawals

am a victim as well because this drug has took everything away from us that was good.we are still fighting with the doctors and socialsecurity Administration because Nick is no longer able to do anything but stay in bed.I think that we nee to band together and pray that this company gets put out of business and all these other companies that make this poision just because of the almighty dollar.I wonder what would happen if they took this drug.I wonder how they would react or if it happened to one of their family members.They knew what kind of Chemicals they were using when they made this drug up and they knew what it would do to people.But you reap[ what you sow and they haven't gotten away with anything.They just think they have.So lets just all pray that justice will be done and that God will heal each one of us.

This drug has destroyed me and my family's life.I consider it straight from the pit of hell!

"I utterly refute any allegations we are sitting on data, that have withheld data or anything like that. We have provided all the data both relating to safety and efficacy in the paediactric population to the regulatory authorities around the world and have hidden nothing."
Alistair Benbow - GlaxoSmithKline's Spin Doctor

Friday, April 27, 2007

For Ali Benbow (GSK)

Pharma Fights Back!

There are two accounts that I know of that have recently been suspended by Both were SSRi related and posted video's of news clips and personal experiences and views of SSRi's.

It won't be long before the majority of anti pharma videos are removed from

Moneytalks folks


Paxil Protest Petition - Comments Part Two

Continuing on from my last post about the Paxil Protest Petition 2007, Here are some more comments added to the petition

After being prescribed Paxil, my youngest son, H. Christopher "Chris" Rice, suffered horrible side effects for 11 months. In the 12th month, it killed him.

I'm signing this for my friend and co-worker, a beautiful person inside and out, who should be enjoying the happiest time of her life. Instead, she's having to fight to recover her freedom and her life back from Paxil. With her courage, I know she'll make it, but it should never have happened. If we stop the marketing of this drug, then others won't have to struggle to reclaim their lives the way my friend is fighting for hers.

I started this medication in 2002 after my mother's slow painful death (I was 24) & 19 when dad died. (needless to say I was really depressed) Paxeil made me feel crazy almost numb to any emotions, except I was still depressed! I gained 50lbs (that's real mood lifter) and couldn't give a rats about sex with my husband or by myself. I weined myself off the meds contrary to my doctor's advice & have been off now for about 2 years. Exercise really was made me feel better. (after months of painful withdrawel-brain zaps!!) Not only did I get back in shape, but now I am into Yoga for stress relief & believe me it is a miracle without chemicals!! I started with Yoga for Dummies, so it doesn't have to be embarrasing. I would really warn someone about the painful horrible withdrawel symptoms that come with Paxil. Doctors pass is out like candy & don't explain anything else. And if you are medically "well-read" about the drug, it is worse. Nothing more than a doctor hates than an educated patient.

I am still trying to get off Paxil and will NEVER take it again. I also am still trying to get my Dr to understand they way it makes me feel. No one should have to go thru this.

I'm obese because of paxil & can not seem to lose one single pound no matter what I do!!!!

attemped sucide , withdrawls

Had I known 9 years ago what I know now, that little pink pill would've never crossed my lips.

Paxil changed my life, for the worse, not better.

GSK cannot be allowed to carry on as they are, we need to fight back and make sure they realise that the people have rights.

I have been on Paxil 10 years. I don't have a life , I just exist. You need to make the small increments for an easier withdrawl.

I was on paxil for 8 months and almost died due to sucidal feelings... I ended up in the hospital twice for attempted suicide!!! This stuff is leathal!!

Every one involved in paxil at GSK should be made to take Paxil for one year and then be thrown out into the world all alone to try to figure out their life.

As a long-term user of this DRUG, I am disgusted that this was ever prescribed or even made it to the pharmacy level!!! This DRUG is worse than 'street' drugs.

Paxil is the worst thing ever.

Hoping that I can get the better part of me back, going through Paxil withdrawal

I have gone through hell trying to wean myself off of this highly addictive drug and I don't wish this kind of pain and suffering on anyone else!

After 2 months of tapering and 3 months of being off Paxil, I have had explosive diarrhea, flu symtoms, agitation,agressiveness, and panic and anxiety for which I just got a prescription of xanax which seems to help.

I am currently going thru withdrawals from Paxil.. i am miserable. I was recently informed by my sister that her doctor explained that if not under doctor supervision while withdrawing from Paxil it can be an emergency situation.

I don't know how you people( the makers and marketers of paxil) sleep at night.

Nearly lost my life due to side-effects. Withdrawl was horrific!

Im signing this due to terrible WD symptoms ONLY. Extremly hard to stop taking.

Paxil almost killed me, we have to do all we can to get it off the market.. now

After seven months and addictive dosage increases - I have stopped intake and have severe electric shocks to the brain due to withdrawl from this unsafe medication...

Get this drug off the market

GSK, You knew about all of this, all the effects, and you fed it to us like arsenic to rats.

I wish the same for you, what i went through

All people associated with this drug and doctors who prescribe it witout great warning first should go to jail

Paxil withdrawal was one of the worst experiences of my life. This stuff is poison!

Paxil has runined my life

I once thought Paxil was saving my life, now I know, it is ruining it

I am watching my girlfriend go thru withdrawal from paxil and I have never seen anything like it. I am woken throughout the night with her having night terrors. She should have been warned of this prior to her getting hooked on it.

I wish I was warned about the withdrawal before taking Paxil.

I am experiencing the paxil withdrawl wish is for every person at GlaxoSmithKline making money off this to be force fed the drug for a few months or years and then taken off it. No withdrawl symptoms? Can't wait until you can't think, concentrate, sleep, be rational, be irrational, irritable, weeping, and having those fabulous zaps in the head. Have a grand time like millions of us have or had going through hell.


If u wanna become a zombie or experience the hell when u alive in the earth , or want some endless nightmares ...take this Drug :D p.s. Any other SSRIs can do this too

I am currently experiencing Paxhell withdrawal!

If I would have been advised of the withdrawal symptoms at the time Paxil was prescribed to me, I NEVER WOULD HAVE STARTED THIS DRUG

Paxil/Seroxat is disgusting so is GSK

Currently going through paxil withdrawal

Took 20mg. daily of Paxil for 10 years...withdrawal is HELL! Shame on GSK

Paxil CR has ruined my daughter's life!!! It is evil and the company should take it off the market permanently. Why is it that they can market it, sell it in pharmacies, have doctor's "push" it, while marijuanna is illegal, yet not habit-forming. I don't feel marijuanna should be legal, but I also do not feel Paxil should be legal either. This country is totally messed up! Our doctors should be better informed and STOP prescribing this terrible pill.

This drug is very very difficult to get off of. I've gained at least 20Ilbs since I started taking it and I am no better.

I have experienced the withdrawal and it is misery. I am quitting Paxil through weaning, put 1 mg tabs would be nice.

Paxil withdrawal is killing me

Young children and young adults are killing themselves and others on such medications, heartpatients are at risk of dying by over half, diabetics have more problems because of these types of meds.My husband hardly has the desire to be with me anymore because of paxil and other drugs similar to it. Paxil not only kills the unborn if not give birth defects but it takes a person's humanity away by squelching emotions and sexual desires. I hope you burn in.. you know where for your product and your Minions should share in that too by giving financial kickbacks and favors todoctors to prescribe to your product.

You people are nothing more than legal drug dealers peddling your poision to unsuspecting customers. May anyone connected with this drug rot for it.

Paxil is EVIL.

Husband-suicide attempt while on Paxil-lawsuit being considered-prescribed by GP-not a Shrink

GlaxoSmithKline must be required to produce reduced dosages of Paxil to assist patients to come off this horrible anitidepressant! I thought I was just imagining my symptoms when trying to come off of it, but now I see that it is an enormous misguided effort of GlaxoSmithKline to make money at the expense of customers. Federal regulation is needed as an intervention immediately!

Going thru withdrawal

Let's end the devastation of lives from this drug, paxil.

Withdrawal from Paxil is far, far, worse than the generalized anxiety that prompted my physician to prescribe it for me. It has been three months of hell and I don't know when it's going to end. What I really want is for GSK to give me my life back, but that's impossible.

My wife is addicted to this stuff, we're 4 months married and she keeps trying to get off of it but its quite a struggle. Sure would be nice if she didn't get sick when she stopped taking your stupid medicine. I take no meds, maybe 1 allergy pill a month. She's got to rely on your no good pill everyday. Work it out.

Take it off the market, For Good and sue them.

Worse than heroin.

Personal experience with this drug is proof to me.

I was prescribed Paxil in 2004 for elevated blood pressure. Paxil ruined my marriage. I continue to suffer from withdrawal. The symptoms are severe and negatively affect each day of my life. Like most people, I trusted my Dr. when she said this drug was non-habit forming and that it would help me "be myself." Because I have taken Paxil, I have lost two years of my life. I now know that I have to question all of my actions while on Paxil. It is criminal to allow this drug to continue being used.

Oh Yeah, It changed my life all right

After being prescribed Paxil, my youngest son, H. Christopher "Chris" Rice, suffered horrible side effects for 11 months. In the 12th month, it killed him.

This drug is the devil

Why does it take so much work to get someone to do the obvious?

Weaning off paxil cr right now and going through hell. please warn others!

I've been on Paxil for 6 years, spending thousands of dollars that I couldn't afford, because withdrawal from your drug is so difficult. I've paid you the last penny; I've been free for 3 weeks and am determined to survive any hell to get off this terrible drug. You people are EVIL for profiting from such an addictive drug!!!

Paxil has ruined my life!

My friend is suffering horribly from her withdrawals; this has to stop

This drug has ruined my life and my future.. and that of my family. I was never warned about serious and permanent side effects from this drug.. my doctor kept me on this drug and lied to and decieved me for 12 years.. this is a very serious violation of my rights as a human being.

To not fully reveal the potential and/or probable consequences of use and withdrawal is criminal


I was on Paxil for 2 years and now I'm left with terrible memory loss since my withdrawl 2 years ago.

Only 4 doses and went through hell - I should have known more of what could have happened to me

Your drug is addictive and I cannot quit without horrible horrible withdrawls

What kind of monsters are you.Its Poisen.You take and try try to withdraw from it.You destroyed my life.

My son and I both took Paxil. I took it for 5-6 years, my son for almost 3. It was a life saver for me at that point in my llife, but I am glad to finally be off it. I gained a considerable amount of weight, but was told by my doctor that it wasn't the Paxil that was causing it. My son also gained a lot of weight. We have had one heck of a time getting off of it. We have different doctors and were both told that Paxil isn't addictive. For a drug that's not addictive we've sure had and have a lot of side effects trying to get off of it and are still experiencing a few of them. If I would have known how hard it was to come off of it and that I would gain this much weight and have such a hard time losing it, my son and I would have looked for other alternatives. I'm upset that these weren't listed as side effects and even more so that my doctor didn't have a clue either.

My Paxil withdrawal was the worst I've ever felt in my life. In 1999, no one knew to taper the dosage when you were trying to quit so I weaned myself off my 10mg dosage in a week. It was absolutely awful and somethng I'd not ever want to repeat.

May God be with you during withdrawal. You will need all the stength and help you can get.

I started taking Paxil in 1999 after being told it was non-addictive. After going through severe withdrawals I am not Paxil free as of June, 2006

This drug must be stopped now before too many people either hurt themselves or other people whilst taking it.

I have been a slave to this drug for 4 years!! If I had known about the withdrawal, I would have strayed away from Paxil. SHAME on GSK!!

Please ban this drug from the market

I want a refund on all the money I ever wasted on Paxil. Let me do some calculations: $1,200. Pay up. Oh, and even if you DO actually refund me, it wouldn't stop the continual ZAPPING sensations that I'm feeling prominently over my entire body. Nor would it stop the anxiety, the panic, the fatigue...

GlaxoSmithKline : We have a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do not adjust your Serotonin

Benbow plays it down

Paxil Protest Petition - some comments

The Paxil Protest Petition 2007 allows people to not only add their signature but also add some comments too.

Here are some from the first three pages of the petition for GlaxoSmithKline and the MHRA to mull over. Some comments from GSK and MHRA officials at the foot of this post.


You may as well begin now because the truth is coming out.

Paxil WD is one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with.

Paxil almost killed me. It made me act very badly, and made me lose my job, my career, social life, my memory, and has given me numerous health dieases, like blood sugar problems, skin, hair problems, eye, etc. It is a poison and those that make it are evil-posessed by Satan

Selling Paxil; a crime in itself.

I was on Paxil for six years and almost comitted suicide during withdrawal, which I'm still going though after two months. This drug should be banned and NEVER given to anyone under 18. I have so much more to say and it's all negative. Ban PAXIL

You have mad your money, even though you have destroyed many lives, I am a slave to your drug! I cannot handle the withdrawl of your horrible drug, rot in hell Glaxco!!!

I support This petition. I have personally witnessed the damage that can be done by these drugs. Stop lying and admit to all the awful things these drugs can do!

the "little" pill that was supposed to help, has made my life a living hell. How do you sleep at night?

currently suffering protracted Paxil withdrawal

Being on Paxil is fine but try to be off Paxil and it's welcome to hell

This drug is not what they make it out to be


My Dr. states Paxil is too dangerous to prescribe.

I live in the uk , so I dont know if this makes any difference to myself, but one thing i strongely agree with is making paxil,seroxt to me, in 1/4 1/2 1 & 5 mg tablets, I have thought about this now for a couple of years, it would make withdrawing a lot easier & might getsome people of there backs, if they where not having such a bad time withdrawing, thanks Gary.

been free from Seroxat for 4 years but mentally damaged and now unable to work

The attempts to withdraw from Paxil have caused my daughter years of distress and agony. This petition should be signed by millions

paxil has stolen many years of my life that I will never remember.

This drug has taken so much from my life, i was only having anxiety attacks, now im overweight and sick and depressed, this drug steals people's happiness and ruins their health. People should be forewarned what happens when you try and quit. God help GSK, you get what you give.

My God if I only knew this poisen would ruin my life.How dare you play with our lives and lie through your teeth and all the accomplishes,docters,pharmecys,I will make it my lifes work to get the word out.How can you sleep,what kind of people are you.Only God will tell.

Have been on paxil over 5 years - how will I ever get off this drug?


well my sister every time she thyed to go off it she goes nuts and most of my freind are on this pill which i keep telling them if they take it they can not stop i also see one of my best feind going more down hill on pixil and his doctor keep up the does he is now at 60 mg aday so yes i think this pill is a danger

i am on paxil and i stoped it one but went crazy and i don't reamber much about the day. and now i can't stop it my sisters watch to make sure i don't

This drug almost destroyed my child

Paxil is Hell!!!

8yrs on/4 months of f w/d is HELL so far....

withdrawal symptoms are like going thru hell

Paxil side-affects while taking and withdrawl ruined my career

Paroxetine poison survivor

paxil is poison

Brain Zaps should be on the WD symptoms list!!! SSRIs are bad drugs to come off of. I got shakes, burning in arms, and Brain Zaps from this drug.

My friend is addicted to Paxil and trying to get off of it.

GSK are criminals. You are killing people with your poison for profit and I hope with all my heart everyone last one of you involved burns in hell. You have stole my youth, you bring dispair to my home, you have altered my personality, you have taken me away from my daughter and husband. The list goes on, not just for me but for so many others. How do you people sleep at night? Stop the lies.

Paxil has completely ruined my life as I know it. Can't we stop this insanity now; or do you really need more money?

its runied my life

Paxil wrecks lives!!!!!


GlaxoSmithKline should furthermore warn patients about the high likelihood of adverse effects of Paxil on sexual response.

Paxil has ruined my life for the past 2 years and counting. Withdrawal is painful and LONG, still suffering over 8 months later. GSK should be ashamed.

Paxil is Poison - Withdrawal is real and horrible

I admit that this website sounds (to me) like your typical pissed off and wanting something to burn for it, website, but this drug is beyond all words in how horrible it is. On it and especially off it. Besides the physical horrors (and they are horrible), it literally changes a person by supressing things mysterious even to modern neuroscience, which are much more then simple emotions, memories, and identity. This, especially to long time "users," is the hardest of them all to undergo, despite then coping with such an experience afterward. If you don't understand, are in the medical field and want to. Take the drug for a few years, "normal," that is people who don't need it, can indeed take it. I did, but not by choice but by misdiagnosis. Oh and what I initially suffered from which is why I was prescribed Paxil, was severe OCD, which medications (and I tired alot of them) did nothing for to relieve let alone cure, I defeated totally myself. Spirituality, education, self applied psychotherapy.

Paxil withdrawal for me has been a living HELL. Had I known years ago what I know now, I would never have touched the stuff!

paxil worst choice I ever made (now I'm really messed up)

Our son, Ben, died of a self-inflicted gun wound after being on Paxil for about a year and suddenly discontinuing it due to stomach flu

My wife was perscribed paxil for mild panic disorder for 5 years , she weaned correctly, and I have watched her in a world of pain only someone having quit paxil could know about. It has been 1.5 years and ciontinues to this moment. We have not seen anyone with withdrawl for this long. I need answers NOW! She is loosing the one thing she has remained steadfast believing...there is hope to an end.

From husband Brian: I have to do this for the woman I love so dearly...beacause she is unable. After 5 years on, and 1.5 years of withdrawl hell for us , without answers from the manufacturers for fear of what is inevitable. Shame on you FDA and GSK!

So difficult to wean off this drug, wish I had never started.

I developed severe akathisia while on Paxil and had to stop this poison

I know the hell from ssni drugs

Addicted since 1995. Failed attempts to quit 1996, 1999, 2002, and now. Over 70 pounds gained. Withdrawals destroyed my career in 2002 and I can barely work part time while withdrawing now. How could you do this to me????

I have been trying for 2 years to get off paxil, but the side effects become too much to bear, and I always end up having to go back on my regular dose of 20 mgs per day. I never dreamed that i would be pharmaceutically controlled for the rest of my life when I was prescribed Paxil for a bout of depression following the death of my father. I wish I could just feel normal again.

I am suffering extreme withdrawal symptoms after being on Paxil for 6years I have been trying to get off for 2 months and have electronic zaps in my brain every4 to 6 minutes and vertigo

Paxil WD is one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with.

GSK Say:

What we have seen in terms of the anecdotal reports [of Paxil withdrawal] is that it happens very rarely.
Dr. David Wheadon, Senior Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline Regulatory Affairs and Product Professional Services 8/25/2000

The overwhelming view of independent medical experts and regulatory bodies around the world who have seen the data, is that Seroxat has a well established safety profile and is an effective treatment with experience in tens of millions of patients worldwide since launch in the UK over ten years ago.
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 10/10/2002

Experts including the FDA and leading physician and mental health organizations agree that antidepressant medications like Paxil are non-habit-forming.
David Stout President US Pharmaceuticals GlaxoSmithKline 10/10/2002

These problems [’discontinuation reactions’] are just the body’s adjustment when you stop taking medicines. It takes more than that to be addictive.
Mary Anne Rhyne GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson 8/21/2002

We feel strongly that we have an obligation to speak up both for the millions of patients that Seroxat allows to lead a normal life, and for our employees whose commitment to this important medicine has made such a positive difference to so many people.
Eddie Gray General Manager GlaxoSmithKline UK 10/10/2002

Seroxat does have side effects, but these are clearly stated in the information that’s made available to doctors and to patients.
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 10/13/02

I think patients have nothing to fear from taking Seroxat.
Dr. Alastair Benbow, GlaxoSmithKline’s European Medical Director 6/13/2002

You can experience symptoms, as you can with other SSRIs and as you can with other kinds of medicines as well.
Mary Anne Rhyne GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson 12/13/2003

I utterly refute any allegations we are sitting on data, that [we] have withheld data or anything like that. We have provided all the data both relating to safety and efficacy in the pediatric population to the regulatory authorities around the world and have hidden nothing.
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 6/15/2003

Anybody who suffers side effects of any sort I feel every sympathy for….
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 5/11/03

The side effects [of Paxil “discontinuance”] are things like dizziness, nausea, headache, um, and are clearly labeled in the information made available to doctors and patients.
Dr. Alastair Benbow GlaxoSmithKline’s European Medical Director Source: GSK’s web site 2004

We take the safety of our medicines extremely seriously….
Dr. Alastair Benbow GlaxoSmithKline’s European Medical Director Source: GSK’s web site 2004

If ‘discontinuation reactions’ occur in patients stopping [Paxil], the majority will experience symptoms that are mild to moderate in intensity, and are usually limited to two weeks.
Mary Anne Rhyne GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson 2005

Drugs like Paxil have been around for almost a decade and help millions of people fight depression. There’s no reliable scientific evidence to show they cause withdrawal symptoms or dependency.
Alan Chandler, GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson

Everybody who has looked at this the FDA, American Psychiatric Association, National Mental Health Association all those groups agree that SSRIs, like Paxil, are not addicting and not habit forming.
Andrew T. Bayman, attorney for GlaxoSmithKline

GSK strongly stands behind the safety and efficacy of Paxil. Physician organizations, like the American Psychiatric Association, have stated that antidepressants are not habit-forming.
David Stout President of U.S. Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline

It’s not possible really to measure total serotonin. We do not know with absolute certainty about how any of the antidepressants work.
Alan Metz Glaxo Vice President for Clinical Development
source: Generation RX

The evidence, however, is clear, these medicines are not linked with suicide, these medicines are not linked with an increased rate of self harm
Dr ALASTAIR BENBOW Head of European Psychiatry , GlaxoSmithKline

We have been asked by the regulatory authorities to provide all our information related to suicides and I can tell you the data that we provide to them clearly shows no link between Seroxat and an increased risk of suicide – no link.
Dr ALISTAIR BENBOW Head of European Clinical Psychiatry GlaxoSmithKline

There is very good clinical trial evidence that these drugs do not cause suicide, they do not cause suicidal thoughts in adults. There is a very large database.

Each time it hs been looked at, there is no suggestion of an association with suicidal tendencies in adults
Alan Metz, GSK North American medical director

In relation to the use of SSRIs in young adults the Expert Working Group concluded that there is no clear evidence of an increased risk of self-harm and suicidal thoughts in young adults of 18 years or over. However, given that individuals mature at different rates and that young adults are at a higher background risk of suicidal behaviour than older adults, as a precautionary measure young adults treated with SSRIs should be closely monitored. The Group also recommended that in further research on the safety and efficacy of SSRIs, young adults should be assessed separately.
Professor Kent Woods Chief Executive MHRA

In the adult population the drugs are effective.
Prof Sir Alisdair Breckenridge Chair, MHRA

It’s very important that since safety is an issue which is built up as more experience is gained with the drug, that safety is kept under review and this is why we insist on post marketing surveillance of a drug, which means that its safety is kept under review during its lifetime.
Prof Sir Alisdair Breckenridge Chair, MHRA

It is a matter of regulatory and practical judgement as to when information should be transmitted. When it is in the public’s interest that information should be transmitted rapidly, we will do it
Prof Sir Alisdair Breckenridge Chair, MHRA

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What GSK really thinks about Paxil for Children


Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Paxil Protest Petition 2007

Click on the text to take you to the new petition.

To: GlaxoSmithKline

We demand that GlaxoSmithKline — the manufacturer, distributor and marketer of the drug Paxil — do the following:

Immediately issue a worldwide drug safety recall for Paxil while simultaneously ceasing production of Paxil, and initiating a phased withdrawal of the drug from the marketplace with one caveat: that the company begin production/distribution of Paxil tablets in 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 5 milligram doses so as to give patients dependent upon (i.e. addicted to) Paxil — and who are trying to taper off the drug — "the tools" necessary optimize their chances of success.

Broadcast an apology — delivered by J.P. Garnier, GlaxoSmithKline's Chief Executive Officer — via a live Internet web cast. This apology shall address surviving victims of Paxil, as well as families who lost a loved one to a Paxil-induced act of violence (i.e. suicide or homicide.) This web cast video shall then be permanently archived at GlaxoSmithKline's primary web site.

If GlaxoSmithKline refuses to withdraw Paxil from the marketplace, then the company shall at a minimum:

Discontinue, once and for all, use of the word "discontinuance," and the phrase "discontinuance syndrome," in Paxil's prescribing information, consumer drug labeling, and marketing/public relations lexicon.

Adopt a uniform Paxil prescribing information and consumer drug labeling standard throughout the world.

Preface all Paxil prescribing information and consumer drug labeling with "Black Box" warnings which clearly and unambiguously address the following dangers:

Withdrawal reactions are common; that they can be severe, and protracted; that withdrawal from Paxil should only be attempted under the aegis of a knowledgeable healthcare professional.

Paxil can, and does, cause drug dependency; that withdrawal reactions are a direct consequence of dependency.

Taking Paxil while pregnant can result in a newborn suffering severe and sometimes life-threatening drug withdrawals (i.e. Neonatal Withdrawal Syndrome); that, in fact, pregnant mothers should not take Paxil for this very reason.

First time users of Paxil can sometimes experience a rare but spontaneous and unpredictible akathisia-induced suicidality and/or homicidality.

Established Paxil users can experience suicidality and/or aggressivity — regardless of the initial diagnosis (i.e. MDD) — most commonly when the drug dosage is increased, decreased, or stopped.

That, in Paxil's drug labeling, GlaxoSmithKline highlight the association between use of Paxil and an increased incidence of breast cancer in women (as demonstrated by at least three credible, peer-reviewed scientific studies performed by Canadian medical researchers since the year 2000.)

We further demand that GlaxoSmithKline:

Forfeit a minimum five billion dollars in Paxil profits — a figure derived from estimated revenues extracted from worldwide sales of Paxil during the drug's peak 24 month sales cycle. These funds shall be used for the establishment of a (non-profit) "Paxil Fund." This Fund, wholly independent of GlaxoSmithKline, shall be tasked with the job of a) creation of a worldwide nexus of medical clinics (with in-patient capacity) designed to treat Paxil addict/withdrawal victims at no charge and b) educating the public the world over about the dangers of Paxil.

Compel former United States football star and sports icon Terry Bradshaw — to whom GlaxoSmithKline paid an enormous sum of money to promote its drug Paxil — to retroactively donate that money towards creation of a nexus of international medical facilities dedicated to the treatment of newborn infants suffering from Paxil-induced Neonatal Withdrawal Syndrome (NWS). GSK shall agree to match Mr. Bradshaw's donation dollar-for-dollar using a 100:1 ratio.

Immediately stop its unconscionable marketing of Paxil to women suffering from PMDD. At least three peer-reviewed scientific studies produced by Canadian medical researchers clearly demonstrate a compelling link between use of Paxil and a significant increase in the occurence of breast cancer.

Explain why the company, in August of 2003, sent its regional medical director and a medical team to meet with officials from Connecticut's Department of Children and Families — which had stopped dispensing Paxil to children in response to a recent warning issued by the British government stating Paxil (Seroxat) should no longer be prescribed to any patient under the age of 18. Specifically, the company shall answer the question: Was it because this precedent-setting action by a U.S. public agency might spur similar agencies to impose a "Paxil ban," thus imperiling Paxil revenues expected to grow via the spread of the so-called TMAP program?

Describe, not explain, the company's burgeoning role in the creation of the "Texas Math Algorithmic Project," now the subject of federal whistleblower Allen Jones' lawsuit.

Disclose the company's role in the so-called TeenScreen program, masterminded by, and for, "the Pharmas" under cover of Columbia University. (It's just a way to put more people on prescription drugs," said Marcia Angell, a medical ethics lecturer at Harvard Medical School and author of The Truth About Drug Companies.)

Immediately stop all Paxil marketing strategems designed to infiltrate and exploit the pediatrics (under age 18) market. Paxil has been proven — by GSK's own internal studies — to be worthless in the treatment of depression in the pediatric population. Moreover, use of Paxil (Seroxat) in the under-18 population has been banned in the UK.

Admit that the company fabricated the results of Paxil's phase III studies (executed in Yugoslavia) — later presented to the United States Food and Drug Adminstration in October of 1992 — in a (successful) bid to gain agency approval for the drug.

Make good on the company's agreement — as part of its resolving a fraud lawsuit filed by New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer — to create transparency in its clinical drug trials. (They (GSK) are giving nonsense details, Dr. Jeffrey M. Drazen, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine said in a May, 2004 interview, They are written in a way that they are trying to hide what they are doing.)

Moreover, we demand GSK provide not only clinical trial summaries, but more importantly, the raw data used to generate those summaries.

Acknowledge the untold thousands of excess suicides in the United States (alone) attributable to the use of Paxil.

Finally, we demand GlaxoSmithKline hold a press conference led by:

Dr. David Wheadon, Vice President GSK Regulatory Affairs and Product Professional Services

Dr. Wheadon shall be tasked with the job of explaining to the press why, in October of 2000, he testified under oath that ... "there have been a number of systematic studies in humans looking at the potential for Paxil for abuse, tolerance and physical dependence. So actually, there is data to date to negate the statement that it has not been systematically studied, because, in fact, it has been."

That is not the case according to the June, 2005 Prescribing Information for Paxil which states Paxil has not been systematically studied in animals or humans for its potential for abuse, tolerance or physical dependence.

Is it GlaxoSmithKline's position that Dr. Wheadon — GSK's Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Product Professional Services — was simply "mistaken" or "ill informed" at the time of his testimony?

Dr. Tadataka Yamada, Chairman GSK Research and Development

Dr. Yamada shall be tasked with the job of explaining to the press why, in January of 2001, he testified under oath that a GlaxoSmithKline decision to put proper warning labels on one of its drugs (Paxil) is "never a business decision" when a confidential 1997 GlaxoSmithKline document (exposed via "discovery" by Paxil withdrawal plaintiffs' attorneys) reads:

Discontinuation: why this is an issue '97 Seroxat/Paxil sales to end Sept. already exceed $1 BILLION

Beneath this statement is an image of a big black money bag with a giant white dollar sign embedded in its center.

Is it GlaxoSmithKline's position that Dr. Yamada — GSK's Chairman of Research and Development — was ignorant of a company concern that adequate warnings embedded in Paxil's prescribing information could have a huge impact on the burgeoning $1,000,000,000+ revenue stream derived from sales of the drug?

The Undersigned

The The Paxil Protest Petition to GlaxoSmithKline was created by and written by Rob Robinson ( This petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Chemical Imbalance Part 2 - Another rant

So, lets take it as given that the whole serotonin theory is a complete myth. Not really any argument seeing as neither GlaxoSmithKline or the MHRA can substantiate what constitutes a proper chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain.

So where did it come from? It's pretty much a grey area (pardon the pun) but we all know that grey areas are there to be exploited. If we don't know something for certainty we seek professional help - in this case - we have put our trust in a Pharmaceutical Company and a Medicines Regulator who both agree that Seroxat benefits far outweight the risks in adults over 18.... or is it 24?... or maybe 30? The goal posts have been moved that many times even I am unsure now!

So, the serotonin myth? Was it invented purely to market GSK's baby, Seroxat? But more importantly, did GSK know that patients would become addicted to it, thus earning them pocketfuls of cash?

In laymans terms, you take a drug manufactured to help your depression - This drug replaces serotonin in your brain - serotonin that has allegedly gone missing - never been proven in a human, yet you go along with it.

Sometime later, when you feel the 'depression' has lifted, you decided to come off the drug. The patient information leaflet tells you to wean off it gradually or 'taper'

Some 18 months later you have weaned from 40mg per day to 22mg per day. The side effects DO NOT tally with what is written on the patient information leaflet - thoughts of suicide and aggression increase and you begin to wonder whether or not you should have stopped your treatment. One thing antidepressants mask is the actual illness - so when should you stop your treatment? How are you supposed to know when you are ready? This is what I like to call GSK's 'Blockbuster Effect'

This pushes Seroxat up the marketing ladder pretty much in the same way tobacco has done over the years - with tobacco you get assistance - ie; nicotine patches (ironically manufactured by GSK) there are also many support groups to help one wean off the weed. What do we get for Seroxat? Nothing! Not even an acknowledgement from its manufacturer that it causes addiction, even the medicines regulator (MHRA) side with GlaxoSmithKline - despite not having access to the clinical trial data that GSK held from them (The negative trial results)

Anyway, here we have GlaxoSmithKline's paradox. Claim a drug replaces low levels of serotonin, when it has never been scientifically proven that it does then once 'hooked' on the drug the serotonin myth becomes a reality. The levels one comes accustomed to whilst administering the drug are severely missed when withdrawing from the drug. That is the chemical imbalance - that is the reason why Seroxat is such a big seller - that is the reason why GlaxoSmithKline will never publically admit Seroxat is the cause and not the cure for a chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain.

A conspiracy? Maybe. But one that I have had personal experience of and one that echelons of other sufferers have had to, and still do, endure.

So where do we go from here? Would it really be beneficial to us all if GlaxoSmithKline finally admitted the truth? Personally, it would be a help. For years I have had the stigma attached to me for 'playing the system' - a term normally used by occupational doctors for large companies. For years I have been trying my hardest to explain that the Bob Fiddaman people were witnessing was not the real Bob Fiddaman. I'm sure there are thousands of others who feel the same. Without acknowledgement our testimonies mean nothing, without acknowledgement GP's will still continue to prescribe Seroxat, therefore making GSK wads of cash.

The Panorama programmes highlight the subject but within a week or so the public outcry dies as a celebrity makes a fool of themselves on Big Brother et al.

It is only with constant pressure from blogs such as this that GSK, The MHRA and the unsuspecting public will eventually sit up and take notice. This blog is being monitored by GSK in Pennsylvania as is Seroxat Secrets and a whole host of other blogs and websites set up by patients.

With an up and coming class action lawsuit in the UK against GlaxoSmithKline there will be a lull before the eventual storm - well one would think/hope that would be the case. Alas, I think GlaxoSmithKline will once again settle out of court - keeping the truth from the public. Some spin will be invented by the clever legal team they employ, probably along the lines of 'We came to a settlement as to not further any more costs to the claimant'

I would not be happy but lawyers have costs to cover and any settlement would have to be considered by those taking the action.

In an ideal world, there would be custodial sentences for those involved with the cover up - including those at the medicines regulatory agency who have sang from the same hymn sheet as GlaxoSmithKline.

A Chemical Imbalance? A GlaxoSmithKline/MHRA imbalance would be more apt.


Monday, April 23, 2007

A Chemical Imbalance

Neither GlaxoSmithKline or the MHRA can give answers as to what constitutes a proper chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain - weird because Seroxat is prescribed for this 'disorder'

The only thing that I can see is that Seroxat actually causes the chemical imbalance rather than rectifies it - A genius piece of marketing by GSK.

  • Prescribe a drug
  • Let the patient get hooked on the drug
  • Play down the risks by producing clinical trial studies beneficial to GSK
  • Employ ghost writers and patient support groups to back up the benefits of taking Seroxat
  • Robustly deny Seroxat causes aggression, suicidal tendancies etc
  • Always settle out of court for any litigation
  • Infiltrate the Medicines Regulatory Agency with former employees of GSK
  • Fund the government
  • Financially secure to research and market more SSRi type drugs

Credit where it is due, the marketing team at GlaxoSmithKline are without doubt highly skilled at manipulating doctors and the general public.

They don't even klnow how Seroxat works - they are just pleased that it does work. Cases where it hasn't worked - infact quite the reverse, seem to go unoticed - until the invention of the internet that is.

The MHRA are proud of the Yellow Card system - Why?

It is a completely flawed system and they only act on less than half of the Yellow Card reports.

A more robust system would be for the MHRA to employ a person or persons with a basic grasp of internet seaching. Then, they will see the REAL suffering from the REAL people.

Alas, they have ties to GlaxoSmithKline, namely Alistair Breckenridge and Ian Hudson. If they see GlaxoSmithKline have duped the public then they themselves have been duped by messrs Breckenridge and Hudson and that would cast a serious dark shadow on the MHRA's integerity.

They (The MHRA) have been investigating GlaxoSmithKline for nigh on four years now - my guess is they are waiting for a 'busy news day' until they release their findings. This way the story will be pushed to some small article in the tabloids.

It is utterly shameful of any human being to cause human suffering. Both GlaxoSmithKline and The MHRA have continued to deny Seroxat is harmful in the adult population - forget the clever spin 'dangerous in young adults'.

GlaxoSmithKline are currently being sued through the courts both here in the UK and in the United States. It now needs a firm of solicitors with huge balls to sue the MHRA. There is enough evidence I'm sure to successfully bring them to trial.

It will happen


Benefits of antidepressants for children far outweigh the risks

Just how low will Pharma stoop to give their products much needed kudos?

The recent study may give you a valuable insight into how Pharma pulls the strings

On Sunday, 22-Apr-2007, the following study was published:

Benefits of antidepressants for children far outweigh the risks

It goes on to say 'The team found no reported suicides, but 3 percent of those taking the drugs reported suicidal behavior compared with 2 percent of those taking a placebo; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) researchers had found rates of 4 and 2 percent, respectively.'

'Experts have argued that the warning may well have discouraged doctors from prescribing antidepressants for children and teenagers, and many who would have benefited from such medications have being frightened away.'

Now... where was this study conducted?

Columbus Children's Research Institute

Chief of the Section of Family Practice at Columbus Children’s Hospital, PatrickJ.Fahey,MD,recieved $139,490 funding from GlaxoSmithKline for a 7-month, Multicenter, Parallel, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Comparison of 150-300 mg/day of Extended-Release Bupropion Hydrochloride& Placebo for the Prevention of Seasonal Depressive Episodes in Subjects with aHistory of Seasonal Affective Disorder. He has also recieved funding from Ross Laboratories, $240,640 and from Merck, $63,872.

Call me cynical but what the hell is going on here?

Has it not already been proven that the benefits of antidepressants in children DO NOT outweigh the risks?

This report is scandalous and yet another ploy by Pharma to play down the dangers of SSRi's.

Quite unbelieveable

You can read the Columbus Children's Research Institute review here:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

SSRIs and their Complications down under

1. SSRIs: Forensic Issues. Risk Benefit Analysis and Potential for Litigation In Australia. Duty to warn? (Powerpoint) Presented at RANZCP Forensic Section Conference October 2003 Geelong

2. Do SSRIs cause Suicide (2004) (Powerpoint).

3. Four seminal papers on SSRIs and their complications.
Ronald Wm. Maris, PH.D. - Suicide and Neuropsychiatric Adverse Effects of SSRI Medications: Methodological Issues. Daubert : Competent Science on SSRI - Suicide (2002).
David Healy, MD; Chris Whitaker, MSc - Antidepressants and suicide: risk-benefit conumdrums (2003).
Peter R. Breggin - Suicidality, violence and mania caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): A review and analysis (2004).
The Work of David Healy has informed all these papers.

4. SSRIs: Do they cause suicide? The Science: Daubert Admissible evidence. Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences, May 19, 2004. In Press. Also Interantional conference of medical law, Sydney

5. SSRIs and their effects on Mental Health Presentations: A plausible hypothesis. (PowerPoint) Presented at RANZCP Forensic Section Conference October 2004, Fremantle.

6. New Drugs New Problems (PowerPoint) presented Section of Forensic psychiatry, April 9 2005.

7. New Drugs New Problems: Medico-political expose of the suicide crisis in Mental Health, Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences.

8. The Ethics of the Solitary Empiricist: How PhaRMAs changed common human unhappiness into a deficit disease. Blackheath Philosophy Forum May 9 2005. Do Second Generation Antidepressants Cause Suicide? A Daubert Hearing. Health, Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences. May 19. 2004.

9. Effects of Second Generation Antidepressants and Antipsychotics on Mental Health Services in Australia Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 40th Conference, Convention Centre, Sydney 22 to 27 May. 2005.

10. Akathisia and Crime: Product Liability issues. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 40th conference, Convention Centre, Sydney 22 to 27 May. 2005.

11. The role of genetics and cytochromes in drug response.

Links to other SSRI related websites


MHRA - Cash for Questions

Latest correspondence with Stephen Fawbert of the MHRA

Dear Mr Fiddaman

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request of 8 April. As this is for my division it has been passed to me for reply.

Thank you for your interest in patient reporting of the Yellow Card Scheme. As of 12/04/2007 we had received 5,490 Patient Yellow Cards, and 340 of these stated Paroxetine as the suspect drug.

As you may be aware, the 2004 Independent Review of Access to the Yellow Card Scheme concluded that Yellow Card data should be made more widely available. Based on the advice of Dr Jeremy Metters, the MHRA divided Yellow Card data into different categories which were endorsed by the Information Commissioner's Office. Category 1(a) data are the drug analysis prints placed on the MHRA website. Category I(b) data case details listed below are releasable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) without consideration by the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee for MHRA database research (ISAC). Provision of these data will depend on the number of cases held by the Agency. The MHRA will not release any data subset in which there are five or fewer cases per cell. This is necessary to prevent identification of patients and/or reporters. Where there are less than five cases per cell the data will be aggregated with adjacent cells. Any aggregation will be clearly marked on the dataset.

Patient age categories (<18,>85 years)
Patient gender (number of female and male patients)
Suspect drug(s)
Dose of suspect drug
Route of administration
Duration of treatment
Suspected adverse drug reaction(s)

If you would like to proceed with a request for category 1(b) data please let me know and I can put you in touch with one of the Pharmacovigilance team who will be able to discuss with you exactly what data we can supply to meet your needs. As you are aware, there is a limit of £600 to the amount of data that we can provide under the FOIA.

If you require data beyond 1(b) data, then your request will be exempt under the FOIA and classed as a category II data request, available subject to scientific approval from the ISAC. Ethical approval may also be required. More information on Accessing Yellow Card data, the ISAC and a link to the Yellow Card ISAC application form is available on the internet at:

The 20 day deadline for answering your request under the FOIA is 8 May 2007. If I do not hear from you by this date I will assume you do not wish to pursue this request further.

Yours sincerely
Stephen Fawbert
Freedom of Information CoordinatorInformation for Public Health Group,
VRMM Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
Market Towers 14-1101,
Nine Elms LaneLondon SW8 5NQ
Tel: 020 7084 2788

They don't like handing out the data do they?

Wonder why?

Remember the bumbling bafoon Breckenridge during Panorama's 'Taken On Trust'?

Prof Sir ALASDAIR BRECKENRIDGE Chair, Medicines Healthcare andproducts Regulatory Agency:

When information like this comes in this is investigated. The way that we.. we firstly we investigate individual reports and then we take..

JOFRE: And how do you do that, you go back to the doctor and follow it up?


JOFRE: And that happened in all of these cases?

BRECKENRIDGE: Not in all of them at.. in the appropriate.. in the appropriate cases, this is.. these patients are followed up. The follow up rate for Yellow Card reports is some 48% - 49%.

The follow up rate for Yellow Card reports is some 48% - 49%?

Kinda makes a mockery of the term 'regulator' dosen't it?

Regulate - to govern or direct according to rule

Thing is...... and this is the important bit.... The MHRA regulate by adhering the the very same directions they gave themselves!

What a travesty!

What an utter shambles!

What a bunch of con artists!



Friday, April 20, 2007

The Grim Reaper - Sponsored by GSK

GlaxoSmithKline - An Ulterior Motive or Guilt Stricken?

Community health charities receive £265,000 in recognition of their work from GlaxoSmithKline

Twenty-five community based charities have been rewarded for their community-based work, as GlaxoSmithKline awards a total of £265,000 at the annual GlaxoSmithKline IMPACT Awards, run in conjunction with the independent health charity, the King’s Fund.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the GlaxoSmithKline IMPACT Awards recognise the work of small to medium-sized charities in improving the health of people in their local communities.

GlaxoSmithKline has over the last ten years given awards to 200 community healthcare charities in the UK with donations of over £2 million. This year’s awards range from £20,000 for the winning ten charities, £5,000 for ten highly commended charities and £1,000 for five runners-up. The funding is unrestricted which means the charities are able to spend the money as they choose.


I'll be commenting on this later today


Unlike Gisela Stuart, this MP cares for his constituents

All Written Answers on 16 Apr 2007

Andrew Lansley (South Cambridgeshire, Conservative) Hansard source

To ask the Secretary of State for Health when the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency first began investigating the withholding of data from clinical trials of paroxetine; when she expects the Criminal Investigation Unit to take a decision on whether to refer the case to the police; whether she has the ultimate authority to decide whether a matter under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Unit is referred to the police; and if she will make a statement.

The Minister of State, Caroline Flint's oh so predictable response!

Caroline Flint (Minister of State (Public Health), Department of Health) Hansard source

The criminal investigation into whether GlaxoSmithKline PLC withheld from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) information from paediatric clinical trials of their drug Seroxat (the United Kingdom brand name for paroxetine) was commenced by the Enforcement and Intelligence Group of the MHRA on 1 October 2003.The investigation is ongoing.

Criminal investigations into alleged breaches of medicines regulations are the statutory responsibility of the Secretary of State and are carried out by authorised officers in the Enforcement and Intelligence Group at MHRA.

This investigation is approaching 4 fucking years!

Kudo's to Andrew Lansley MP for raising this question, something my own MP, Gisela Stuart has ot done in the 3-4 years I have been corresponding with her!


The role of an MP

The Role of an MP

MPs have responsibilities to three main groups: their
constituents, Parliament and their political party.

One MP is elected to the House of Commons by each
of the UK’s 600+ constituencies. MPs’ duties in
Parliament include participating in debates and voting
on legislation and other matters. They may also be
members of committees examining new laws or the
work of government departments. Some have a role
as a minister in government or a spokesperson in

MPs can help their constituents by advising on
problems (particularly those that arise from the work
of government departments), representing the
concerns of their constituents in Parliament and acting
as a figurehead for the local area.

How can your MP help?

MPs are generous with their help and advice, and they
will generally try to assist their constituents with a
wide range of problems. There is no job description
for an MP and it is up to an individual MP which
cases they take on. However, MPs are more likely to
be able to help with problems concerning central
government services such as:

• Benefits, pensions, national insurance, and
other matters dealt with by the Department for
Work and Pensions;
• Immigration and other problems dealt with by
the Home Office;
• Tax problems involving the Inland Revenue and
Customs and Excise;
• Problems with the NHS;
• Problems with the Child Support Agency;
• School grants and closures

Glad that's clear then

Thus far my MP, Gisela Stuart, has:

Ignored my calls to raise the issues of Seroxat, the MHRA and GlaxoSmithKline in the Houses of Parliament.

Told me she does not sign EDM's (Yet this has been proven to be a lie)

Told me she cannot see why I think the Hansard Society are morally wrong in accepting funding from 3 major Pharmaceutical Companies.

Has wrote to me stating that she has been in touch with a fellow MP about my concerns. She said she wrote to Stewart Hosie asking him to copy her in on his correspondence with his meetings with the MHRA - He has NEVER had any meetings with the MHRA!

Deleted my email without reading it - her excuse being that she read it using a handheld device and the sender sometimes recieves a message stating that the email has been deleted without being read. My research into this particular matter showed that the header of her email came from the House of Parliament web server - no third party was used! - When asked what was the content of the mail she allegedly read on her handheld, I recieved no reply.

It seems Gisela Stuart is more interested on televised cricket than the welfare of her constituents - she will sign an early day motion for more televised cricket yet won't sign one for issues regarding Seroxat, the MHRA or GlaxoSmithKline. In fact the Seroxat issue hasn't rang any alarm bells at all - in correspondence she has referred to it as Serotax!

Despite there being 4 Panorama specials about Seroxat she has refused to comment on any of them, infact when I suggested she watch one she replied, 'I don't have the time'

She will claim that she has done everything to help me - she has passed correspondence from me onto other ministers and members of committees that I have already been in touch with!

So, Gisela Stuart, MP for Edgbaston, Harborne, Quinton and Bartley Green. Take a bow. Be pleased with what you have achieved. Your ignorance and lack of compassion on this matter has been noted by many. The deletion of my email was the last straw - it was an important email that you were copied in to.

For now.... I'll let you get back to watching your beloved cricket

Monday, April 16, 2007

Be back soon

Due to computer problems I won't be posting here for a week or so.

Be back soon with some tasty tidbits of information.... in particular an expose on my MP


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MHRA Dictionary

efficacy - (n) the property of producing the desired effect (in this case, making us shedfuls of cash, at your expense)
safety - (n) freedom from danger or risk - we know that nobody's going to do anything about our incompetence, so we're safe to carry on fucking up.
quality - (n) we didn't know what this one meant.
transparent - (n) open; frank; candid (subject to exemptions)
GSK - This is a matter that is currently under investigation (circa 2003)
Seroxat - This is a matter that is currently under investigation (circa 2003)
Conflict of Interests - These do not exist within the MHRA

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cymbalta, Depression Alliance, Packer Forbes ... Conflict of Interest?

Seroxat Secrets continues their investigation into patient support groups and their ties to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The latest post ' National Depression Week 2005 and the launch of Cymbalta in the UK' suggests that National Depression Week 2005 was all to do with the launch of Cymbalta in the UK and precious little to do with patient care and general awareness.

Read it here

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Medicines regulation and the pharmaceutical industry

Funniest Article I have read in years... the tears are still rolling down my face.

Alasdair Breckenridge, chairman, Kent Woods, chief executive


MHRA issues medical equipment advice

Medical product legislation may be under the spotlight this week after the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) highlighted a number of possible accidents previously reported.

According to the organisation, poor practice or interface problems can potentially cause a range of injuries when people "take equipment for granted".

The MHRA cites the case of a nurse who suffered burns to her hands when a damaged mains lead to an electrocardiograph machine was plugged in, while it also noted the differences often found between electro-surgical equipment produced by various manufacturers.

In addition, the use of anti-microbial alcohol-based gel was highlighted, after a nurse used the product before changing the setting of a patient's oxygen supply, leading to the gel igniting and causing burns.

As a government agency, the MHRA works to ensure safety and compliance with all medical devices and medicines.

Do they now?

Source: Here

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GlaxoSmithKline Money Trail Down Under Part 4 - Enter Dr Martin Keller

Enter Professor Martin Keller

Leanne Pethick is the woman behind DepressioNet, an apparently independent consumer website for people suffering from depression that claims to attract more than 1 million visits every three months.

And international pharmaceutical giant Wyeth, which markets antidepressants, is the company behind Leanne Pethick.

"DepressioNet would not exist today without Wyeth," Ms Pethick readily admits. "Wyeth is a company I am extremely proud to be associated with."

Wyeth has provided $150,000 over the past three years to keep the Melbourne-based DepressioNet running. But the links do not stop there.

Ms Pethick is also on the editorial board of Wyeth's own depression website Yes To Life, (not available anymore) and is a member of DepressioNet's medical advisory board. The Yes To Life website links through to DepressioNet, which it describes as "an independent resource", without disclosing that it is substantially funded by Wyeth.

Ms Pethick helps with training seminars for Wyeth's sales team and last year took part in a promotional tour the pharmaceutical company organised for a visiting US depression expert, Professor Martin Keller.

Ms Pethick even thanked Wyeth on her website for the opportunity to help with the national tour, which saw her costs paid by the company to take part in panel discussions at meetings of doctors.

But what Wyeth did not tell Ms Pethick was that Professor Keller had been at the centre of a row in his home town of Boston in 1999, when The Boston Globe reported he failed to disclose more than $500,000 in consulting fees from pharmaceutical companies, including Wyeth. The newspaper alleged Professor Keller had praised the products of the companies at conferences and in journal articles.

"No I wasn't aware of that," Ms Pethick told The Age. "On that particular tour, no particular product was mentioned."

DepressioNet's stated aim is to "significantly increase the proportion of Australian depression sufferers who seek help and treatment".

Ms Pethick, who started the website in 2000 after her own battle with depression, agrees that encouraging more people to seek medical treatment will expand the market for antidepressants in Australia. But she sees no conflict of interest in accepting drug company sponsorship.

She also insists her website, which also received a one-off grant of $20,000 from another pharmaceutical giant and the makers of Prozac, Eli Lilly, is able to remain independent.

"The money we got from Wyeth was totally unconditional and helped us and continues to help us to provide a vital service," she said.

"Any money we get, we disclose."

When her own savings ran out in 2001, Ms Pethick deliberately approached companies in the antidepressant market because she thought they would be more interested in sponsorship.

DepressioNet is not the only non-profit organisation advocating for patients with mental illness that receives pharmaceutical industry financial backing.

The peak national body Sane Australia, the operating name of the Schizophrenia Australia Foundation, relies on drug companies for about 25 per cent of its annual $1 million budget.

Last year Sane Australia used a grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals, which markets two schizophrenia drugs, to commission an Access Economics report on the cost of schizophrenia to the community. The report found that many sufferers were missing out on treatment and said some newer medicines could be "extremely effective" in reducing symptoms.

Earlier this year Sane used a grant from GlaxoSmithKline, which markets a lithium-based drug for bipolar disorder, to commission a second Access Economics report, this time on the cost of bipolar disorder to the community. The report found that average treatment levels for sufferers was less than a quarter of what was considered best practice.

Sane Australia's executive director, Barbara Hocking, said the organisation accepted only unrestricted educational grants from pharmaceutical companies. "We receive grants for specific purposes. The purposes we receive them for are driven by us. We have our own guidelines," she said.

Sane deliberately targeted Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline to fund the two Access Economics studies because they produced drugs in those markets.

"The reality is you go to where you feel the money is likely to come from and it is precisely because those companies have products in that area that we felt they would be interested in having this independent information," Ms Hocking said.


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