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Friday, April 06, 2007

Depression Alliance - Seroxat Secrets Investigation

Some shenanigans have been unearthed by Seroxat Secrets that may surprise some of you.

It seems Depression Alliance have took more than 80% of their funding from Pharma's in the past. Not only that but the silence regarding Seroxat has been deafening. They have not spoke out against it whatsover, in fact the sole voice coming from Depression Alliance regarding Seroxat was an attack on the accuracy of programmes on the subject made by the BBC’s Panorama.

Seroxat Secrets has been investigating in depth the underhand goings on.

Read HERE then once you have recovered from the shock that an alliance set up to help depressed people are recieving funding from the drug barons at the pharma's, read another gem from Seroxat Secrets HERE

It seems the popular myspace is now a place to 'big up' Seroxat.

All will be revealed over at Seroxat Secrets

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