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Friday, April 27, 2007

Paxil Protest Petition - Comments Part Two

Continuing on from my last post about the Paxil Protest Petition 2007, Here are some more comments added to the petition

After being prescribed Paxil, my youngest son, H. Christopher "Chris" Rice, suffered horrible side effects for 11 months. In the 12th month, it killed him.

I'm signing this for my friend and co-worker, a beautiful person inside and out, who should be enjoying the happiest time of her life. Instead, she's having to fight to recover her freedom and her life back from Paxil. With her courage, I know she'll make it, but it should never have happened. If we stop the marketing of this drug, then others won't have to struggle to reclaim their lives the way my friend is fighting for hers.

I started this medication in 2002 after my mother's slow painful death (I was 24) & 19 when dad died. (needless to say I was really depressed) Paxeil made me feel crazy almost numb to any emotions, except I was still depressed! I gained 50lbs (that's real mood lifter) and couldn't give a rats about sex with my husband or by myself. I weined myself off the meds contrary to my doctor's advice & have been off now for about 2 years. Exercise really was made me feel better. (after months of painful withdrawel-brain zaps!!) Not only did I get back in shape, but now I am into Yoga for stress relief & believe me it is a miracle without chemicals!! I started with Yoga for Dummies, so it doesn't have to be embarrasing. I would really warn someone about the painful horrible withdrawel symptoms that come with Paxil. Doctors pass is out like candy & don't explain anything else. And if you are medically "well-read" about the drug, it is worse. Nothing more than a doctor hates than an educated patient.

I am still trying to get off Paxil and will NEVER take it again. I also am still trying to get my Dr to understand they way it makes me feel. No one should have to go thru this.

I'm obese because of paxil & can not seem to lose one single pound no matter what I do!!!!

attemped sucide , withdrawls

Had I known 9 years ago what I know now, that little pink pill would've never crossed my lips.

Paxil changed my life, for the worse, not better.

GSK cannot be allowed to carry on as they are, we need to fight back and make sure they realise that the people have rights.

I have been on Paxil 10 years. I don't have a life , I just exist. You need to make the small increments for an easier withdrawl.

I was on paxil for 8 months and almost died due to sucidal feelings... I ended up in the hospital twice for attempted suicide!!! This stuff is leathal!!

Every one involved in paxil at GSK should be made to take Paxil for one year and then be thrown out into the world all alone to try to figure out their life.

As a long-term user of this DRUG, I am disgusted that this was ever prescribed or even made it to the pharmacy level!!! This DRUG is worse than 'street' drugs.

Paxil is the worst thing ever.

Hoping that I can get the better part of me back, going through Paxil withdrawal

I have gone through hell trying to wean myself off of this highly addictive drug and I don't wish this kind of pain and suffering on anyone else!

After 2 months of tapering and 3 months of being off Paxil, I have had explosive diarrhea, flu symtoms, agitation,agressiveness, and panic and anxiety for which I just got a prescription of xanax which seems to help.

I am currently going thru withdrawals from Paxil.. i am miserable. I was recently informed by my sister that her doctor explained that if not under doctor supervision while withdrawing from Paxil it can be an emergency situation.

I don't know how you people( the makers and marketers of paxil) sleep at night.

Nearly lost my life due to side-effects. Withdrawl was horrific!

Im signing this due to terrible WD symptoms ONLY. Extremly hard to stop taking.

Paxil almost killed me, we have to do all we can to get it off the market.. now

After seven months and addictive dosage increases - I have stopped intake and have severe electric shocks to the brain due to withdrawl from this unsafe medication...

Get this drug off the market

GSK, You knew about all of this, all the effects, and you fed it to us like arsenic to rats.

I wish the same for you, what i went through

All people associated with this drug and doctors who prescribe it witout great warning first should go to jail

Paxil withdrawal was one of the worst experiences of my life. This stuff is poison!

Paxil has runined my life

I once thought Paxil was saving my life, now I know, it is ruining it

I am watching my girlfriend go thru withdrawal from paxil and I have never seen anything like it. I am woken throughout the night with her having night terrors. She should have been warned of this prior to her getting hooked on it.

I wish I was warned about the withdrawal before taking Paxil.

I am experiencing the paxil withdrawl wish is for every person at GlaxoSmithKline making money off this to be force fed the drug for a few months or years and then taken off it. No withdrawl symptoms? Can't wait until you can't think, concentrate, sleep, be rational, be irrational, irritable, weeping, and having those fabulous zaps in the head. Have a grand time like millions of us have or had going through hell.


If u wanna become a zombie or experience the hell when u alive in the earth , or want some endless nightmares ...take this Drug :D p.s. Any other SSRIs can do this too

I am currently experiencing Paxhell withdrawal!

If I would have been advised of the withdrawal symptoms at the time Paxil was prescribed to me, I NEVER WOULD HAVE STARTED THIS DRUG

Paxil/Seroxat is disgusting so is GSK

Currently going through paxil withdrawal

Took 20mg. daily of Paxil for 10 years...withdrawal is HELL! Shame on GSK

Paxil CR has ruined my daughter's life!!! It is evil and the company should take it off the market permanently. Why is it that they can market it, sell it in pharmacies, have doctor's "push" it, while marijuanna is illegal, yet not habit-forming. I don't feel marijuanna should be legal, but I also do not feel Paxil should be legal either. This country is totally messed up! Our doctors should be better informed and STOP prescribing this terrible pill.

This drug is very very difficult to get off of. I've gained at least 20Ilbs since I started taking it and I am no better.

I have experienced the withdrawal and it is misery. I am quitting Paxil through weaning, put 1 mg tabs would be nice.

Paxil withdrawal is killing me

Young children and young adults are killing themselves and others on such medications, heartpatients are at risk of dying by over half, diabetics have more problems because of these types of meds.My husband hardly has the desire to be with me anymore because of paxil and other drugs similar to it. Paxil not only kills the unborn if not give birth defects but it takes a person's humanity away by squelching emotions and sexual desires. I hope you burn in.. you know where for your product and your Minions should share in that too by giving financial kickbacks and favors todoctors to prescribe to your product.

You people are nothing more than legal drug dealers peddling your poision to unsuspecting customers. May anyone connected with this drug rot for it.

Paxil is EVIL.

Husband-suicide attempt while on Paxil-lawsuit being considered-prescribed by GP-not a Shrink

GlaxoSmithKline must be required to produce reduced dosages of Paxil to assist patients to come off this horrible anitidepressant! I thought I was just imagining my symptoms when trying to come off of it, but now I see that it is an enormous misguided effort of GlaxoSmithKline to make money at the expense of customers. Federal regulation is needed as an intervention immediately!

Going thru withdrawal

Let's end the devastation of lives from this drug, paxil.

Withdrawal from Paxil is far, far, worse than the generalized anxiety that prompted my physician to prescribe it for me. It has been three months of hell and I don't know when it's going to end. What I really want is for GSK to give me my life back, but that's impossible.

My wife is addicted to this stuff, we're 4 months married and she keeps trying to get off of it but its quite a struggle. Sure would be nice if she didn't get sick when she stopped taking your stupid medicine. I take no meds, maybe 1 allergy pill a month. She's got to rely on your no good pill everyday. Work it out.

Take it off the market, For Good and sue them.

Worse than heroin.

Personal experience with this drug is proof to me.

I was prescribed Paxil in 2004 for elevated blood pressure. Paxil ruined my marriage. I continue to suffer from withdrawal. The symptoms are severe and negatively affect each day of my life. Like most people, I trusted my Dr. when she said this drug was non-habit forming and that it would help me "be myself." Because I have taken Paxil, I have lost two years of my life. I now know that I have to question all of my actions while on Paxil. It is criminal to allow this drug to continue being used.

Oh Yeah, It changed my life all right

After being prescribed Paxil, my youngest son, H. Christopher "Chris" Rice, suffered horrible side effects for 11 months. In the 12th month, it killed him.

This drug is the devil

Why does it take so much work to get someone to do the obvious?

Weaning off paxil cr right now and going through hell. please warn others!

I've been on Paxil for 6 years, spending thousands of dollars that I couldn't afford, because withdrawal from your drug is so difficult. I've paid you the last penny; I've been free for 3 weeks and am determined to survive any hell to get off this terrible drug. You people are EVIL for profiting from such an addictive drug!!!

Paxil has ruined my life!

My friend is suffering horribly from her withdrawals; this has to stop

This drug has ruined my life and my future.. and that of my family. I was never warned about serious and permanent side effects from this drug.. my doctor kept me on this drug and lied to and decieved me for 12 years.. this is a very serious violation of my rights as a human being.

To not fully reveal the potential and/or probable consequences of use and withdrawal is criminal


I was on Paxil for 2 years and now I'm left with terrible memory loss since my withdrawl 2 years ago.

Only 4 doses and went through hell - I should have known more of what could have happened to me

Your drug is addictive and I cannot quit without horrible horrible withdrawls

What kind of monsters are you.Its Poisen.You take and try try to withdraw from it.You destroyed my life.

My son and I both took Paxil. I took it for 5-6 years, my son for almost 3. It was a life saver for me at that point in my llife, but I am glad to finally be off it. I gained a considerable amount of weight, but was told by my doctor that it wasn't the Paxil that was causing it. My son also gained a lot of weight. We have had one heck of a time getting off of it. We have different doctors and were both told that Paxil isn't addictive. For a drug that's not addictive we've sure had and have a lot of side effects trying to get off of it and are still experiencing a few of them. If I would have known how hard it was to come off of it and that I would gain this much weight and have such a hard time losing it, my son and I would have looked for other alternatives. I'm upset that these weren't listed as side effects and even more so that my doctor didn't have a clue either.

My Paxil withdrawal was the worst I've ever felt in my life. In 1999, no one knew to taper the dosage when you were trying to quit so I weaned myself off my 10mg dosage in a week. It was absolutely awful and somethng I'd not ever want to repeat.

May God be with you during withdrawal. You will need all the stength and help you can get.

I started taking Paxil in 1999 after being told it was non-addictive. After going through severe withdrawals I am not Paxil free as of June, 2006

This drug must be stopped now before too many people either hurt themselves or other people whilst taking it.

I have been a slave to this drug for 4 years!! If I had known about the withdrawal, I would have strayed away from Paxil. SHAME on GSK!!

Please ban this drug from the market

I want a refund on all the money I ever wasted on Paxil. Let me do some calculations: $1,200. Pay up. Oh, and even if you DO actually refund me, it wouldn't stop the continual ZAPPING sensations that I'm feeling prominently over my entire body. Nor would it stop the anxiety, the panic, the fatigue...

GlaxoSmithKline : We have a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.


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