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Friday, April 20, 2007

The role of an MP

The Role of an MP

MPs have responsibilities to three main groups: their
constituents, Parliament and their political party.

One MP is elected to the House of Commons by each
of the UK’s 600+ constituencies. MPs’ duties in
Parliament include participating in debates and voting
on legislation and other matters. They may also be
members of committees examining new laws or the
work of government departments. Some have a role
as a minister in government or a spokesperson in

MPs can help their constituents by advising on
problems (particularly those that arise from the work
of government departments), representing the
concerns of their constituents in Parliament and acting
as a figurehead for the local area.

How can your MP help?

MPs are generous with their help and advice, and they
will generally try to assist their constituents with a
wide range of problems. There is no job description
for an MP and it is up to an individual MP which
cases they take on. However, MPs are more likely to
be able to help with problems concerning central
government services such as:

• Benefits, pensions, national insurance, and
other matters dealt with by the Department for
Work and Pensions;
• Immigration and other problems dealt with by
the Home Office;
• Tax problems involving the Inland Revenue and
Customs and Excise;
• Problems with the NHS;
• Problems with the Child Support Agency;
• School grants and closures

Glad that's clear then

Thus far my MP, Gisela Stuart, has:

Ignored my calls to raise the issues of Seroxat, the MHRA and GlaxoSmithKline in the Houses of Parliament.

Told me she does not sign EDM's (Yet this has been proven to be a lie)

Told me she cannot see why I think the Hansard Society are morally wrong in accepting funding from 3 major Pharmaceutical Companies.

Has wrote to me stating that she has been in touch with a fellow MP about my concerns. She said she wrote to Stewart Hosie asking him to copy her in on his correspondence with his meetings with the MHRA - He has NEVER had any meetings with the MHRA!

Deleted my email without reading it - her excuse being that she read it using a handheld device and the sender sometimes recieves a message stating that the email has been deleted without being read. My research into this particular matter showed that the header of her email came from the House of Parliament web server - no third party was used! - When asked what was the content of the mail she allegedly read on her handheld, I recieved no reply.

It seems Gisela Stuart is more interested on televised cricket than the welfare of her constituents - she will sign an early day motion for more televised cricket yet won't sign one for issues regarding Seroxat, the MHRA or GlaxoSmithKline. In fact the Seroxat issue hasn't rang any alarm bells at all - in correspondence she has referred to it as Serotax!

Despite there being 4 Panorama specials about Seroxat she has refused to comment on any of them, infact when I suggested she watch one she replied, 'I don't have the time'

She will claim that she has done everything to help me - she has passed correspondence from me onto other ministers and members of committees that I have already been in touch with!

So, Gisela Stuart, MP for Edgbaston, Harborne, Quinton and Bartley Green. Take a bow. Be pleased with what you have achieved. Your ignorance and lack of compassion on this matter has been noted by many. The deletion of my email was the last straw - it was an important email that you were copied in to.

For now.... I'll let you get back to watching your beloved cricket

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