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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paxil Protest Petition - some comments

The Paxil Protest Petition 2007 allows people to not only add their signature but also add some comments too.

Here are some from the first three pages of the petition for GlaxoSmithKline and the MHRA to mull over. Some comments from GSK and MHRA officials at the foot of this post.


You may as well begin now because the truth is coming out.

Paxil WD is one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with.

Paxil almost killed me. It made me act very badly, and made me lose my job, my career, social life, my memory, and has given me numerous health dieases, like blood sugar problems, skin, hair problems, eye, etc. It is a poison and those that make it are evil-posessed by Satan

Selling Paxil; a crime in itself.

I was on Paxil for six years and almost comitted suicide during withdrawal, which I'm still going though after two months. This drug should be banned and NEVER given to anyone under 18. I have so much more to say and it's all negative. Ban PAXIL

You have mad your money, even though you have destroyed many lives, I am a slave to your drug! I cannot handle the withdrawl of your horrible drug, rot in hell Glaxco!!!

I support This petition. I have personally witnessed the damage that can be done by these drugs. Stop lying and admit to all the awful things these drugs can do!

the "little" pill that was supposed to help, has made my life a living hell. How do you sleep at night?

currently suffering protracted Paxil withdrawal

Being on Paxil is fine but try to be off Paxil and it's welcome to hell

This drug is not what they make it out to be


My Dr. states Paxil is too dangerous to prescribe.

I live in the uk , so I dont know if this makes any difference to myself, but one thing i strongely agree with is making paxil,seroxt to me, in 1/4 1/2 1 & 5 mg tablets, I have thought about this now for a couple of years, it would make withdrawing a lot easier & might getsome people of there backs, if they where not having such a bad time withdrawing, thanks Gary.

been free from Seroxat for 4 years but mentally damaged and now unable to work

The attempts to withdraw from Paxil have caused my daughter years of distress and agony. This petition should be signed by millions

paxil has stolen many years of my life that I will never remember.

This drug has taken so much from my life, i was only having anxiety attacks, now im overweight and sick and depressed, this drug steals people's happiness and ruins their health. People should be forewarned what happens when you try and quit. God help GSK, you get what you give.

My God if I only knew this poisen would ruin my life.How dare you play with our lives and lie through your teeth and all the accomplishes,docters,pharmecys,I will make it my lifes work to get the word out.How can you sleep,what kind of people are you.Only God will tell.

Have been on paxil over 5 years - how will I ever get off this drug?


well my sister every time she thyed to go off it she goes nuts and most of my freind are on this pill which i keep telling them if they take it they can not stop i also see one of my best feind going more down hill on pixil and his doctor keep up the does he is now at 60 mg aday so yes i think this pill is a danger

i am on paxil and i stoped it one but went crazy and i don't reamber much about the day. and now i can't stop it my sisters watch to make sure i don't

This drug almost destroyed my child

Paxil is Hell!!!

8yrs on/4 months of f w/d is HELL so far....

withdrawal symptoms are like going thru hell

Paxil side-affects while taking and withdrawl ruined my career

Paroxetine poison survivor

paxil is poison

Brain Zaps should be on the WD symptoms list!!! SSRIs are bad drugs to come off of. I got shakes, burning in arms, and Brain Zaps from this drug.

My friend is addicted to Paxil and trying to get off of it.

GSK are criminals. You are killing people with your poison for profit and I hope with all my heart everyone last one of you involved burns in hell. You have stole my youth, you bring dispair to my home, you have altered my personality, you have taken me away from my daughter and husband. The list goes on, not just for me but for so many others. How do you people sleep at night? Stop the lies.

Paxil has completely ruined my life as I know it. Can't we stop this insanity now; or do you really need more money?

its runied my life

Paxil wrecks lives!!!!!


GlaxoSmithKline should furthermore warn patients about the high likelihood of adverse effects of Paxil on sexual response.

Paxil has ruined my life for the past 2 years and counting. Withdrawal is painful and LONG, still suffering over 8 months later. GSK should be ashamed.

Paxil is Poison - Withdrawal is real and horrible

I admit that this website sounds (to me) like your typical pissed off and wanting something to burn for it, website, but this drug is beyond all words in how horrible it is. On it and especially off it. Besides the physical horrors (and they are horrible), it literally changes a person by supressing things mysterious even to modern neuroscience, which are much more then simple emotions, memories, and identity. This, especially to long time "users," is the hardest of them all to undergo, despite then coping with such an experience afterward. If you don't understand, are in the medical field and want to. Take the drug for a few years, "normal," that is people who don't need it, can indeed take it. I did, but not by choice but by misdiagnosis. Oh and what I initially suffered from which is why I was prescribed Paxil, was severe OCD, which medications (and I tired alot of them) did nothing for to relieve let alone cure, I defeated totally myself. Spirituality, education, self applied psychotherapy.

Paxil withdrawal for me has been a living HELL. Had I known years ago what I know now, I would never have touched the stuff!

paxil worst choice I ever made (now I'm really messed up)

Our son, Ben, died of a self-inflicted gun wound after being on Paxil for about a year and suddenly discontinuing it due to stomach flu

My wife was perscribed paxil for mild panic disorder for 5 years , she weaned correctly, and I have watched her in a world of pain only someone having quit paxil could know about. It has been 1.5 years and ciontinues to this moment. We have not seen anyone with withdrawl for this long. I need answers NOW! She is loosing the one thing she has remained steadfast believing...there is hope to an end.

From husband Brian: I have to do this for the woman I love so dearly...beacause she is unable. After 5 years on, and 1.5 years of withdrawl hell for us , without answers from the manufacturers for fear of what is inevitable. Shame on you FDA and GSK!

So difficult to wean off this drug, wish I had never started.

I developed severe akathisia while on Paxil and had to stop this poison

I know the hell from ssni drugs

Addicted since 1995. Failed attempts to quit 1996, 1999, 2002, and now. Over 70 pounds gained. Withdrawals destroyed my career in 2002 and I can barely work part time while withdrawing now. How could you do this to me????

I have been trying for 2 years to get off paxil, but the side effects become too much to bear, and I always end up having to go back on my regular dose of 20 mgs per day. I never dreamed that i would be pharmaceutically controlled for the rest of my life when I was prescribed Paxil for a bout of depression following the death of my father. I wish I could just feel normal again.

I am suffering extreme withdrawal symptoms after being on Paxil for 6years I have been trying to get off for 2 months and have electronic zaps in my brain every4 to 6 minutes and vertigo

Paxil WD is one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with.

GSK Say:

What we have seen in terms of the anecdotal reports [of Paxil withdrawal] is that it happens very rarely.
Dr. David Wheadon, Senior Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline Regulatory Affairs and Product Professional Services 8/25/2000

The overwhelming view of independent medical experts and regulatory bodies around the world who have seen the data, is that Seroxat has a well established safety profile and is an effective treatment with experience in tens of millions of patients worldwide since launch in the UK over ten years ago.
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 10/10/2002

Experts including the FDA and leading physician and mental health organizations agree that antidepressant medications like Paxil are non-habit-forming.
David Stout President US Pharmaceuticals GlaxoSmithKline 10/10/2002

These problems [’discontinuation reactions’] are just the body’s adjustment when you stop taking medicines. It takes more than that to be addictive.
Mary Anne Rhyne GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson 8/21/2002

We feel strongly that we have an obligation to speak up both for the millions of patients that Seroxat allows to lead a normal life, and for our employees whose commitment to this important medicine has made such a positive difference to so many people.
Eddie Gray General Manager GlaxoSmithKline UK 10/10/2002

Seroxat does have side effects, but these are clearly stated in the information that’s made available to doctors and to patients.
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 10/13/02

I think patients have nothing to fear from taking Seroxat.
Dr. Alastair Benbow, GlaxoSmithKline’s European Medical Director 6/13/2002

You can experience symptoms, as you can with other SSRIs and as you can with other kinds of medicines as well.
Mary Anne Rhyne GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson 12/13/2003

I utterly refute any allegations we are sitting on data, that [we] have withheld data or anything like that. We have provided all the data both relating to safety and efficacy in the pediatric population to the regulatory authorities around the world and have hidden nothing.
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 6/15/2003

Anybody who suffers side effects of any sort I feel every sympathy for….
Dr. Alastair Benbow Head of European Psychiatry for GlaxoSmithKline 5/11/03

The side effects [of Paxil “discontinuance”] are things like dizziness, nausea, headache, um, and are clearly labeled in the information made available to doctors and patients.
Dr. Alastair Benbow GlaxoSmithKline’s European Medical Director Source: GSK’s web site 2004

We take the safety of our medicines extremely seriously….
Dr. Alastair Benbow GlaxoSmithKline’s European Medical Director Source: GSK’s web site 2004

If ‘discontinuation reactions’ occur in patients stopping [Paxil], the majority will experience symptoms that are mild to moderate in intensity, and are usually limited to two weeks.
Mary Anne Rhyne GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson 2005

Drugs like Paxil have been around for almost a decade and help millions of people fight depression. There’s no reliable scientific evidence to show they cause withdrawal symptoms or dependency.
Alan Chandler, GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson

Everybody who has looked at this the FDA, American Psychiatric Association, National Mental Health Association all those groups agree that SSRIs, like Paxil, are not addicting and not habit forming.
Andrew T. Bayman, attorney for GlaxoSmithKline

GSK strongly stands behind the safety and efficacy of Paxil. Physician organizations, like the American Psychiatric Association, have stated that antidepressants are not habit-forming.
David Stout President of U.S. Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline

It’s not possible really to measure total serotonin. We do not know with absolute certainty about how any of the antidepressants work.
Alan Metz Glaxo Vice President for Clinical Development
source: Generation RX

The evidence, however, is clear, these medicines are not linked with suicide, these medicines are not linked with an increased rate of self harm
Dr ALASTAIR BENBOW Head of European Psychiatry , GlaxoSmithKline

We have been asked by the regulatory authorities to provide all our information related to suicides and I can tell you the data that we provide to them clearly shows no link between Seroxat and an increased risk of suicide – no link.
Dr ALISTAIR BENBOW Head of European Clinical Psychiatry GlaxoSmithKline

There is very good clinical trial evidence that these drugs do not cause suicide, they do not cause suicidal thoughts in adults. There is a very large database.

Each time it hs been looked at, there is no suggestion of an association with suicidal tendencies in adults
Alan Metz, GSK North American medical director

In relation to the use of SSRIs in young adults the Expert Working Group concluded that there is no clear evidence of an increased risk of self-harm and suicidal thoughts in young adults of 18 years or over. However, given that individuals mature at different rates and that young adults are at a higher background risk of suicidal behaviour than older adults, as a precautionary measure young adults treated with SSRIs should be closely monitored. The Group also recommended that in further research on the safety and efficacy of SSRIs, young adults should be assessed separately.
Professor Kent Woods Chief Executive MHRA

In the adult population the drugs are effective.
Prof Sir Alisdair Breckenridge Chair, MHRA

It’s very important that since safety is an issue which is built up as more experience is gained with the drug, that safety is kept under review and this is why we insist on post marketing surveillance of a drug, which means that its safety is kept under review during its lifetime.
Prof Sir Alisdair Breckenridge Chair, MHRA

It is a matter of regulatory and practical judgement as to when information should be transmitted. When it is in the public’s interest that information should be transmitted rapidly, we will do it
Prof Sir Alisdair Breckenridge Chair, MHRA

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