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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Hotel Quarantine Part 2 ~ The Video Evidence


I'd like to make a complaint, Pleeeeeeeeasssssse

Following on from Part 1 which I posted yesterday.

A few days ago I requested that any security guard who escorts me to the elevator and any guard that escorts me to the smoking area, provide me with a negative Covid test. This may seem flippant but they all know I'm negative having had, to date, a negative test result in Panama before I flew, a negative test result upon my return to the hotel after I 'absconded', and and negative test result on Day 2 of my stay here.

A person in authority told me it would be impossible for security staff to provide me with such evidence and gave me assurances that all the security staff here are tested every two days. I told him I didn't want any of them standing near me.

This same person said to me, "I know what you're going through as I lost my dad a few years ago." I replied, "You couldn't possibly know what I'm going through, you did not have to isolate in a room by yourself after your father died."

After returning from seeing my father die I began to get hungry. I phoned down to reception to ask what time dinner would be brought to my room. "Between 7pm and 9pm" came the reply.

At 10 after 9 my food had still not arrived so, once again, I phoned reception who, in turn, phoned the kitchen. Within 10 minutes the kitchen informed me that nobody had told them I had returned from seeing my father die and no meal had been prepared for me. A sandwich was sent to my room instead, along with some vegetarian bitesize chunks and around four chips.

Because of this, I phoned a Chinese Takeaway and had a meal delivered. The morning after I phoned reception and asked for a minifridge, I could not eat all the Chinese food I had bought and paid for so wanted to keep it fresh so I could eat it later that day. I was informed they had no minifridges.

During my stay here, and even before I arrived, social media has been a great tool - people offering help, legal advice and even publishing agencies reaching out to me. I've been able to upload videos to show people just how frustratingly unprofessional the security staff are here and, more recently, the hotel staff at St John's Hotel, Solihull. Obviously, this is my opinion as I'm in the thick of it all.

A couple of nights ago two security staff came to my door and accused me of smoking in my room, they told me an alarm had gone off in my room which detected smoke. I gave them assurances that I was not smoking and invited them in, they declined, probably due to the fact that 'guests' in quarantine here are treated like they actually have Covid. One of the guards then 'sniffed' at my open door, as she was doing this an alarm went off in the hallway. Obviously the hotel alarm system was acting up, instead of apologizing for the inconvenience and accusation that I was smoking in my room, the same woman doubled-down and said, "You're not even allowed to open your window to smoke". She, along with her timid associate then left.

The morning after I phoned reception to send a guard up to my room so I could be escorted to an elevator. I wanted to go outside for a cigarette. A guard never came so I walked into the hallway outside my room and asked a guard who was sitting if he could radio down and get me a guard. This was the only way to communicate as, by then, reception was not answering my calls.

When I arrived downstairs, I was told they were 'busy checking new guests in to the hotel', hence the delay in sending one of the 12 or so security guards to my room.

Because I had walked into the hallway without an escort I was reported and the following day was told I was now on the 'Bad Behavioural List'. This decision was made without hearing my side of the story.

Before I left Panama I was forced to sign up to a government approved quarantine hotel, I didn't even know what hotel it would be until after I paid the £2,270. On the form I was asked if I had any dietary requirements. I noted that I had a cheese allergy, in as much that the mere sight of it makes me want to vomit.

Here's an example of the choices of food I am given at St Johns Hotel.

Before I speak more about the food here, I have some videos for you all. These videos have been posted on Facebook and links have been provided on Twitter (as Twitter only allows small video files)

The first is me requesting a bucket of ice be sent to my room to keep the takeaway fresh that I had been forced to order.

The next video shows how security staff come to my room to take me for a cigarette outside. On this day I didn't have a lighter so had to borrow one. I had to wear surgical gloves. Make note of the 'boss' of security warning me that I will get into trouble for using my phone to film. Filming is not against the law unless children are involved.

This video shows me returning to the hotel after my cigarette

Because the food isn't to my liking, my two lovely sisters put together a package for me and delivered it to the hotel, they was not allowed inside the hotel, they had to drop it off outside to a waiting security guard. They have a twisted sense of humour, just as I do, hence the three bottles of 'Corona'. Nice touch too to include a photo of me, my dad, and my partner.

The snacks above came in handy, particularly after I was served this. It was sweet and sour noodles, no meat. I threw it in the bin. To be honest, I've had better tinned spaghetti.

On another occasion, I was sent sausages in a bap for breakfast, although the appearance looked unappetizing, I was so hungry that I didn't really care what it looked like...that was, until I bit into it.

Here's another 'breakfast' - two potato fritters in a bap.

Once my story hit the front page of the Birmingham Evening Mail, the service here, which was poor at best, became worse. It now takes security staff longer to come to my room when I want a cigarette. I've been told that it's because they are 'busy'

Here's an example of that. The following was filmed because I didn't want security to tell me I had broke the rules again and to be told I have another naughty mark against me (Bad Behavioural List)

Because reception were, seemingly, busy, I popped my head outside my room door to asking the sitting security guard to send somebody up to escort me to an elevator. Notice he is not wearing a mask and puts it on after talking with me.

After about 25 minutes, reception rang my room and said they would be sending someone up. The 'boss' at reception, seemed to be annoyed with me. If anyone reading this knows his name, can you please let me know.

This morning this was delivered to my door.

Well worth the £2,270 I've been forced to pay, doncha think? Here's an example of what guests normally get to choose from at St Johns Hotel

I had to complain. Here's what happened when I did. The same reception manager took my complaint badly, it seems. I was shaking at this point. I'm beyond breaking and really don't know what to do anymore. This man knows about the Birmingham Mail article, most of the staff and security guards know about it too. They also know that I'm recently bereaved and am dealing with that bereavement in the confines of my small room. Although I raise my voice in this video, I think anyone in my position would. The 'boss' at reception' treats me like I'm something he's wiped off the bottom of his shoe, at least that's the impression I get. What do you think?

And here's what happened after I returned from having a cigarette

Because of the power of social media, A journalist just telephoned the hotel to ask to speak with me. I have now signed a contract with an agency who are going to deal with all media interest, as it is growing rapidly.

The manager of the hotel has also spoken on the phone with me this morning and has sent a proper plate and stainless steel cutlery to my room so I don't have to eat from a box with plastic utensils anymore. Further, she has kindly provided me with the use of an umbrella to use when I go outside for a cigarette. She also told me to write down and request what food I want rather than pick from the limited menu they have here. I appreciated and thanked her for showing some common sense and compassion.

It's now lunchtime and I have just been sent my sandwich of the day (Egg mayonnaise) - there's more in here than I normally get.

St John's Hotel can be followed on Twitter here

Bob Fiddaman

Monday, October 04, 2021

Hotel Quarantine Part I


Quite often headlines can be misleading, however, the on above isn't.

My story made the front page of the Birmingham Mail this morning, it can also be read online here.

Hopefully, it will be picked up by the national newspapers and this can go viral...because it needs to.

I'm not after sympathy nor adulation for doing what any other normal human-being would do. What I want are answers on why I have been forced into a 10-Day quarantine stay at a hotel where security guards outnumber guests, where food is served in boxes with plastic cutlery, where "fixed penalty" warnings come if you as so much walk a few feet outside your room door and, fully masked, dare to approach a security guard from his slumber to ask if you can be escorted outside (in the rain) for a cigarette. Where, you get a knock on your door to be told that you have been added to the 'Bad Behavioural List' for not adhering to rules and regulations, despite not being allowed to offer a defence in why you did what you did.

The 10-Day Quarantine imprisonment is, I believe, a money-making scheme. I'm not paying for a stay here, I am, it appears, paying for a large number of security staff who stand around for most of the day in the hotel lobby or sit at various ends of floor landings.

The average cost of a 10-night stay at The St John's Hotel, Warwick Road, Solihull works out at around £85 per night, that's £850 for 10 nights. The price I have been forced to pay is a staggering £2,270.

My story begins in Panama, Central America, where I reside with my long-term partner.

I've been living in Panama on and off now for the past three years or so. I work from home so can pretty much live anywhere in the world. Living abroad has its pitfalls, particularly when you receive news of friends and relatives who are gravely ill.

My father has been unwell for sometime, prostate cancer was diagnosed some years ago and his health has, over the years, been slowly declining. He chose not to have the treatment for his prostate, in having the hormonal treatment he believed his life would be shortened. my two sisters and I respected his wishes.

Dad was taken ill with a chest infection over a week ago and admitted to hospital where further investigation showed he had acute kidney failure, suffered a heart attack in hospital and had a blood clot on either his heart or lungs (the hospital could not determine which organ)

His health was declining rapidly and my sisters contacted me in Panama to let me know. A flight was booked as early as possible, the stumbling block being a Covid test I had to undertake first, a wait of 24 hours for the results of said test.

I also had to fill in forms before I could fly back to the UK. An ESTA because I was passing through the USA, a 10-Day Quarantine Hotel Package and a Passenger Locator Form which would let Border control know exactly which country I was flying from. Prior to all of this I had to obtain a special stamp in my passport to leave Panama, that took another 24 hours.

My flight was long and arduous, David to Panama City - Panama City to Orlando - Orlando to Frankfurt - Frankfurt to Birmingham. With layovers it was around 23 hours.

Birmingham Airport

On arrival at Birmingham Airport (17.10 hrs) Sept 30 I was pulled to one side after showing security my passenger locator form, I was the only one. I was told to sit in a chair whilst Border Control were informed. Other passengers drifted by, occasionally looking over at me, probably assuming I was about to be busted for carrying drugs up the crack of my butt. However, it appears, I was singled out for something far more sinister - I had travelled to the UK from a red-list country, Panama.

Once Border Control came to see me I informed them that my father was gravely ill and was in the process of being sent home to die at the wishes of my two sisters. I asked the Officer if I could go straight to see my dad rather than go straight to the quarantine hotel. He didn't know so made inquiries. About 10 minutes later he came back, shaking his head, and informed me Border Control did not have the authority to make such a decision and any such decision would have to go through the head of security at the hotel.

From this point, I was escorted onto a shuttle-bus and then escorted by two Airport staff through the back of the airport. I was then taken to a full sized coach and told to "sit at the back" - I was the only passenger on the coach. I chose to sit on the fourth row. The coach then drove the short distance to St Johns Hotel in Solihull.

Bad Driving

As we approached the hotel, the driver erred and crashed his coach into overhanging branches. He reversed out, drove up the road, did a U-turn then drove back to a different entrance at the hotel. He crashed again. If I wasn't so miserable because of my father laying at home on what was to be his death bed, I would have laughed. It's one thing to be given a whole coach to oneself (I felt like Justin Bieber) but another to be chauffeured around by a driver who, seemingly, couldn't judge the width and length of the vehicle he was operating.

"Fuck this", I told the driver as I jumped off the coach and headed toward the hotel reception. "Bring my suitcase in when you've learned how to park." I told him.

The Security Guards

I checked-in and was handed a bunch of papers which basically showed what I could and couldn't do during my 10-Dat stay. I counted around 8 security guards who were all congregated around me. I asked to speak to the head of security, luckily for me he was sat close by.

I informed him about my dying father, he seemed affable enough and asked me if I had any evidence, which is fair enough. During my flight Dad had been moved from South Warwickshire Hospital to his small flat in Alcester, he was, in essence, sent home to die. They had stopped all his medication.

I had previously obtained a letter via email from the consultant at the hospital spelling out all of dad's ailments, which I have mentioned above. However, after calling a liaison officer, the head of security informed me he needed more evidence as the letter had not stipulated dad was dying. I contacted my sister who sent me more evidence, this time it was in black and white that dad had been sent home to die. I gave this new 'evidence' to the head of security - what came next astounded me.

I was told that I may or may not be granted a temporary exemption and even if I was it would only be for four hours - in a nutshell, I would have to guess when I thought my dad would die. I was then informed that a decision to allow me a temporary release could take up to four hours. I informed the head of security that I would not wait 4 hours for a decision, nor would I pick a 4 hour timeline when I thought my dad might die. I phoned my son and told him to drive to the hotel. I then informed the head of security I would be leaving as soon as my son arrived. I was advised that this went against "rules and regulations" and that I would face arrest and a heavy fine. He empathised somewhat but empathy should not ever be followed with the word "but". Eg, "I am sorry your father is dying "but" there are rules and regulations."

I approached reception surrounded by the Hi-Viz wearing security and offered them my passport, this was letting them know I was only going to see my dying father and not secretly digging a tunnel to escape. They would not accept my passport. I then held it high and told the hotel staff and influx of security guards that I was leaving under severe duress.

From Solihull to Alcester

My son, the youngest of three, parked around the corner, we thought it best as we didn't want the cackle of security guards noting down his vehicle registration number. He drove me to Alcester and I was soon by dad's side. He couldn't open his eyes, was unresponsive to conversation and was breathing erratically. I kissed his forehead and he managed to raise an eyebrow. I held his hand and felt a slight squeeze. Dad was communicating with me, he was saying his goodbye and, I guess, thanking me for being there. I 'd like to think that anyway.

My two sisters were exhausted and went to sleep on dad's bed whilst my youngest son, and later my eldest son who had travelled up from Colchester, stayed with dad in the living room where he lay on a bed provided by the hospital.

My sisters woke after a few hours sleep then I rested my eyes for a while, I'd been awake now for almost 36 hours. I slept for a while then woke.

Dad took his last breath just after midday, my two sisters and I, my son, and dad's brother, all by his side.

Back to Hotel Quarantine

I said my goodbye's to my family and was driven back to St Johns by my eldest son. Upon arrival I was told I had to have a Covid test before I could enter my room. Results would take about 20 minutes.

A negative test and I was soon back in my room.

A while later, I needed a smoke, so went through the procedure of dialling "0" and requesting that a security guard be sent up from downstairs so he/she could escort me to an elevator. During my smoke break and under the watchful eye of security, I was approached by two West Midlands Police Officers.
"Come to arrest and fine me?", I joked.

They had received a message from security that I had 'absconded' the night before. I didn't need to tell them why, they already knew. Long and short of it all, they didn't arrest me or hand me a fixed penalty fine. They did, however, ask for the name of the funeral home my father was now at, which I gave them.

Around 6.30 that evening I was feeling hungry so phoned reception and asked when dinner would be being brought up to my room, they told me between 7-9pm.

At ten after nine I called reception again to tell them I had still not had my dinner. Two minutes or so later, the kitchen phoned me to tell me that nobody had told them that I had returned to the hotel and they had no dinner, a sandwich was sent to my room instead.


Thanks goodness for modern technology, moreover the Just Eat app. I ordered from a local Chinese. The food is delivered to a security guard who sits outside the hotel, it's then transferred to reception for another security guard to bring up to my room. I was soon diving in to my Beef Curry and fried rice, sadly I'm not allowed plates in my room or any stainless steel cutlery, more about that tomorrow, so had to use my fingers to eat.

Feeling tired and very sad and lonely, I decided to close my eyes, I'd been on the go since leaving Panama and fell into a deep sleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting more. It will feature:

- How I requested that all staff show me Covid test results before they escort me anywhere
- How no fridge or microwave can be provided for my room
- How someone in authority said to me "I know what you're going through" and my reaction to that.
- How social media has been a pick-up tonic for me during these sad times
- How security staff came to my room and accused me of smoking, at the same time an alarm went off in the corridor - no apology
- How I have an allergy to cheese yet the food I'm offered is, in the main, cheese based
- How I was told that I had been place on the 'Bad Behavioural List'

In the meantime, please read my story in the Birmingham Evening Mail, it made the front page in print so hopefully it gains some traction and may show others just how draconian these Covid measures have become.

I also have video footage that I will be sharing that makes for interesting viewing.

Until then...

This post is dedicated to my father, Douglas Richard Fiddaman.

Rest in Peace, Pops. I love you.

Bob Fiddaman

Friday, September 24, 2021

Australia Has Fallen ~ The Videos


Social media, Twitter in particular, has been overwhelmed with Australian citizens uploading videos of over-zealous police officers.

Australian police, it appears, are out in force as many thousands of Australians take to the streets to protest lockdowns, mask-wearing, and the new vaccine mandates which will see thousands of workers lose their jobs if they refuse to have the jab.

If you are naïve enough to think this will never happen in your country, then you are very much mistaken.

The videos should be in one place to remind everyone (including both the vaccinated and unvaccinated) how freedom of choice is being removed. If anything carries a risk, a person should be given a choice.

Here's the videos.

1. Melbourne woman choked by Victoria Police as she resists arrest for not wearing a face mask, this, despite her boyfriend's protestations that she was medically exempt from wearing one.

She was later arrested

**Contains swearing**

2. **Warning Graphic Content**
Flinders Street Station, Melbourne. 
Guy talking to Police.
Officer comes up behind him.
What happens next?

3. Police Officer kicks a man in the face while he is pinned down by several officers. Unsure why this man was pulled over by the cops. But the brutality is horrific. 

4. Standing outside car in cemetery Car Park. There to visit his love ones.

Criminal offence, apparently.

5. Exercising her basic human right. A peaceful protest, causing no harm to anyone. Dragged away with her young child screaming in the background.

6. It's going to get worse. Here's the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews of the Australian Labor Party. Listen to what he says about the 'booster' jabs.

If you decide to share this post on social media, please use the hashtag #AustraliaHasFallen

Bob Fiddaman

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Are Nurses Conspiracy Theorists Part II


On Aug 27, 2021, Erik Mortensen (Republican Party) hosted a town hall meeting for nurses and other healthcare professionals after he became concerned at the number of healthcare workers who were contacting him about COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Most who contacted him were under threat of losing their jobs after refusing to receive a COVID-19 shot.

The meeting was streamed and published to YouTube.

I wrote about that meeting and shared the video here and Facebook, seemingly, flagging the video as 'spam' here.

Well, Mortensen has once again met with nurses and other healthcare professionals. This time they highlight the pressure they face to receive the shot, the allegedly subpar treatment given to unvaccinated patients and more. Part II was uploaded to YouTube on Sep 21, 2021

Here's Part 2

Original link here -

Bob Fiddaman

Monday, September 13, 2021

Who Am I? Trust the Science

With Zoom Trivia Nights soaring throughout the world, I thought I'd throw in three questions that are topical.


1/ Who am I? 

The defendant caused thousands of false and deceptive claims to be made to the state by manipulating published efficacy data, paying key opinion leaders to bolster their product's efficacy, and deceptively concealing their product's inefficacy to physicians, customers, and the state.

Clue: This company likes to remain silent just as the first letter of their name.

Answer - LINK


2/ Who am I? 

In 2003 researchers at the University of Illinois-Chicago released the results of research concluding that a a pharmaceutical company manufactured a drug which elevated risk for diabetes. Subsequently, more than 25,000 lawsuits were filed against the company. In 2010 the company said it would pay a total of $198 million to settle those cases. That same year, the UK’s Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority found that the same company had failed to adequately describe the risks of its product in an advertisement for the drug in a medical journal.

Clue: A Greek star

Answer - LINK


3/ Who am I? 

A huge $100 million settlement for about 1,000 ovarian cancer lawsuits has been reached between this pharmaceutical company and plaintiffs' product lawyers. More recently it announced it was earmarking $4 billion to cover the anticipated cost of the their product's lawsuits. The product in question was a popular over-the-counter talcum powder.

The same company have also had 13,400 lawsuits filed against them for another of their products.  In July 2016, a Philadelphia jury awarded $70 million to Andrew Yount, a Tennessee teen who blamed their product for causing him to develop female-size breasts.

Their own internal studies showed that nearly 5% of children using their product can develop gynecomastia (a condition of overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys) - However, they hid this information from the regulators and the public.

Clue: Two of AC/DC's vocalists

Answer - LINK

You're welcome.

Bob Fiddaman

Friday, September 10, 2021



Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

A subject that has, seemingly, been forgotten about during the times we live in. 

For some, suicide was a choice, a means to end their misery. For others, it was out of their control, pushed over the edge by prescription drug-induced #Akathisia.

Today, many suicide prevention orgs will be calling for more mental health screening, a route by where a depressed person can unknowingly agree to the very same treatment that can cause akathisia. 

These suicide prevention orgs are, in the main, supported and funded by the corporation's that manufacture these types of drugs. 

Create awareness wherever you are. Look out for your loved ones and your neighbours. Research the term 'Akathisia' and make it a household name.

Bob Fiddaman

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Informed Consent - Irrelevant, Inappropriate Spam



irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the internet to a large number of recipients.

Following on from 'Are Nurses Conspiracy Theorists?', which contained a video of nurses who gathered at a town hall in Minnesota to air their views about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, I now have to report that Facebook have deemed that the 1 hour plus presentation is deemed to be going against Facebook's "community standards". (Fig 1)

Fig 1

It seems a bizarre move by the social media giant given that they are, allegedly, all about correct information being disseminated on their platform. What can be more 'on the ball' than nurses working the front lines in hospitals? Or are Facebook suggesting they are 'tin-foil hat' wearers?

If you've not seen the video yet, then I highly recommend it.

Today, I share another video. It was posted by Instagram user, kaitlinjaramillo, and features two women who show us all the patient information leaflet that accompanies the current Covid vaccines. Obviously, one cannot take a video at face value, so I did some digging into this.

It appears it's not the first video to hit social media regarding the, for want of a better word, "lack" of information being handed out to pharmacists and, indeed patients.

The reasoning behind this "lack" of information is equally baffling.

Here's the video:

According to Truthmeter, an apparent fact-finding website, patient inserts on vaccines are intentionally left blank because data is constantly changing. Instead, the blank pages offer the reader a QR code and a website on which the latest vaccine information is published.

This, at first glance, appears all well and good, however, you can only access the website if you are  a Healthcare Professional in the US. Patient's, it appears, cannot access what is, in essence, theirs. (Fig 2)

Fig 2 (Click on image to enlarge)

So, with Facebook, seemingly, cautioning people who post access to information regarding the vaccine, and Janssen, a pharmaceutical company, only allowing healthcare professionals access to this information, where does that leave the consumer?

It appears Janssen will only allow healthcare professionals access, this includes nurses who, according to the definition of the word 'Spam' sees Facebook flagging such posts because they are "irrelevant or inappropriate" (Fig 3)

Fig 3

What's more "irrelevant or inappropriate", access to patient safety information or no access to patient safety information?

These are the times we are living in, folks!

Bob Fiddaman

Back Stories

Monday, September 06, 2021

Are Nurses Conspiracy Theorists?


In the mid 1800s, Florence Nightingale co-created a Royal Commission into the health of the military. Along with leading statisticians of the day, William Farr and John Sutherland, they analysed mortality data and found that 16,000 of the 18,000 deaths were from preventable diseases—not battle.

Fast forward to the 21st Century

Erik Mortensen (Republican Party) is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, representing District 55A. He assumed office on January 5, 2021. His current term ends on January 2, 2023.

On Aug 27, 2021, Mortensen hosted a town hall meeting for nurses and other healthcare professionals after he became concerned at the number of healthcare workers who were contacting him about COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Most who contacted him were under threat of losing their jobs after refusing to receive a COVID-19 shot.

Previously, the nurses in the video (below) had been hailed as heroes as they stepped up to the frontline to help in the COVID-19 wards.

As the vaccines were rolled out they have witnessed how these shots have killed and injured people, including family members.

The mainstream media have reported that most healthcare workers are now fully vaccinated but the discussion in the video below disputes this.

One key question put forward by a nurse in this discussion got me thinking:

“Why aren’t people asking the nurses why they don’t want to take the shots?”

Why indeed.

Most people who have had the shots may think this discussion isn't applicable to them. They received slight bruising and maybe tiredness after their shots but was well again 24 hours later. They are now free to walk the streets in the hope the vaccine will prevent them from falling seriously ill, they also feel they are 'doing their bit' to help slow the spread of this invisible enemy that has killed so many.

There will be a section of people, across America at least, who will choose not to watch this video for political reasons. Democrats don't want to show any kind of support to opposition leaders or representatives. It goes against the grain to listen to what the opposition has to say, even if it's the truth. This stance has been rife throughout history in politics, also in religion, we now see such a divide anytime vaccine safety is aired.

The nurses in the video drop a few bombs, none more so than the fact that they are being told to not report vaccine injuries and deaths.

One nurse also says, "If I don’t get the vaccine, I’m going to lose my job. I’m going to lose thousands of dollars in retirement. I’m going to lose my health insurance, my life insurance, my over 400 days of extended illness bank hours. I’m going to lose a lot. I’m here because I believe in medical freedom. And I believe if we don’t stand up and stop these mandates, they’re going to keep twisting our arm, and twisting our arm, and twisting our arm, until we’re all broken."

Again, those who have already had the vaccine will probably feel this video isn't worth watching, they will tend to watch, believe and disseminate videos from the mainstream media because, well, it's the mainstream media who have convinced them that everything is hunky dory with the vaccines and those who have already lined up for their shots are living proof of this.

Before you watch the nurses discuss what is going on in the real world let's take a short look at what Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews had to say recently on Sky News Australia.

"There is going to be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated. We're going to move to a situation where, to protect the health system, we are going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be."

Contrast what Premier Daniel Andrews' says now with what a room full of frontline nurses are saying.

Who do you believe, a government official or nurses with first hand experience?

The video below isn't making headlines. Neither CNN or, indeed, Republican-run Fox News is reporting on the video. It should be viral yet it's only had around 26,000 views. Once again, it is left to the public to disseminate such information.

If anyone does decide to share this blog post or the video then be prepared for the backlash. You wear a tin-foil hat, you are endangering lives, you're 'anti-vax', a conspiracy theorist, you're not a vaccine expert, I prefer to listen to the scientists than someone who is a Google Dr.

But hey, if you are any of the above, that means the nurses who feature in the video are too, right?

**Discussion starts at the 17 min 15 sec mark**

If video doesn't play, you can find it here.

**UPDATE** Facebook regard the nurse video as 'Spam'

Bob Fiddaman

Hat-Tip Kim Witczak


Informed Consent ~ Changing the Paradigm

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

If Pfizer Were a Caregiver - The Elephant in the Room


To date, I've not witnessed any person who is refusing Pfizer's vaccine publicly chastise anyone who has chosen to be vaccinated. I have, however, seen plenty of vaccinated people call those who are not vaccinated, "idiots", "stupid", "selfish", "antivaxxers". Many more negative connotations are used, often behind the backs of the unvaccinated.

Although there may be some examples of the unvaccinated targeting vaccinated people, I suspect it's because they are fed up of having the above negative connotations aimed in their directions - I may be wrong.

This post is, in essence, for those people who continue to claim that the unvaccinated are idiots, etc.

I pose a hypothetical question to those people, one, which I feel, should, at the very least, tap into their sense of logic when trying to persuade the unvaccinated to "GET VACCINATED!" (They often use CAPS and exclamation marks to drive their point home) - messages like these are rife on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

As yet, I've not had any answers to this question, apart from, "It's a silly rhetorical device.", this from someone who has publicly stated that he has been vaccinated. Do you see any negative connotations in his response?

Anyway, I digress.

Here's the hypothetical question:

If Pfizer were a caregiver, would you employ them to look after the welfare of your children, grandchildren, and/or elderly relatives?

Before you answer, it may be wise to check out Pfizer's CV.

Here it is (Sources provided at the end of this blog post)

- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expressed great concern about reports of dozens of fatalities linked to heart valves made by Pfizer’s Shiley division. In 1986, as the death toll reached 125, Pfizer ended production of all models of the valves. In 1991 an FDA task force charged that Pfizer’s Shiley division had withheld information about safety problems from regulators in order to get initial approval for its valves and that the company continued to keep the FDA in the dark. A November 7, 1991 investigation in the Wall Street Journal asserted that Pfizer’s Shiley division had been deliberately falsifying manufacturing records relating to valve fractures. Pfizer announced that it would spend up to $205 million to settle the tens of thousands of valve lawsuits that had been filed against it. Even so, Pfizer resisted complying with an FDA order that it notify patients of new findings that there was a greater risk of fatal fractures in those who had the valve installed before the age of 50

- In 2004, Pfizer agreed to suspend television advertising for a related medication called Celebrex. The following year, Pfizer admitted that a 1999 clinical trial found that elderly patients taking Celebrex had a greatly elevated risk of heart problems.

- In 2005, Pfizer withdrew another painkiller, Bextra, from the market after the FDA mandated a “black box” warning about the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal risks of the medication. In 2008, Pfizer announced that it was setting aside $894 million to settle the lawsuits that had been filed in connection with Bextra and Celebrex. The settlement included roughly 7,000 personal injury cases, mainly plaintiffs who took Bextra, The attorney represented 2000 claimants, about 10% of them relatives of people who died.

- In 2010, a federal jury awarded $1.37 million to a former Pfizer scientist who claimed she was sickened by a genetically engineered virus at a company lab and was then fired for raising safety concerns.

- In 2000, the Washington Post published a major exposé accusing Pfizer of testing a dangerous new antibiotic called Trovan on children in Nigeria without receiving proper consent from their parents. The experiment occurred during a 1996 meningitis epidemic in the country. In 2001, Pfizer was sued in U.S. federal court by thirty Nigerian families, who accused the company of using their children as human guinea pigs. Eleven of the children reportedly died, while the remaining 181 were said to have suffered from deafness, paralysis, brain damage and blindness.

- In 2006, a panel of Nigerian medical experts concluded that Pfizer had violated international law. In 2009, the company agreed to pay $75 million to settle some of the lawsuits that had been brought in Nigerian courts. The U.S. case was settled in 2011 for an undisclosed amount. A Pfizer spokesperson had previously claimed, "The study saved lives and was conducted ethically and responsibly."

- In 1971, the Environmental Protection Agency asked Pfizer to end its long-time practice of dumping industrial wastes from its plant in Groton, Connecticut in the Long Island Sound. The company was reported to be disposing of about 1 million gallons of waste each year by that method.

- In 1991, Pfizer agreed to pay $3.1 million to settle EPA charges that the company seriously damaged the Delaware River by failing to install pollution-control equipment at one of its plants in Pennsylvania.

- In 1994, Pfizer agreed to pay $1.5 million as part of a consent decree with the EPA in connection with its dumping at a toxic waste site in Rhode Island.

- Pfizer have also settled wrongful death cases of both adults and children regarding Zoloft's propensity to induce suicide. Despite settling these cases, Pfizer still deny that Zoloft can induce suicide.

Zoloft has generated over $30 billion in sales since its release in 1991, but research suggests that the drug is, at best, little more effective than a sugar pill.

To date, Pfizer has been fined a total of $4,660,896,333 for various violations

I suspect many who have chose not to be vaccinated don't quite trust this particular multi-billion dollar corporation and, more than likely, are completely cheesed off at individuals calling them out with their slanderous comments.

The question still remains. If Pfizer were a caregiver, would you employ them to look after the welfare of your children, grandchildren and/or elderly relatives?

Answers on a postcard, please...

Bob Fiddaman

Monday, August 23, 2021

Informed Consent ~ Changing the Paradigm


Rarely does a video cause me as much anger as one I recently viewed via Twitter. Before reading on, please view it below or here

After hearing Dr. Samuel White's story, I searched for an unedited version of the video and additional info about White, who has been a doctor in NHS for more than 17 years. White is now facing an interim orders tribunal regarding his fitness to practise. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) will carry out a tribunal to decide whether to:

1.Impose an interim order of conditions on White's medical registration.
2.Impose an interim order of suspension on White's medical registration.
3.Make no order.

As part of the ongoing process, White's licence to practise medicine within the NHS was suspended by a letter the NHS sent on 26 June 2021. His rebuttal, via his lawyers, can be seen here.

White has been temporarily suspended for telling his patients to review data provided by two government websites: the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Yellow Card Adverse Event Reporting website in the UK and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the US.

As of 8 August 2021, MHRA states they have received 342,014 reports for all the combined vaccines and that this accounts for more than 1 million total reactions, 1,559 of which were fatal. (Fig 1)

Image courtesy of UK Column

This government-provided data is what Dr. White told his patients to read when deciding whether or not to have the COVID vaccine. The figures above change weekly and will increase as more people report their adverse reactions. It's also important to remember that because many adverse reactions and deaths are never reported to the MHRA, these figures above do not tell us the whole story.

The MHRA will argue that the reported reactions and deaths do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused them, often using the phrase, "correlation does not equal causation." They have done this throughout history with medicines that cause adverse events and even deaths.

White was giving his patients as much information as he had at his disposal; he didn't have the weekly stats for the vaccines' adverse events; hence his common-sense suggestion that patients check the two websites is appropriate. 

So what is Informed Consent?

It seems an easy question to answer, but no doctor can provide patients with all the information needed for fully informed consent because data from clinical drug trials is withheld from medical professionals and consumers. 

1. You must have the capacity (or ability) to make the decision.

2. The medical provider must disclose information on the treatment, test, or procedure in question, including the expected benefits and risks, and the likelihood (or probability) that the benefits and risks will occur.

3. You must understand the relevant information.

4. You must voluntarily grant consent, without coercion or duress.

Let's take a closer look at #2

For doctors to relay information about benefits and risks to their patients, they need all the information. But doctors and the MHRA do not receive all the data from the drug companies. Case Report Forms (CRFs) are individual patient data from clinical trials. These are all kept under lock and key--the only time one is ever granted access to CRFs is when a request for disclosure is made. Disclosure refers to a litigation procedure where each party in the suit must disclose any/all documents that may be considered relevant to the pending court case.

The likelihood of CRFs from COVID vaccine clinical trials ever seeing the light of day is slim given that AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna, have all been granted indemnity. In other words, consumers who suffer from taking these COVID-related products can never sue the company that made them. So, no litigation, no CRFs.

Having no access to CRFs is bad enough, yet we also have ghostwritten "medical literature."

Who You Gonna Call?

Most people who see the names of medical doctors or Ph.D.'s followed by affiliated academic institutions as authors of medical journal articles likely believe the drug data and product claims promoted. The pharmaceutical companies promote these erroneous assumptions using a scheme called ghostwriting.

The authors of ghostwritten articles have not written them or read all the clinical trial data. Instead, the drug companies hire PR firms to draft articles and send them to academics who lend their names as authors. A classic example of this was ghostwriting PR outfit, Scientific Therapeutics Information (STI), that worked for drug kingpins, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

In a nutshell, GSK's pediatric trials for Paxil returned abysmal results. However, GSK knew all was not lost. The company only needed child psychiatrists to promote Paxil for kids by claiming the drug was safe and effective. STI's ghostwritten article helped convince many doctors to convince many parents that Paxil was safe for children. Years later, we learned through litigation why GSK never shared the clinical trial data: Internal documents showed GSK was worried that their clinical trial data would reduce product sales. 

You can read more about this case here, here, and here.

Doctors, including Samuel White, are not obliged to research drug company malfeasance; moreover, even if they did their own research, they are not obliged to inform patients of their findings.


An article published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on 20 August 2021 highlights how the American equivalent of the MHRA, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), is preparing to grant full approval of the Pfizer vaccine without publicly discussing the data. Only a year ago, the FDA said it was "committed to use an advisory committee composed of independent experts to ensure deliberations about authorization or licensure are transparent for the public."

So, why the sudden U-turn? Experts quoted in the BMJ article said politics drove the decision not to meet to discuss the data. Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Center for Health Research, who has also spoken at recent Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meetings, said, "It's obvious that the FDA has no intention of hearing anyone else's opinion. But if you make decisions behind closed doors it can feed into hesitancy. It's important to have a public discussion about what kind of data are there and what the limitations are. As we think about risk versus benefit, we need to know."

The FDA and MHRA don't want to discuss the data because, as I previously stated, they don't have all the data.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the publicly funded smoke-and-mirrors shit show being performed for us. The truth of the matter is, everything is being hidden in plain sight. Whether you have taken these COVID drugs or not, you should question all of the above. It is easy (and lazy) to post memes on Facebook or Twitter chastising those who choose not to take these vaccines. It's easy to label people who don't get in line for pharma's new COVID products and call them "anti-vaxxers" or "conspiracy theorists.' Similar labels were assigned to folks who spoke out about the dangers of promoting and prescribing Paxil to children. Yet years later, GSK's lies were exposed during wrongful death litigation. 

Informed Consent ~ Changing the Paradigm

I'd like to see the term 'informed consent' used less frequently. It is meaningless when a doctor or patient does not have access to all the data. Instead, I'd like to use the opposite term, 'Informed refusal'.

Informed refusal is where a person has refused a recommended medical treatment based upon an understanding of the facts and implications of not following the treatment. Individuals need to be in possession of the relevant facts, all of them.

This may stick in the teeth of those who have already had the vaccine, a lot of whom claim that people who refuse the vaccine don't have any rights, 'it's not about them', we hear, 'it's about others.'

So, my right to informed refusal is based on the lack of data coming from the likes of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca and now the FDA. Based on the information they are not giving me, I refuse to be treated and if that upsets those who have been treated and limits my freedoms, then so be it.

I'm on the side of truth, not suppression, be that in the form of access to raw data or the posting of infantile memes on social media by the 'monkey see, monkey do' individuals, all, of course, designed to silence those with the ability to think freely without fear. 


I've never seen a divide happen so quickly. On both Facebook and Twitter I now see posts from people declaring that they are deleting friends from their list who speak out about the vaccine, all fuelled by the regular 'flags' we now see daily on Facebook anytime anyone posts something negative about treatment. Flags such as:

So, it's okay to click on the 'Get Vaccine Info' link but, seemingly, not okay to click on any information that may oppose this information.

When Facebook go a step further and actually remove opinion you have the right to ask why. Here's the standard reply you get:

As this blog of mine points out, Facebook moderators don't have access to the safety or side effect data of COVID vaccines, they couldn't possibly know what is true or false.

The best one I've seen so far is the following:

So, a post or link of yours may offer 99% truth but Facebook 'fact-checkers' flag it for containing 'partly false' information.

More Jabs

The United States will begin widely distributing Covid-19 booster shots next month as apparent new data shows that vaccine protection dwindles over time.

“We are starting to see evidence of reduced protection against mild and moderate disease,” according to the statement signed by CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock, White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci and other U.S. health leaders.

U.S. agencies are preparing to offer booster shots to all eligible Americans beginning the week of Sept. 20, starting eight months after their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines.

So, the freedoms given to those who have currently been double-jabbed, concerts, sporting events, travel, will, seemingly, be taken away unless they have the booster.

Viruses mutate over time, they can strengthen or weaken. The majority of vaccines are developed over time and not rushed to market. Just because a vaccine gets approval (albeit 'Emergency Approval') does not make it safe. Data is collected and supposed to be assessed. This is called Post-Marketing Surveillance, designed to collect all the adverse events from the public. Most people don't know that clinical trials do not end in the lab - Any drug or vaccine that comes to market is just another phase of a clinical trial.

Dr White's bosses and, it seems, Facebook 'Fact-Checkers' are doing everything in their power to deter you and I from checking out the Post-Marketing Surveillance data. This is real-world data and not the data of a clinical trial setting.

You have to ask yourself, why the suppression?

Those who oppose members of the public who question the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine will, no doubt, continue to post various memes supporting the use of vaccines in adults, children and expectant mothers. Their pious position will be supported with posts and links to celebrities, journalists and ghost-written articles that appear in academic journals. None of these will be flagged by Facebook.

As I said before, Monkey see, monkey do.

As a side-note, I first heard about COVID-19 on January 1st 2020 (Back then it was just known as the "Corona Virus"). I was in Central America at the time and a neighbour of mine invited me over to his place for afternoon drinks. He asked me if I'd heard about the outbreak, he had business in China so was more up-to-speed than I.

A month or so later, I was back in the UK visiting family and friends. Within weeks of me landing back in Blighty, the whole country was locked down. It was then that I wrote a series of predictions. You can see those predictions here. People back then rolled their eyes at me and no doubt those same people will be rolling their eyes at this blog post.

Bob Fiddaman

Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuits Keep Piling Up


Photo Courtesy of Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman

Drug company nemesis, Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman, lawyers filed a lawsuit yesterday on behalf of a 22-year-old Abigail “Abby” Stratton of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina who developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and other serious health problems after receiving the Gardasil human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

Abby was a healthy and active young woman before receiving a Gardasil jab in November of 2017. Within weeks of this jab, she developed serious and debilitating health conditions. Eventually she was diagnosed with POTS and autonomic dysfunction that her attorneys allege were caused by the Gardasil vaccine.

Lawyers Bijan Esfandiari, Nicole Maldonado, Michael L. Baum, Monique Alarcon, and co-counsel Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. filed the Gardasil lawsuit (Case No. 3:21-av-99999-CIV) in United States District Court, District of South Carolina against Merck & Co., Inc. and subsidiary Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp, both based in New Jersey.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, POTS is is a blood circulation disorder characterized by two factors:

 - A specific group of symptoms that frequently occur when standing upright

 - A heart rate increase from horizontal to standing (or as tested on a tilt table) of at least 30 beats per minute in adults, or at least 40 beats per minute in adolescents, measured during the first 10 minutes of standing.

 - Symptoms include, but are not limited to: light-headedness (occasionally with fainting), difficulty thinking and concentrating (brain fog), fatigue, intolerance of exercise, headache, blurry vision, palpitations, tremor and nausea.

The complaint alleges Merck tested the Gardasil vaccine against a toxic placebo spiked with Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS), a powerful neurotoxin. By adding this harmful ingredient to the control group, Merck could then claim its vaccine was “as safe as a placebo.”

Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS) is an additive in Gardasil meant to produce a stronger and longer immune response. Aluminum, however, is known to be neurotoxic if it accumulates in the brain.

Merck are accused of concealing the Gardasil vaccine induces and increases the risk of autoimmune diseases, including POTS and dysautonomia (a group of medical conditions caused by problems with the autonomic nervous system)

Abby was just 19 years old when her doctor recommended the Gardasil HPV vaccine. Her physician stated that Gardasil was a safe and effective vaccine for preventing cervical cancer, with this information, plus Merck’s marketing and advertising messages, she decided to receive the vaccine.

Within weeks she developed a skin condition that caused redness and visible blood vessels in her face. A month or so after receiving the jab she also developed excruciating migraines. The headaches were so bad that she often vomited and visited the hospital to try and relieve the excruciating pain.

As if the skin condition and migraines weren't bad enough, Abby, some months later,  began to experience symptoms of POTS, these became so debilitating that during workouts at her local gym she had to lay down to avoid passing out.

By the summer of 2019, Abby was taken to the hospital by ambulance because she could barely walk. She was told by the hospital treating physician that she was "dehydrated."

Many other incidents later, Abby was again wrongly diagnosed and told she had anxiety and that it was "nothing serious."

Her inability to focus in class because of extreme fatigue and severe migraines led her to seek help from her school to help her with her disabilities with extra services. The school agreed but said she needed a letter from her doctor. Sadly, her doctor refused to sign the forms indicating her medical issues were hindering her studies. Remarkably, he diagnosed her with POTS but then accused her of using the condition as an excuse for her drop in performance. 

“One of the hardest things about life after Gardasil is having people not believe me when I tell them I’m suffering,” Abby says. “The pain is hard enough to deal with; when you also have to suffer the indignity of not being believed about that pain, it’s so much worse. I’m doing this because I want others who are dealing with POTS to know that they aren’t alone.”

Meantime, Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, continues to deny any wrong-doing that has resulted in this young woman's horrific ordeal.

It's time to stop taking the words of doctors and drug company marketing on faith.

Way I see it.

How many people buy a used car without first seeing the history log book?

If the salesman told you it's a great runner with no history of mechanical faults would you just take this as the truth?

 Millions of young men and women have rolled up their sleeves  and received Gardasil on this premise.

If lessons are to be learned from Merck's history of malfeasance then one need look no further than the promotion of their blockbuster drug, Vioxx, a drug used treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, acute pain conditions, migraine, and dysmenorrhea.  First introduced to the U.S. market in 1999 it became quickly embroiled in scandal and was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after it was found to increase the risk of cardiovascular side effects (heart attacks and stroke). According the Drugwatch, Vioxx may have caused approximately 140,000 heart attacks resulting in an estimated 60,000 deaths. You can read more about Vioxx here.

To date, Merck has paid out over $5 billion in fines which include healthcare-related offenses, safety-related offenses, off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products, and drug or medical equipment safety violations.

You can read more about Abby's plight and other Gardasil victims here

Bob Fiddaman

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