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Monday, September 13, 2021

Who Am I? Trust the Science

With Zoom Trivia Nights soaring throughout the world, I thought I'd throw in three questions that are topical.


1/ Who am I? 

The defendant caused thousands of false and deceptive claims to be made to the state by manipulating published efficacy data, paying key opinion leaders to bolster their product's efficacy, and deceptively concealing their product's inefficacy to physicians, customers, and the state.

Clue: This company likes to remain silent just as the first letter of their name.

Answer - LINK


2/ Who am I? 

In 2003 researchers at the University of Illinois-Chicago released the results of research concluding that a a pharmaceutical company manufactured a drug which elevated risk for diabetes. Subsequently, more than 25,000 lawsuits were filed against the company. In 2010 the company said it would pay a total of $198 million to settle those cases. That same year, the UK’s Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority found that the same company had failed to adequately describe the risks of its product in an advertisement for the drug in a medical journal.

Clue: A Greek star

Answer - LINK


3/ Who am I? 

A huge $100 million settlement for about 1,000 ovarian cancer lawsuits has been reached between this pharmaceutical company and plaintiffs' product lawyers. More recently it announced it was earmarking $4 billion to cover the anticipated cost of the their product's lawsuits. The product in question was a popular over-the-counter talcum powder.

The same company have also had 13,400 lawsuits filed against them for another of their products.  In July 2016, a Philadelphia jury awarded $70 million to Andrew Yount, a Tennessee teen who blamed their product for causing him to develop female-size breasts.

Their own internal studies showed that nearly 5% of children using their product can develop gynecomastia (a condition of overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys) - However, they hid this information from the regulators and the public.

Clue: Two of AC/DC's vocalists

Answer - LINK

You're welcome.

Bob Fiddaman

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