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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

5th Post: More comments from the new Paxil Protest Petition 2007

This is the fifth post in the series of comments left by people signing the new Paxil Protest Petition. Others can be found HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE

Shame on GlaxoSmithKline for making profits a higher priority than human life

Paxil's harm must be confronted by its inventors

This is terrorism in its most incidious disguise. These people have the crime on their hands of killing off our future leaders - our children -while killing off valuable members of our adult population. For any profit made, they are guilty of a crime so terrible it could destroy all human activity as we know it and plunge humanity into an oblivion never to recover. Bring these humanity killers to justice and the worst terrorism will disappear - and probably any other!

It's so good to see this destruction disclosed. The drug companys are to busy drugging society for the money, yet not taking any responsibility for what their producing in human beings--not able people. This has got to stop, or society will be walking zombies. It's so NOT ok to do this.

My son died in a state hospital that is known as a place of warehousing and drugging patients. Don't be deceived. Psychiatric drugs are precursors to violence and self destructive behaviors. Toxic psychiatric practices that lead to brain a other bodily damages.

Evil in the extreme

Get that poison off the market

You don't need to be a doctor to know that this is a bad drug.

There is a narrow slot to make good. The era is at a close. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?...The pendulum has swung!

GSK should also fund exposures of other drug companies

Please protect our children from these horrible drugs.

It's time for the drug companies to be held accountable for the damage they have caused with their psychotropic drugs.

The truth is going to have to be faced by the criminals who foist this poison on an unsuspecting public. The sooner we get rid of these terrorists the better!

Stop betrayal in the pharmaceutical industry - clean up the drug thugs

This drug is obviously causing more problems than it's helping (like most psychiatric drugs) and should be withdrawn from availablity immediatly

Yes, please pull this off the market!

Please - these drugs are so dangerous and the effects are devastating

Please stop drugging America

An international class action lawsuit would be a good next step.

This HAS to happen. They are criminals and as such need to make up the damage. I suggest the Executive Structure, and their Doctors of Research and Lab people ALL get sentenced to do community service in Paxil withdrawal clinics as well, so they can undo the damage they manufactured!

The drug companies are inhumane in their indifference for dangerous drug promotion

I would love to see huge class action suits against GlaxoSmithKline

Allowing this to continue is a disgrace to the human race.

Get rid of this madness.

I am amazed that a company or person would produce something like this just for profit and destroy the very culture they live in!

Paxil is dangerous and should be taken off the market!

If everyone knew the truth about psychiatric drugs, they wouldn't take them, recommend them, or allow the people they love to take them. They are damaging to your well being, drop your IQ, and suppress your awareness of your environment.

Every aspect of this petition needs to be enforced on GSK.

I agree 100% with this petition and want this to go into effect now.

I am so sorry that so many have suffered from this drug. What happens to our families on Earth does affect each of us. The more awareness, the more can be done. Thanks for sending this on to me.

I totally agree with the writer or writers of this petition and think it a disgrace of a company to put something like this on the market.

This is not okay that people are being prescribed such drugs that are deadly and harmful in the name of help, it's just not on!

Paxil is one of many drugs that harm our people and should be removed from the market.

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