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Saturday, April 28, 2007

3rd Post: More comments from the new Paxil Protest Petition 2007

Some more comments from the new Paxil Protest Petition. I hope the MHRA are reading these. Kinda puts their yellow card system to shame doncha think?

I never would have started if I'd known quitting would make me stupid, psychotic, and sick. It also would have been nice to know anxiety was a withdrawal symptom. Because I lacked that information, I went back on the drug thinking the condition for which it was prescribed was still an issue!

I have been on it for years and am so tired of the side effects its ruining my life.

I have been off paxil for one year and have severe "dizzy spells" off and on! I have had every test conducted on me in the book so its gotta be the paxil!!!

I suffer from Mental related illeness and I find it sad that people are suffering worse than before they started medication use, I took Paxil for a year and as a result I Attempted suicde , had severe episodes of deppression, countless days and hours queastioning my very exsitance. My marriage broke up, was ill both emmontionally and physically too many times to count.

Paxil causes more harm than good

Doctors need to be aware of the harmful effects of Paxil


Ruined my life.

This Drug STOPED my daughter from living and having a feeling of being alive and when she did all she wanted to do was end it all .This drug should be illegal.And you GSK need to withdraw it NOW

I am finally breaking free of this drug...for my depression, the "cure" was so much worse than the illness! Paxil has taken years of my life (and my ability to feel anything at all) away, not only from me but from my family. It is horrible that these companies are more interested in making money than actually helping people. For all of the people like myself that have suffered because of your greed...shame on you!


Another so-far 'survivor' of Paxil.

Even with a slow taper over 10wks I became far more labile and experienced more SI than when depressed. The physical side effects have made it impossible for my to care for my baby alone

This drug sucks you in, thinking that life is great, but without even knowing it, you become a zombie. I felt like a drug addict going through withdrawl.

I have only been on Paxil a month and having a devil of a time getting off this drug. I was never informed I would go through this hell trying to discontinue Paxil. Shame on GSK!!!!

I've tried numerous times to stop taking paxil and the withdrawal effects were so horrible I had to resume. I am now afraid to even stop.

What does GSK do to help people come off of Paxil? I WANT OUT!!!!

This stuff is poison

I am going throug withdrawal on the 5th day today and symptoms are so horrible, I had to start taking Paxil again, along with other medication to battle the extreme anxiety attacks that are part of the wd.

Damn all doctors who prescribe this nightmare

I am a victim , as my husband has been on Paxil for 4 yrs. , he has road rage , gets angry so easy so , our family is always walking on eggshells.He spends money , says moneys nothing and gets angry when I say , we cant afford something like very expensive cars , he has lied to me to get his way , does money spending behind my back .I could go on, and on , I am despret for him to go off Paxil 20 ml. but Im sure you understand where Im comming from .

No words can describe how ashamed those people should be, who had a hand in releasing and promoting this drug to the public.

This drug has destroyed me and my family's life.I consider it straight from the pit of hell!

Paxil withdrawal SUCKS and everyone who uses it has THE RIGHT TO KNOW how hard it really is to get off of it.

Hold Yourself Accountable - If you won't - we will.

This drug has left me with scars, both physical and mental. I lost my marriage and my best friends. I became somebody I had never been before or have been since. Surely you have enough evidence by now to stop the pain and anguish the drug and its withdrawal can do? I now have 2 friends battling with the drug and am angry such negligence on the part of Smithkline has been allowed to occur. It must be down to money, not medicine.

Been on Paxil for several years, terrible withdrawal symptoms when i first tried to stop it. Reduced tablets very slowly but cutting with pill cutter until I was down to 5 mgs per day. I have stopped completely 4 days ago. I am still having problems with it. I know I am not over the worst. I hope its not a lifetime damage. GSK are completely ruthless, irresponsible in producing this awful drug. No compensation to the victims could be too great.

Trying to come off Paxil is a hell of it's own making;

I don' t know how old this petition is but I'm signing it anyway because of the hell I went through coming off this drug.

This drug has destroyed my life and my family.

It is so sad that so many people are suffering essentially become some people are sad...

Hellish stuff


Off paxil for almost 4 months now (still suffering withdrawals)

GSK CEO: imagine a loved one with a depressive disorder...would you allow them to be prescribed Paxil? If you answer yes then shame on you. I will have been on Paxil for 10 years in Spring 2007. Since then, I have gained 65 lbs. had 2 miscarriages, and now as I am finally able to physician says my heart rate is considered atachycardia. Thanks for all your disclosure...I would gladly trade minor depression for all the harm my body has gone through.

It is ineffable for me to express the hell I experienced with Paxil. It changes your perception of yourself and the outside world. Being on it for the past 11 years and weening off of it has made that all too apparent for me. I recoil at the thought of anyone that shared a similiar experience. I have never known such torment.....

Swiss Deroxat (=US Paxil) ruined my health

I hope they make the smaller dose tablets so I can get off of the Paxil. I am down to 10.

Please take this dangerous drug off the market NOW!

I was on paxil for 35 days of hell the doctor kept telling me to hang in there.i felt worse on paxil then i did normally so i finally told the doc where to go and i chucked the paxil in the trash!

WARNING LABEL ABOUT ACCURATE PROBABILITY OF SUICIDE IS NEEDED. As well as smaller doses Of Paxil to help patients taper off.

Went off of Paxil slowly from 8/2005-10/2005; Went absolutely crazy in that my memory, thinking, self control, etc. were so impaired I've been on disability since 3/2006 and cannot now find work---worst of all, still do not trust miy own cognition or memory

Still in the first week of not taking Paxil and I'm worried because each day the withdrawals are worse than the last.

Paxil Sucks!

Glaxo Smith Kline and J.P. Garnier need to take responsibility for all the damage they have done around the world. It is not ok to knowingly give someone a deadly and addictive drug for personal proffit. Take responsibility for your actions NOW!!!

GlaxoSmithKline must take responsibility for their actions.


This is a great petition and hopefully GlaxoSmithKline will see the harm that they have done to countless people and act honestly to ATTEMPT to reverse the that harm and pledge to not harm more people with this and the other drugs that they manufacture in the name of profit.

I am Nurse. Trust me these psychotrophic drugs are not and never have been safe

These drugs are harmful. Please remove from market

Please take this dangerous drug off the market NOW!

PAXIL DID NOT REPORT ADVERSE EFFECTS TO THE FDA!!!!!! They hired Infomedics of Woburn MA to be their 800# company and GLAXO did not want it reported to them any adverse effects people were reporting to that number!!!!! An entire call center staff KNOW this!! I was the supervisor to that call center!!!! And quit because of this and reported it to the FDA.

Remove this killer from the market -GSK execs; get an honest job - you creeps.

Get this killer drug off the market now!

The AMA recognizes drugs as the 4th largest killer, so take step to reduce that statistic.

The drug is the devil, been on it for 2 yrs planning on getting of it soon, I wouldnt advice anyone to take it, weened of once for 1 month then right back on, ill do it this time just hang in there and belive in your self

Need help to quit Paxil, horrible withdrawals

am a victim as well because this drug has took everything away from us that was good.we are still fighting with the doctors and socialsecurity Administration because Nick is no longer able to do anything but stay in bed.I think that we nee to band together and pray that this company gets put out of business and all these other companies that make this poision just because of the almighty dollar.I wonder what would happen if they took this drug.I wonder how they would react or if it happened to one of their family members.They knew what kind of Chemicals they were using when they made this drug up and they knew what it would do to people.But you reap[ what you sow and they haven't gotten away with anything.They just think they have.So lets just all pray that justice will be done and that God will heal each one of us.

This drug has destroyed me and my family's life.I consider it straight from the pit of hell!

"I utterly refute any allegations we are sitting on data, that have withheld data or anything like that. We have provided all the data both relating to safety and efficacy in the paediactric population to the regulatory authorities around the world and have hidden nothing."
Alistair Benbow - GlaxoSmithKline's Spin Doctor

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