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Sunday, April 08, 2007

More on Primhe

When I first started researching into the whole Seroxat/GSK/MHRA scandal over 4 years ago I never anticipated the dirt and insidious characters I would come across... least of all from patient support groups for Mental Health. What is going on over at Primhe?

In 2007 they proudly boast on their webpage:

"The aims and objectives of Primhe came out of four intensive meetings with members of the Executive Committee and Founding Partners during 1999 - and well before the launch of the National Service Framework for Mental Health (published by the UK Government). Because all present contributed to their development, they are endorsed and 'owned' by all and demonstrate the partnership and collaborative spirit which are the essence of Primhe."

However, thanks to the wonderful internet archive webpage '' we can now see the Primhe webpage from the year 2000.

Once again Primhe boasts:

Launched in March 1999, PriMHE exists principally to help the Primary Health Care Professional (PHCP) achieve and deliver the best standards of mental health care. As a unique multi-partner collaboration and a non-profit making organisation, PriMHE can and will support PHCPs over time, both locally and nationally.

...etc, etc

Look closely though at Primhe's funders - They don't allow you to do this on the page from today, though they do state that Lundbeck Beck are Primhe's founding funders... but sit tightly in your DeLorean, grip the steering wheel and you will see the organisations that fund Primhe:

Primehe funders:
Priory Healthcare
Smithkline Beecham

Amazing isn't it?

I've been researching with the author of Seroxat Secrets all morning. He has known about this for some time and is now digging more dirt as I type this.

So basically, we have a patient care group for mental health who are funded by major Pharmaceutical Companies who, coincidently, happen to manufacture drugs for patients with mental health problems.

The power of Pharma ladies & gentlemen


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