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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

GSK Video - The Aftermath

Many thanks to all those that have posted their opinions regarding GSK's lawyers, Addleshaw & Goddard intimidation tactics regarding a video I created and uploaded to

For those that are new to this blog I have been campaigning for (lets say) a very long time regarding the antidepressant drug Seroxat. I'm not happy that this drug is still being prescribed, I'm not happy that despite being found guilty by the medicines regulator in the UK for withholding evidence that could possibly have saved lives this company are still allowed to manufacture and legally sell a drug that can cause the person or persons side effects that are not mentioned on the patient information leaflet - am I wrong Addleshaw & Goddard? Sue me if I am!

The minute Addleshaw & Goddard became involved in this Fidbenbowgate video scandal they did one thing. They highlighted a cause, a cause that is widespread and in need of publicity. Their lack of internet acumen is, I believe, a chink in their armour.

They may pay high salaries to their employees, they may sleep at night with the knowledge that a 'threatening' letter can halt or put an end to bloggers speaking their minds or delving into the truth.

Let them feel safe in their 'unreal' world, a world made up of 'we are right and you are wrong'. A world where money motivates and the truth does not matter at all.

Is this defamatory or libellous?

Before Addleshaw & Goddard send me a letter (via a solicitor who has fuck all to do with my campaigning or opinion) let them or their client (In this case Dr Alistair Benbow) answer the following questions... questions that will no doubt be asked in a court of law if there was EVER a case brought against me.

1. Is Alistair Benbow aware of this document? (5 pages here)

2. Is Addleshaw & Goddard aware of this document? (5 pages here)

3. Are both Addleshaw & Goddard and Alistair Benbow aware of the consequences if they deny ever having seen this particular document?

4. Is the crime I committed (Defamation) - (if indeed it was) far worse than the crime of withholding evidence whereby a person or persons could or could not benefit from an antidepressant manufactured by a company whom have recently been investigated by the UK medicine regulator and shown to be morally incorrect?

5. Does the use of a logo or photo (property of GSK) warrant a letter sent to a firm of solicitors who are handling a case against GSK for a defective product and whom have absolutely nothing to do with the activities of me (Bob Fiddaman)?

6. Has, or does Dr Benbow, ever intend to take the stand in a court of law to defend his statements? (Statements that have been broadcast on national UK television AND printed in publications?

7. Is Dr Benbow prepared to swear 'by Almighty God' that he has never been made aware of the GlaxoSmithKline internal document that clearly showed that his statements on national television contradicted what has been public knowledge for many years?

Seven questions for Addleshaw & Goddard - Seven questions that they may think need answering before they try to intimidate a patient who really couldn't give a fuck.

If the letter you sent to Hugh James solicitors was a way of silencing an activist - you fucked up - and you fucked up on a grand scale.


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