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Monday, April 14, 2008

DoH 'We must now consider this matter to be closed'

Yup, the good old Department of Health (DoH) have wrote me and told me in no uncertain terms that they no longer wish to discuss Seroxat with me. It's a pity, all I asked was one question... What is the benefit of Seroxat?

They couldn't/wouldn't answer - maybe because they can't or maybe because they just don't know!

Here is the 'final' email I received from them earlier today.

Dear Mr Fiddaman,

Thank you for your further email of 14 March to the Department of Health about Seroxat.

Several previous replies have set out the Department's position in full and I can add nothing to these responses.

As such we must now consider this matter to be closed. Any further emails will be logged, but you may not receive a reply.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Corbett
Customer Service Centre

Amazing isn't it?

It's like asking a math teacher - 'What is 8 + 8?'

To which he replies ' Today is Monday'

He isn't lying because today is Monday - he's just avoiding the question. Something the DoH have clearly done.

I'm glad they think that this matter is closed.

Nice for someone to have closure.

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