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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ed Silverman's Pharmalot

There is rather an interesting debate going on over at Ed Silverman's Pharmalot.

From what I can gather a pharmaceutical employee has entered into a debate about SSRi's.

He has his supporters on there and many familiar faces are debating with him.

It's the comments section of the story that Ed Silverman ran about the recent video scandal concerning myself and GlaxoSmithKline

The story Ed ran can be found here: Glaxo, An Angry Blogger And Free Speech

The current debate is in the comments section. It is rather interesting and good that someone connected with Pharma is actually talking with concerned patients... if only GlaxoSmithKline would allow a member of their company to meet and debate with concerned patients!

We have to concern ourselves with what the real issue is here and we, as patients, have a lot of issues.

1. We are concerned that a drug we took caused us to have side effects that were not originally on the patient information leaflet.

2. We are concerned that the manufacturers of this particular drug knew of these side effects as early as 1998 yet did not immediately tell us about them.

3. We are concerned that the current EU Law allows Pharma do basically do as they please.

4. We are concerned of the close ties between the pharmaceutical industry and the Medicines regulators on all continents.

5. We are concerned because to get our voices heard we have to stand up and be counted at a cost of being threatened with legal action.

6. We are concerned because we read stories of death on a daily basis - death that is related to Seroxat and other SSRi's.

7. We are concerned because there is evidence that GlaxoSmithKline knew as early as 1998 that Seroxat did not work in children - yet its personnel defended it. Was this ignorance or bare faced lies? - We are concerned because GlaxoSmithKline will not enter into a debate about the 1998 internal documents.

On a personal level I am proud to have stood up and used my voice. I'm proud to be part of a patient movement that has stuck two fingers up to the regulator and pursued answers from the people that count - the victims of withdrawal (the patients).

The video I created had just over 2,000 views in the 2 months is was up at youtube. The video was removed by myself but uploaded again by a concerned voice. It has been up for 6 days on youtube and viewed 657 times - The complaint made by GSK's solicitors has actually brought about awareness, for that I thank them.

As long as there are questions that need answers you will always have people asking.

The whole internal document thing just does not sit right with me.

The internal documents and other reports can be viewed in the links posted after the recent video I posted on here - A video that is merely made up of slides with quotes from GSK personnel - take note of the dates when those quotes were made. Did none of them know about the internal documents?


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