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Monday, April 28, 2008

Seroxat - Who should be held accountable?

I'm pissed off - totally and utterly pissed off.

I wake every morning with an inbox full of mail from comments left by disgruntled patients pointing me to various stories across the Internet relating to Seroxat suicide and/or withdrawal problems. I read about how the MHRA promised to make prosecutions either to GSK as a whole or to individuals - they never did. It's difficult to prosecute someone if you don't arrest them first!

I've been accused of being a Scientologist, a conspiracist, having a hidden agenda and even been accused of working for a firm of solicitors!

I've had photographs of me holidaying in Australia sent to Mental Health Charity CEO's, Gisela Stuart MP, Hugh James Solicitors and even the MHRA - It wouldn't surprise me if the same photos had been sent to GSK's lawyers - quite what this individual who is sending these photos plans to achieve is beyond me. I know who he is - his name is not worth mentioning on this blog.

I, like many others, have been campaigning tirelessly for the last four years, hoping that one day other folk will be safeguarded by our regulator, hoping they will sit up and take notice of patient voices, hoping they will sit up and read the studies that show Seroxat to be a drug that causes serious withdrawal problems in both the young and old (that's ALL ages!)

I'm frustrated because my short term memory is shot to pieces, frustrated because of the outcome of the MHRA's recent four year investigation into GlaxoSmithKline ended with just a slap on the wrists for their CEO, JP Garnier, frustrated because the MHRA Enforcement Team treated GSK and the 'suspects' with kid gloves.

I'm pissed off at our governmental policies - How could they allow a law so perverse that would let a pharmaceutical company present only the good data to a regulator?

I was enlightened to hear that the CEO of the MHRA, Kent Woods, had agreed to a meeting with Seroxat campaigner Janice Simmons at the end of this month but disappointed to learn that he has offered her only one hour of his time. Is it merely a token gesture by Woods?

The DoH are pretty much on the same page as the MHRA - Despite thousands of complaints about Seroxat they still won't budge in their beleif.

What do we have to do?

The tired excuse that it was the depression that was linked to the suicidal thoughts and NOT the drug has really worn thin. Remember these were healthy volunteer studies.

Maybe we should have some volunteers step forward at the MHRA and/or DoH?

Try a month on Seroxat - say 40mg per day. Then come off it. Let's see if you have any adverse withdrawal reaction. If there is nothing wrong with it then this shouldn't be a problem. Of course one individual can be different from the others so we would want at least 12 healthy volunteers from the MHRA and/or DoH. Maybe Woods and Primarolo can show their leadership skills here and put themselves forward?

Will they step up to the plate?

Or maybe Alasdair Breckenridge, Chairman of the MHRA - He's robustly defended Seroxat at every given opportunity - would he care to volunteer to try it for a month or so?

What about the Director of Licensing at the MHRA, Ian Hudson? Would he want to step up to the plate? He was after all the former World Safety officer and GSK (Then SKB) and has stated that he had a 'significant interest in Seroxat' during his spell at SKB. Step up to the plate Mr Hudson and prove us all to be liars.

What of Alistair Benbow, Head of Psychiatry at GSK? We all know his position on Seroxat. Would he care to take up the challenge?

Mary Anne Rhyne of GSK - She made the bold statement that it takes maybe two weeks to withdraw from Seroxat - would she like to step up to the plate?

Doesn't every good chef taste his own food before he sends it out into his restaurant?

If the chef's food is less than desirable then usually a critic will lambast it... it seems the patients are lambasting it yet the regulator (food inspector) is turning a blind eye. Why?

It took me 18 months to wean down from 40mg per day to 22mg per day but hey... don't let that put you off. If you are so cocksure about the safety of this drug then why don't you all step up to the plate and prove me wrong? You are all healthy right?

The benefits of this drug far outweigh the risks - is withdrawal for 18 months not a risk? Maybe in the perverse minds of pharma and regulators it's a benefit! Who knows how these people think.

I'm pissed off today. I know this will be read and passed on to Kent Woods... or at least I hope it will. Because someone must be held accountable for this, one person must hold up their hands in submission and say 'We've failed' - Now who has the guts to do it?

Dare you play a game of Russian Roulette with patient advocates?

Anyone care for a Seroxat?

Oral syringes will be provided when withdrawing.


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