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Thursday, May 22, 2008

MHRA Data updated... and they STILL DO NOTHING!

You may remember the meeting with the MHRA and Janice Simmons a while back. Janice asked Sarah Wark, Pharmacovigilance Risk Management MHRA, why the Adverse Reactions to SSRi's was not updated on their site. Sarah Wark said they were in the process of updating it.

Low and behold! It's been updated.

Lets take a look at Paroxetine [Seroxat]

Total Number of Reactions: 29,711
Total Number of Adverse Reactions(ADR): 10,242
Total Number of ADR Fatalities: 166

Quite astounding that they have chose to do nothing about this... then again, what's 166 deaths to the MHRA, what does it matter that 10,242 people have had adverse reactions to Seroxat?

These are only the statistics sent in by people who use the yellow card system - God only knows what the real figure is!

Somebody pinch me - this isn't happening... is it?

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