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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seroxat Withdrawal Reports Part II

"There is no reliable evidence that Seroxat can cause addiction or dependence" - Alistair Benbow, Head of European Clinical Psychiatry GlaxoSmithKline

"If ‘discontinuation reactions’ occur in patients stopping [Paxil], the majority will experience symptoms that are mild to moderate in intensity, and are usually limited to two weeks." - Mary Anne Rhyne GlaxoSmithKline spokesperson

“If you go back - and I read this out to the Health Select Committee - to the data sheet on Seroxat when it was licensed in 1991, we spelt out word for word the problems of withdrawal from Seroxat, in words that we could not improve now. This idea that the regulators have been hiding the data is just not true. The so-called scandal of Seroxat is something I want to nail every time I speak in front of compatriots because it is absolute rubbish”. - Alasdair Breckenridge MHRA Chairman

More comments from the online Paxil Petition!

The following comments are taken from the current online Paxil Petition, which has been signed by no less than 9,951 people.

Leslie Teuscher - The 1st time I tried to stop taking Paxil I was only on the med. for one month and had addiction problems. I am not a regular med. taker, of any kind. My 34 years of life have been very healthy. I have never experienced the withdrawal effects that occured. It was very scary and disturbing. - USA

Corina - I thought I was going crazy and I was really scared. I am sure I am not the only one who has felt this way. This drug is supposed to help not hinder! - United States

Zaki Sakha - I ended up in the hospital twice this year. With all the symptoms mentioned as side effects of Paxil and lost my balance due shaking and shivering and no one has found/or gave me any reason what is causing it. - USA

Peggy Porretta - On 40mg and have daily side affects after about 15 hours. Unable to cut down or stop this drug without violent withdrawl symptoms. - USA

Keith Encinas - I have finally weaned myself off Paxil. I seriously questioned the therapeutic qualities of Paxil after suffering withdrawal side effects even after receiving the prescribed dosage. I knew then that I had developed a tolerance to the drug and was therefore addicted. Taking my daily dose late caused serious withdrawal effects (fever, anxiety, confusion, night sweats, sleep disturbances etc). It has taken a full two weeks to wean myself off and I feel better than ever. I truly question the medical communities motives for not informing patients of the potential dangers of taking this drug. Perhaps it is ignorance or lack of concern. - Canada

Joann Earhart - I'm Hooked - USA

Jocelyn Maartin - Had adverse reaction-gave me suicidal thoughts and thoughts of killing my husband. I am now under the care of a Phychiatrist and have been unable to work for over a year because of recurring flashbacks and anxiety attacks - United States

Chandy - The withdrawal symptoms are so unbearable that I doubt I'll ever stop taking paxil - USA

Julie - Coming off my 60mg dose of Paxil nearly ruined my life; it has been the cause of countless hardships not only in my personal relationships but work relationships as well. - USA

Karen O'Bannon - I have tried to stop taking Paxil, with severe side effects. - USA

Cheryl Wegmann - I have been trying for over a year to get off Paxil, without success. I have electric shocks, easy bruising, itching skin and horrible, horrible nightmares and night sweats. In this case the cure was worse than the disease. - USA

Brad D Patton - Paxil has numbed me and having tried to get off of it before, I am scared of the withdrawal symptoms again - USA

Jake - Yep, I have all the symptoms. Crazy electrical sensations in my head, nausea, extreme aggreivation, self destructive thoughts etc.. but I still feel that the withdrall is better than the way I felt before???? - USA

Terri Jordan - The withdrawals of this drug are far worse than the reasons to take it. - United States

Ernie Smith - I think my life has been ruined by taking Paxil. I wouldn't recommend the use of this drug to anyone. When will the doctors that prescribe this stuff learn or devulge the severe concequences of taking this drug? - US

Scott Schapiro - Suffering from very bad withdrawl sypmtoms - USA

Michael S. Eigenmann - The side effects were not noted clearly, and the withdraw is criminal. - America

Pam Cahall - Extreme withdrawals - USA

Stacy Norton - I took paxil and it made me so sick. I lost 30 pounds in 28 days from throwing up and being stuck on the couch from this crap. it also made my panic/anxiety attacks worse. - USA

Katherine L. Lavoie - At current time am withdrawing from paxil and have had a rough time. Am hoping for hte best , but am pretty discouraged that my"miracle drug" that wasn't addictive could have such devastating withdrawal symptoms - United States

Jim Mott - down to 5mg and in hell - USA

Tammy McMillion - I feel like a prisoner of Paxil! - USA

Marilyn Eaton - Took paxil in 1998 and it gave me shocks, tremors, electical charges and a false sense of security. Also, felt like my "brain" was "swimming" and detatching. Not good, wouldn't refer to anyone! - Davidson

Tim Bond - It's an absolute nightmare trying to get free of this drug. If I had been warned of the withdrawal effects I would NEVER have started taking it. - England

Ray Mullen - The worst drug out there, with the worst side affects. False advertising. I have social anxiety disorder, and Paxil is not the drug , in fact there are none. I am looking into the legality issues. I feel like I have electric surges running through my body and cannot funtion. - United States

Bradley S - Sickening side effects after discontinuation. I have no history of abuse!!! - USA

Nichole T. Johnson - no one said stopping would hurt this much... - United States

Julie Weathersby - Trying to get off this drug reminds me of the side effects of Phen-Phen. I am miserable. - USA

Marlene Lands - I would've never taken this drug if I'd known that I'd have to go through basicly the same pain it saved me from in the first place. I didn't chose to be addicted to a drug. Please get me off of it. - San Jauquin

Hector Lopez - this is like hell.!!!!!!!!! - USA

William DeMarco - Withdrawal is horrific. This is criminal. - USA

Arlyn Brediger - Almost word for word....the salesmanship used to tout Paxil. However, the withdrawal is horrible. Now need to go to doctor to get OFF this drug. I'm afraid to see what is coming. The vivid dreams and screaming my self awake at night, going to work exhausted because of the lack of sleep, not to mention all the other things I have to look forward to! I have been on Paxil since 1997. Can't imagine how long it will take to get off this! - USA

Trevor Stuart - I can't beleive the makers of Paxil say there are no withdrawl symptoms!!! This is pure hell! - Canada

Peggy East - the ads lie, the doctors lie........why? This is addictive or there wouldn't be withdrawals! I'm really trying to wean vey slowly off Paxil and it is the HARDEST thing that I've ever done. - USA

Joe McEwan - still in hell after 2 months of cessation!!!!! - UK

Pamela L. Belzile - thanks for screwing up my life paxil makers!!!!! I am hooked and now cannot stop,I have tried and ended up with more problems,just like before i started taking paxil.. - United States

Janelle Reed - I stopped taking Paxil 2 weeks ago and tomorrow I am going back to my doctor to renew my prescription. I cant cope with the withdrawl symptoms. I feel like I am dying every second of the day. How dare you ruin my life!!!! - USA

Tammy Engel - I took paxil for 7 years. I had very severe withdrawal symptoms for several months. Some of them include feeling physically sick. (flu like symptoms) Severe mood swings, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dizziness, and the strange sounds in your head. At times I felt I would rather die than go through this. I finally made it and will never take it again!! - USA

Jill Walthew - I don't think I'll ever get off this drug. I don't need it any more but I can't face withdrawal again! - UK

Elizabeth Anne Waske - This is my third week of withdrawl symptoms. It doen't seem to be getting any better. For the third day in a row I have had to find a family member to watch my young children. It is hard for me to believe that something that was supposed to make me feel better, has put me in such a state of confusion. The "electric" shocks, headaches, vertigo are only a small fraction of side effects. There are times that I feel so awful that I wonder if life is worth living. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life feeling like this. - United States of America

Shawn McCleary - I have been on Paxil now for over three years always fearing having to stop taking it. Well, now I'm tapering off it with help from my PCP and it's pure hell. - USA

Amy Mayberry - Paxil has made my life hell from the withrawls, even after I tried weaning myself off them. - USA

Luchianna Guzman - I have been "addicted" to Paxil for almost 2 years. It has truly ruined my life in many ways. I am down to taking half a pill (5mg) every 4 days for the past 6 months, but cannot completely stop taking it. My fight to discontinue use of this awful drug is becoming more serious as I see the terrible ways that it has changed me. - USA

LISA HUFF - Trying to wean my fiancee off this ADDICTIVE drug.Why wasn't he warned of these potential dangers? Please take this drug off the market. - USA

Tammy DaSilva - I was on Paxil for 18 months, the side effects were so severe at one point I contacted my Pharmacist to ask if they had changed the ingredients. What a horrible experience, I increased my dosage, thinking it was me, finally my Dr. switched my Meds. - USA

Charlene Madosh - shocks down arms,dizziness,nausea,sounds when moving head - United States

J Carlisle - I think Dr.'s should be given more info. on side effects. Mine had no idea. I have been off Paxil for 6 months and still feeling side effects. They are no where near the hellatious ones I felt in the beginning, however, they are still there. It sometimes feels like I got my depression back with a vengence. Please, warn people about what they are taking so they can make an informed choice. - USA

Anthony J. - It was a really rough and strange experience parting company with Paxil. My moods are all over the place and I think there are times when I feel worse than before being prescribed this medication. The wild mood swings and feelings of "electrical jolts" running from my head to my finger tips was terrible. I've been Paxil-free for almost seven months and I hope to never experience anything like this again. - Canada

Kimberly Lewis - horrific headaches, thought I had anthrax with these symptoms! - Hernando

Liam Mc Loughlin - I have had severe withdrawl effects too !! - UK

Grace R Jackson, MD - I am a psychiatrist who has prescribed Paxil to patients. In most of these cases, I have had to "refill" precriptions of this drug for patients whose care I inherited from other providers. When I have interviewed patients about the side effects of their SSRI, I have frequently discovered a wide range of debilitating side effects, including tiredness, insomnia, weight gain, and severe anxiety. Withdrawal from Paxil is one of the most common, and disabling, of all the SSRIs. Most patients have such severe anxiety -- even when they miss one or two days of the drug -- that they feel like their original condition has returned in a much more severe form. Of course, we know that pharmacologically, their receptors have been down-regulated and the symptoms really represent an acute withdrawal reaaction of the brain. It would be so nice if SmithKlineBeacham would ADD these withdrawal phenomena to the DRUG LABEL, and would finally have its drug representatives and advertisements ACCURATELY reflect the fact that this drug is VERY addictive, and can take a tremendous amount of time to discontinue. God only knows what the long term consequences of Paxil usage will be. I am aware of fine study , published in the main professional literature, linking Paxil to an increased risk of benign AND malignant breast changes in women. This is another potential risk that is NOT being adequately explained or studied. I hope that SKB will do its best to assist physicians in providing TRUE, ACCURATE, and COMPREHENSIVE informed consents to all patients who are going to be given this drug in the future. Even better: Smith Kline Beacham should begin a PSYCHOTHERAPY ONLY wing of the company, diversify its resources, and begin advertising NON-toxic forms of treatment for patients who, I know, stand the best chance of recovery from a meaningful, supportive relationship with a therapist.........or via other non--pharmacological means of treatment (art, music, body therapy, writing, diet, exercise, meditation, volunteer work, etc). - USA

Lorna Skinner - ruined two and a half years of my life. thanks. - U.K

Christina Simpson - After quitting Paxil over 1 1/2 years ago, I am still suffering from the withdrawal effects and it has costs $$$ trying to find out what has been my problem. Now I have to do physical therapy to fix the problem that Paxil caused. - USA

Jennifer Wenger - I have been off Paxil for 8 days now and fell absolutely HORRIBLE!! I have been experiencing brain "zaps", electrical shocks, whatever you want to call them. I am dizzy, irritable, very depressed, extremely tired and just feel HORRIBLE!! This drug should be taken off the market or the public should, at least, be informed of the the addictiveness and horendous withdrawal symptoms of this drug before starting it so they can make a well-informed decision to take it or not. - USA

Terrie Fitzpatrick - I fee my morales and values have changed me so since I have been on paxil. I have gained a lot weight, and I have expierenced the brain zaps on missed doses. I am starting a weaning process today October 24, 01 and not looking forward to this. I had no Idea this was such an addictive drug. It has changed me forever. I started smoking too after 8 years of not smoking, and I am drinking more than usual. Time to get the hell off. Thank you for this site - USA

Melissa Fanska - I have been taking 20 mgs of Paxil for 6 years. I tried to stop taking it, not knowing any side effects or withdrawl symptoms would occur. Well, that was probably the most terrifying 3 days of my life! I have never felt rage, depression and anxiety in my life as I did when I stopped taking it. I had to have an emergency prescription filled immediately, and now I am absolutely terrified to stop again! My husband & I want to plan a family soon, and no pregnant woman should take Paxil as I have learned recently. How on earth am I going to do this?!? Thanks for aiding an addiction to an innocent woman who just needed a little help!. - USA

Ritchie Thorp - This is one EVIL drug to withdraw from! - UK

Christine M Staunton - This drug is very dangerous. While weaning off I thought I was going out of my mind one night in particular. It is the scariest thing I have ever experienced!!! - USA

Sarah Conlon - I am currently trying to quit paxil, for the fourth time in four years, and am experiencing terrible, almost incapacitating side effects, dizziness, tremors and heart palpitations. - United States

Carol Knowlton - this drug is extremely addicting. I have tried to discontinue using it and cannot because of the side effects that I get when trying. - USA

Jackie Choquette - I've been off paxil for a little less than a year and a half. I still occassionaly get extremely violent as result of getting off paxil. I don't recommend taking it. - USA

Paula Whitehead - Terrible withdrawals - USA

Lucy Krause - Am currently tapered off Paxil and have been 11 days non useage and 11 days of dizziness, flu, heartburn,ect. If not for a loving and understanding spouse I would have no hope of being drug fee in the future. Other patients must be warned about this "wonder drug"! Quitting is Hell!! - Lancaster Co, Lincoln, Ne

Gerry Roberts - I Can't Quit Paxil, and I was never told this could happen - USA

Kathleen - Please Help Me. If I had a gun I would blow my brains out. - USA

Victoria Cotton - If I could have seen what this drug did to my life before I took it, I would NEVER have taken it. - US

Fiona Kristine Patterson - I wouldn't wish what I have gone through with Paxil on my worst enemy, it has to stop. - United Kingdom

Heather E. Jaborsky - I have suffered from Paxil withdrawal after being on the drug for only 2 months at the minimum dosage. - USA

Luchianna Guzman - I have been "addicted" to Paxil for almost 2 years. It has truly ruined my life in many ways. I am down to taking half a pill (5mg) every 4 days for the past 6 months, but cannot completely stop taking it. My fight to discontinue use of this awful drug is becoming more serious as I see the terrible ways that it has changed me. - USA

Ronald L. Patterson - Why was I not told this almost unbearable withdrawal would occure when Paxil is stopped? - United States of America


John Colucci - There was no awareness of these withdrawal problems. I cannot take it anymore. They needed to make this more available in terms of mentioniong the possible delierum and etc related to cming off it. - United States

Helen Callahan - I took Paxil for 7 years, and now wonder what the long term effects are, I can't seem to find any reliable info about that. I was also very disgusted by the crass marketing of this drug during the 2001 World Series. - Osceola

Jonathan Fisher - suffer severly from 'zaps' whilst attempting to decrease dosage. have no idea how it will be possible to discontinue. - United Kingdom

Lisa A. Laudato - After suffering form severe daily migraines, I developed depression and severe anxiety. After being on 30 MG Paxil for three months, I decided to go off of this drug. I decreased the dose by 1/2 for one week and then went off competely. After one day I started to develop flu-like symptoms, hot and cold flashes and what I now know are called "the zaps". After a few more days, I became even sicker -- nausea, dizzy, fever, feelings of anxiety, "the zaps",headache, difficulty sleeping, bright lights bug me. I thought I just had the flu but it was not getting better. My father found the Paxil database and the information regarding withdrawing from Paxil. I can not believe that this horrible drug is on the market. Why would a drug company produce and distribute such a drug? Aren't they in the business of making people better, not worse? I have now stared taking this drug again and will try to wean off at a slower pace. I hope it works this time. If I had any idea that ther would be withdrawl symptom and that I would become "addicted" I would have NEVER gone on Paxil. - USA

KENNETH H. SYKES - I am going through hell in my withdrawal - Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth Wilkerson - dizziness,loss of balance,irritability!!!! - USA

Helen Harris - Paxil has ruined my life completely. I am unable to work. My life has eloved around the bed, doctors office, outpatient, emergency room and radiology. I am goinmg through stages that I never dreamed about because of this drug. - USA

Brian R. Johnson - I tried to get off the drug and was down to 5 mg a day, dropping 5 mg every 40 days from 40 mg, and it was too difficult to function, including suicial thoughts, that I raised my dose back to 20 mg. This is terrible. - Salt Lake County, Utah, USA

Gary Rule - I can't believe how much trouble this drug has caused me. From time out of work to feeling things were wrong with my body when they weren't. I'm enraged by what appears to be the cover up of withdrawal symptoms for so many millions of people. Currently I feel horrible because I am withdrawing from paxil. Even though I only take an 1/8th of a 20mg pill a day I feel like crap. Thanks - United States of America

Kevin Mark - If I would of been advised of the severe withdrawel effects I would of never taken Paxil - USA

Angela Hill - had a God awful time coming off, almost gave up - USA


Jessica Yatrofsky - Paxil detroyed my life. - USA

Ben Gibson - I am a therapist,I,watched this drug destroy my sisters life,and i couldnt help her i want help now - U.S.A!

Dawn Mecham - I began taking Paxil a year ago and I began getting sick while I was still taking it. My symptoms were so severe I was in the emergency room four times in one month. No one knew what was wrong with me. I seemed perfectly healthy. They did a laporoscopy, a colonoscopy and two ultrasounds finding nothing. Finally I began seeing a naturopath and he helped me to come off all of the medications the doctors gave me including the Paxil. I am having a very difficult time coming off of the Paxil. I have very severe electrical shocks which remind me of a fork scraping across a plate. The only thing is, it never goes away. - Placer

Veronica S. Fuchs - terrible withdrawl symptoms, I had to go back on I could not take it. - USA

Randi - paxil has been hell for me - and it's taking years to get off of it. - USA

Michael Simonik - I was only on 10 mg Paxil for six weeks. I dropped to 5 mg for one week and have been off of it for seven days now and I am in a living HELL. the dizziness, nausea, and headaches are killing me. It has to be Paxil withdrawal because I am on no other drug!! This drug should be illegal!!!! - USA

Thomas C. Warren - Trying discontinue Paxil is horrible! Severe withdrawal problems! - USA

Alice J. Wilson - I am a nurse and know withdrawal symptoms when they present in a patient...that patient was me! - USA


Elizabeth R. Spreitzer - I have used paxil for over 7 years. I desperately want to stop using the drug and have tried,unsuccessfully, numerous times. The withdrawal is excruciating; both physically and emotionally. My fear or trying again overrides my strong desire to quit paxill as well as my sadness over excessive weight gain, sexual side affects, expense. You continue to market this product via television citing that it is not addictive. You are quite simply lying! - Brazoria

Tracey Thomas - I cannot get off of Paxil- even with new meds - USA

Krista Jones - I could not go to work, take care of my kids or even think about trying to drive my care due to the symptoms I had coming of paxil. I was diagnosed with vertigo, I could not sit even laying down did not help, as a matter of fact it was worse I felt like I was being pulled through my bed, it was the most awful feeling. - US

Matthew C. Bryant - I've recently taken myself off paxil in a tapered fashion. I wasn't ready for the difficult times paxil has caused me. - USA

Chris Stutler - This medicine makes me sicker than a dog! - USA

Chris Henderson - I am suffering from many of the withdraw symtoms described by others - USA

Judy Roesch - I am in my 7th month of trying to get off Paxil and am still having terrible side effects - United States

Sarah Parker - I was never informed of withdrawl and have been trying to get off it for a year with no success. - United States

Carol L. Patton - I thought the commercial claimed "non-habit forming", my fanny it's not. - United States

Mary Ellen McNickle - The withdraw is ruining my life - USA

Robert Howell - Still taking it; tried to switch to Wellbutrin and had withdrawal symptoms; unbearable to self and family. - USA

Helen Harris - My life is gone because Paxil has held me as a inmate in doctors' office and bed. I would like to have my life back without the pain and the suffering I am enduring. I would like to have a job working, enjoying my grandbaby, attending church when I want to, but I am unable to because Paxil has taken my life away from me. - USA

Lisa Darcangelo - i have been on paxil for 2 years now it has ruind my whole life my husband left me took my two children im sick all the time nasua still deppresed stil have anxiety i want off this med my dr say to take it well something must be done before im another suiside statistic!!!! my whole life is gone !!! myfamilygone!!!! when i do try to stop i get sicker than ever i get eletrical shocks throughout my whole body ihave gainde weght my biggest thing is my emostion sex drive and the fact my now ex husband has left me and took my girls somebody please do something about this awful drug - Volusia

Tero Kuoppala - I'm addicted and suffering. Long list of negative symptoms. - Canada

Brett Wika - Three years ago I nearly lost my life to paxil. I am still suffering from post withdrawal syndrome. I want my life back!!!!! - U.S.A

Terry Connelly - Suffered terrible withdrawal difficulty - Canada

Judy Gray - The people who prescribe Paxil NEED to be educated on the effects this drug can cause rather than saying it's perfectly OK to use. There are a few people out there that have been very fortunate to get off the Paxil without too much of a problem, but there are too many cases where people are having severe withdrawal symptoms to say that this is normal. - U.S.

Micky Leon - I have no short term memory because of you !!! - USA

Erin Hopey - My Husband committed suicide after stopping Paxil. - USA

Karen Peters - I have seen first hand the effects of Paxil on my daughter who has taken it for years. - USA

Tammie Robinson - I have suffered severe Paxil withdrawal symptoms - West Virginia

Tove Dyrlid - I have used Paxil (in Norway known as Seroxat)since 1994 , and I have tried to come off it several times. I get so sick , and feel so bad that I get so scared that I always have to start taking the pills again. I want very much to quit using the drug, but it is impossible to come off it! - Norway

Rachael Schuman - the withdrawal effects of this drug are miserable, I was never informed of this or I would never have taken the drug - USA

Mary B. Steinsdoerfer - I have major concerns about Paxil. I have had terrible side effects when I have been without it for only 3 days. I was told that this deug stays in your system for a month so you can miss your medication if you need to. This is so very untrue ! I would like to be a part of what is happening here. I never knew there was a web site for this or even anyone else who felt like this. Please contact me if I can be of assistance. - USA

April Coburn - this drug is pure hell to come off of the FDA should be aware of this and take actions - United States

Jeaneen Andretta - Paxil has had such a bad reaction with me I can't wait to get it out of my system and feel healthier again. - USA

Kimberly A. Heyer - I have been taking Paxil since it was released. I feel trapped. Is their a solution? - USA

Robin - Reading everyone's post, I have finally opened my eyes to the fact that my best friend lost her battle due to Paxil withdrawals. She has suffered from depression since she was a child, and at 26 years old, she tucked her kids in bed, kissed her husband, walked outside her home and blew her brains out. God have mercy on the makers of this killer drug.. - USA

PATRICIA A. CUNNINGHAM - I have had panic attacks and severe depression with withdrawel from paxil, I have never had these feeling before and I am currently trying to go off paxil and am having sleeping problems, crazy feelings of axiety. - Coweta

AARON TAMRAZ - I have been dealing with withdrawl syptoms going on 5 weeks after stopping Paxil cold turkey. These weeks have been the worst of my life. Hell does indeed exist. I am experiencing it now. - USA

Adam Rae - gave me horrible withdrawal symptoms. Have been off for 4 months and I have weird nudges inside my head. I also still have electrical shocks in my brain. - Nova Scotia

Gale Kubowicz - No one ever told me this drug was addictive. Had I known I would not have started. But now it is too late. Everytime I try to reduce my dosage I get headaches, nausea, light headedness, nightmares, sleep distrubance, and even the electrical 'zaps'. Then I realize that I need to use the pills to stop the side effects. I hate the dependency! I want out! - USA

David Faro - Going through a divorce a year ago, I was counselled to take paxil due to stress related depression and sadness. I was not really interested, but took the advice of my physician. I was told at the time that I could use it for a short period of time "to get my head together" and then cease to use paxil at a later date if I chose to. I don not feel I have that choice. As long as a half a year ago I tried to quit using the drug and have experienced extremely distressing physical side effects. No return of any kind of sadness or depression has resulted, however extreme electrical "zaps", dizzy and light-headedness, and fatigue occur, (to name the most salient side effects) if I attempt to not take paxil for any more than three days. I have been able to avoid these side effects by taking one 20 miligram pill every three days. I am more than ready to leave paxil, I don't think it has changed my life emotionally that much, however the physiological side effects are impossible to endure within my current work situation. Therefore I have no recourse but to continue paying for and taking the drug. I am not happy about this... am I addicted? If so I want to know how to leave paxil behind in the safest way I can. These side effects as I said are distressing to say the least. - Sarasota

Alessandro Cagliostro - Paxil is ruining my life - USA

Brenda Huggett - This drug almost killed my brother. Paxil has robbed him of the past three years of his life. - USA

Meleah Rodriguez - SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For making me a drug addict!!!!!!!!!! - USA

Sarah Parker - I was never informed of withdrawl and have been trying to get off it for a year with no success. - United States

Christine Neukam - I have been taking Paxil for about 1 year...I am now TRYING to stop because of the expense, and I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING TO DIE!!! I have never been so debilitated before in my life...And yes, I am a recovering alcoholic, but it is still no excuse for the withdraw that I am feeling...I cannot function...So why don't one of you wealthy supporters/manufacturers send me some where SAFE that I can DETOX off of the horrible poison of a drug that was prescribed to me...No less, I was not once advised of the debilitating side effects of stopping the drug...I feel like I am going to DIE!!! Someone needs to do something...FAST.... - USA

Martin Andersen - I have never experienced anything worse in my 34 years than coming off Paxil. - USA


Robin Ertel - I had severe effects of my withdrawal - USA

Chris Dring - A horrible drug with awful side effects (acute anxiety and complete loss of confidence), which I was told was just the depression. I had never felt so bad and didn't feel any better until I stopped taking it (against the CPN's advice) and switched to Cipramil - England

Linda Aliena Martin - I took Paxil for over a year and the side effects were worse than the problem I was having with panic attacks. Even after quitting it am still having side effects. -Madison

Hayley Manning - I have been taking seroxat for 5 months now. My depression was never this bad and I have pestered my doctor to take me off these horrible drugs as I am not feeling suicidal but feeling destructive to anyone else. This is not me! You push these drugs to make big fat profits. How many of your mass killings in the states are linked to these drugs - I'm very interested!! You have no idea of the side effects I'm having and you have no interest either. Just so long as you all get your fat paychecks - you couldn't give a damn. I think the company is immoral, inethical, and greedy. All at the expense of patients like myself. I hope you all rot in hell, for screwing up my life. If I don't get my life back then you will be answerable and will someday have to pay the price. - United kingdom

Christy Graf - A terrible drug and represented falsely. It is a nightmare to try to get off of this monster drug - USA

Robert Donnelly - Paxil is very addictive and can be very painful to withdraw from. If you stop cold within a week you will not be able to function and will be in extreme pain. Doctors should not be able to perscribe this drug without telling the effects of withdrawing. My doctor told me it was a mild drug that was not addictive and would have very few side effects. - Portland, OR USA

Philip Sheridan - Paxil caused severe side effects, which resulted in actions leading to criminal charges being file against me. - USA

Jillanne Beam - I went through more than 3 months of withdrawal from Paxil, after about 2 1/2 years on the drug in treatment of severe clinical depression. The first few weeks were really awful, with emotional upheaval continuing for more than 3 months. It was awful, and I am definitely not a drug abuser! - Marshall County, Indiana

Allison L. Zimmerman - Suffered disabling vertigo for 6-8 weeks plus hives and general disruption of my life. - USA

Malinda - I am another out of thousands, who have lost so much to this drug. Yet, it's still being prescribed like tylenol. The evidence is there! HOW many more lives have to be ruined, or lost before something is done? While our lives continue to be ruined, SmithKline Beecham continue to get our money, as well as the doctors, pharmacies...... IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY AND THEY ARE KILLING US - USA

P. Goebel - Paxil has nearly destroyed my life and my marriage. If I had known what hell it would put me through, I surely would have rather been afraid to leave my house forever than to suffer the horrible side effects and the hell of withdrawal. - USA

John Eisfeller - My wife started taking paxil 13 months ago, the nightmare could be a movie from hell. My wife has done things in the last year no one can believe. I am scared what quiting the drug will do to her. - USA

Matthew Dwyer - I have been on this damn medication for over 4 years because I cannot get off of it. Each time I try I get so sick that I am forced to start taking it again. Somebody please help me. - USA

Alicia Salas - Please warn the public of the dangers of taking Paxil. There are so many live that are being adversely affected by not knowing the truth about this drug. I know that it has made my life a living nightmare. - USA

JoAnn Johnson - Suffering from Paxil withdrawal - USA

Emily Neuroth - I completly support this petition. I too am suffering from Paxil withdraw - Marshalltown, Iowa USA


Brooke Pollinger - I have suffered from withdrawel symptoms for almost 4 months now, and I can barely go to work anymore. I keep on thinking and hoping that it will end soon, but it never does. I am signing this petition in hopes to stop the makers of this drug from hiding the facts of withdrawel symptoms from their clients. If I would have known about the withdrawel symptoms in the beginning, I would have never alowed myself to take this drug. - British Columbia, Canada

Mirella Villafuerte - I was 20 years old when I was diagnosed with GAD. Because I suffered from it so bad, I was duped into beliving how excellent this drug was going to be and how there were no side effects involved. I felt good for the first month, then had to get my dosage increased and decreased several times because my body could not adjust very well. When I started seeng a differect doctor, she told me that Paxil was the worst of all the drugs there were for GAD, so she recommended Serzone and Buspar. I took them for two weeks and became extremely ill, with electrical shocks all over my body, unbearable haedaches and nausea, and had to take off a whole week of work. At first, i convinced myself that it was the new medication that was doing this to me and I demanded to my doctor to put me back on Paxil. I convinced myself that Paxil is the only medication that can work for me. Now that I have been reserching more carefully, I realize that it was not the new medication that made me extremely ill for nearly a month, but it was the withdrawal symptoms from being taken off of Paxil. Now I want to get back off, but cannot afford to bring myself into such torturous feelings after leaving the medication. - US

Glenda - The withdraw from Paxil is severe,,,I have had bad tremors,,,headaches,,,night sweats,,,,nightmares,,,,dizziness,,,and the feeling of my eyes bulging out,,,bad concentration,,its horrible,,,moodiness,,,rest less,,I feel like a junkie hooked on drugs,,, - USA

LISA LINDSEY - Withdrawal is a nightmare, literally. - Onondaga

Catherine Amy Ray - Please---reformulate the drug, include information about withdrawal, or create another drug to help withdrawal. I was doing extremely well on the drug. However, I ran out of during the long Xmas holiday. I experienced terrible withdrawal, so I asked my pharmacist about withdrawal on the drug. He knew nothing, but graciously gave me some pills to tide me over. However, I experienced more symptoms even after resuming the medication. I did not double up on my dose, as I did not know if I should, and it occurred to me that perhaps there was not enough of it left in my systerm. I visited your website to see if there was someone I could call on a hotline or if there were any information. None. I was also completely shocked to see that indicated that there were no addiction problems with drug. Good lord! I only took the drug for two months and was able to figure out that this is more than a little misleading. I was shocked. In any case, the fact that I realized I was physically dependent on the drug, coupled with your compay's deceptive advertising really began to weigh heavily on me. What else is SKB not telling us about this drug? What if my withdrawal symptoms become worse if I stay on the medicine longer? I won't take this drug any longer. I am also going to email everyone I know about its effects and beg them to forward to everyone THEY know. I am going to tell my doctor and pharmacist, and document the symptoms. Finally, I am going to see about how to file a complaint with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. - USA

Michele Saucier - I am so sad to see so many people feeling the same way I have when trying to get off of Paxil. I truly doubt I ever will be able to, due to the fact that the last time I merely missed a few doses I was suicidal, dizzy to an unbelievable degree, and I had NO idea how to proceed thru the next moment of my life- it was the most confusing, horrible feeling in the world. My doctor also doubted that my dizziness was due to the stoppage of Paxil--- do they think we are stupid??!! I am just incredibly scared that long- term use has repercussions that haven't even been seen yet---this is VERY scary - USA

Cheryl Heermann - because of your unwillingness to provide important information to the public and doctors, I am suffering more now than when I started taking Paxil 5 years ago. - United States

Erin Hopey - My husband (45) committed suicide a week after stopping paxil. - USA

Timothy D Little - The side effects of withdrawel are killing me!! - USA

Gretchen Baneyx - Took me a year to get off Paxil - USA

Brandi Hancock - this drug is horrible to stop taking! - USA

Jimmie Lou Elliott - this is the worst and only drug that I have ever had withdrawl symtoms from. This has got to be the worst drug on the market. The drugmake needs to immediately get info out to doctors. I find that they still don't know of this problem as of 12-2001!!!The withdraw has been disabling! From 60 mg to 10mg now. Been on 10mg for months. Can't seem to cut down from that amount. I'd like to be involved in the lawsuit. I never asked for this --had enough problems already!!!! - Mississippi

Cynthia Moore - I have been taking paxil for 3 years and CANNOT get off of them without severe side effects. If I had known this from day one i would not have begun taking them - USA

Melissa Pratt - My daughter had withdrawl symptoms when she was born. I was on paxil during pregnancy. - USA

Keith Martin - Paxil withdrawals; the most horrible experience in my life. The television advertizing stating that it is not habit forming is "absolutely false"! - USA

Sean Fitzpatrick - severe withdrawal symptoms - Canada

Audrey - Withdrawal from Paxil is on of the worst physical experiences I have had and I am angry that I was not informed of the symptoms before beginning the medication. - USA

Mary Simpson - withdrawl symphtoms are with me and I can barely function! I was only on the drug for 2 months - Clark County

Franco - Paxil withdrawals are unbearable. - USA

Eric Joseph Gagen - In the Process of quitting. It's a living HELL - USA

Sherry Phillips - horrid withdrawal symptoms when tried to stop - USA

Kevin Young - I have been unsuccessful in tapering off of Paxil on two attempts. The failure was solely due to the awful withdrawal symptoms. I became extremely nauseated and lethargic. I had the shakes also. I feel trapped, addicted to this medication. My life with it sometimes feels numb, but I can't withstand and overcome the terrible withdrawal symptoms. - Amherst County

Angela Fox - I am on my second attempt to discontinue Paxil - Canada

Martin Schires - I have been on Paxil for 5 years and get ill when I try to taper so I can quit. - USA

Darlene Cameron - I have only been on Paxil for 4 weeks (going into 5th). At this time, I have experienced volitle behavior, stomache upset when I miss a dose, weakness in arms, legs; I can barely complete a thought. I want to quit, but I am afraid to. If I even miss a dose, I am going nuts without it. I'll wring my hands, pace, get irritable, etc. - USA

Paula Gardiner - suffering from huge variety of withdrawal symptoms. - United Kingdom

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