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Monday, May 12, 2008

Not such a Happy Mother's Day

Shelly Hart from the US forgot to take her Paxil [Seroxat] yesterday. She writes about it on her blog here. I've reproduced it here for Kent Woods of the MHRA. Here's what it is like Kent when one forgets to take the antidepressant that you continue to stand by.

A summary of my Mothers Day/ self mutilation

As you know, I'm using the Ashton manual to crossover my Klonopin the doc started me on from paxil withdrawal. My husband has been out of town rallying support for Paxil withdrawal and the lives it has affected. I have been concentrating so hard on the Klonopin/Valium ratio while filling my weekly pill case that in essence, I forgot to put my Paxil tablets in (now at 50 mg, even though my primary care physician suggest 60, the highest dose ever). I noticed being overly emotional and feeling extremely upset with my children. I was very tearful yesterday and was glad to see my husband return home. Last night I woke screaming that there was a loud sound in my ears and they felt as if gravel had been put in them. I had horrible and wretched nightmares about my family. I was so dizzy I needed assistance using the restroom. The screeches in my ears got louder. Suddenly I felt the urge to self-mutilate. I never felt this way before. I grabbed everything and anything I could sharp to do this from pop can tabs to scissors to car keys. I told my husband I needed to see blood. I was very restless and took 7 benedryl today to calm down from my akethisia. When I turned my eyes I felt the zaps. Then it hit me....oh my gosh, had i forgotten to put my Paxil in my pill case...Indeed I had. I was on my fourth day without Paxil and was having suicidal thoughts and self mutilation. I am feeling this way now, even though I took my Paxil 50mg several hours ago. I'm afraid I no longer have control over my body and now my husband is going to have to miss more work to "babysit me" I don't want this to be the case. I want the strong, capable Shelly back that was able to care for others and nurse them back to health. I certainly didn't want to show my son who had self-mutilated beginning Paxil that it was uncontrollable...but indeed it is. I'm so ashamed of myself. Now I know more than ever what my poor son had to go through. My arms ache. I bit into my left arm so hard that blood came to the surface bringing me some kind of release. I blame myself for not filling my case correctly but may i add it is hard to think when having seizures and fatigue that accompany the crossover from Klonopin to Valium.So what has happened to my life? I went from a normal level headed nurse who graduated at the top of her class to some psycho addicted to drugs just because of some anxiety issues. These would have been long resolved by now. Why wasn't I informed that these drugs were addictive and that I could indulge in self-harm? What if I kill myself and It is out of my control? Why am I acting on impulse? I do not have a history of violence. What is going on here? Certainly someone has to step forward and get the stories out there. This makes it more than ever my top priority. I locked my children out of my room on Mothers' day. They didn't have that day that I enjoyed with my mother growing up. They couldn't share the gifts and cards they had made for me.Happy Mothers Day GSK...another day of my life in bed ruined. Another memory taken away from me. And yet, still no word from GSK and their promised manual about withdrawal, or follow up regarding a hotline for physicians.

Just one of thousands of stories about the horrors of Seroxat withdrawal effects.

Now what are you going to do about it Kent?

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