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Monday, May 19, 2008

Garnier Walks Out of BBC When pressed about Seroxat

What's it like to be put under undue pressure?

Ask JP Garnier - CEO of GlaxoSmithKline.

On the Today show on BBC's Radio 4 Garnier was pressed to answer questions about Seroxat... what did he do?

Titty tantrum time - He couldn't stand the heat... so walked out!


On speaking of the MHRA investigation into his company he said:

"They [MHRA] have concluded, by the way, that the company [GSK] didn't do anything wrong"


Excuse me Monsieur Garnier but didn't the MHRA find that your company failed to show that Seroxat was effective in treating major depressive disorder in children?

Didn't they also find that Paxil [Seroxat] Trial 377, was conducted and this also failed to show that Seroxat was effective?

Didn't they find that your company made no amendment to the SPC on the basis of these data?

And what of the internal documents Monsieur Garnier?

Didn't it state... “it would be commercially unacceptable to include a statement that efficacy had not been demonstrated, as this would undermine the profile of paroxetine”?

Yet you go on national radio and say:

"They [MHRA] have concluded, by the way, that the company [GSK] didn't do anything wrong"

You're an absolute legend Monsieur Garnier. Even when your company has been proved to have held back data because it would undermine the profile of the product, you still claim that your company has done nothing wrong!

I have to admit I roared with laughter when I heard Garnier claim his company had been vindicated by the MHRA.

I practically pissed myself laughing when he walked out of the studio when the questioning about Seroxat got too tough for him. At least Glaxo spokesperson, Alistair Benbow, keeps his cool with deluded answers he may or may not have gave in the past!

The point where Garnier threw his dummy out of the pram is better than an episode of Monty Python.

Reporter: On the trials that were done in the 1990's, it's clear that it was on 2003 that the MHRA were shown an analysis of the trials. Have they now seen and can everyone now see that which was withheld in those years and can you say (and I know you are moving on, there is going to be a new head of the company) that in future such information will be available to the those who have to take really quite important decisions about what should be available to the public and what shouldn't?

Garnier: Well, I can't answer such a vague question. I mean this case has been discussed and studied at lengths by the authorities. They are satisfied with their enquiry, their enquiry had a positive conclusion for the company [GSK] ...ERR I think you know you cannot talk about things that complicated in two minutes on an interview but as far as the desire to be transparent, I think our record speaks for itself.

Reporter: So, can you say John Paul Garnier...

Garnier: It's not Jean Paul... it Jean Pierre

Reporter: Sorry. Jean Pierre...

Garnier: Can we move on, I... I have to..

Reporter: This is the last question...

Garnier: I have to tell you that if we are going to talk about [muted laugh] this subject [Seroxat] for ever and ever....

Reporter: No, it's one last question. John Pierre Garnier, let me ask you simply this. When you leave the company do you believe that you are going to leave the company behind you which will.... er let's put it like this, be honest, so that that information which is released, which is asked for that bears....

Garnier: Okay, I'm not interested in answering this question ,we have dealt with this subject. Thank you very much for taking the time to hear about pandemic and I wish you the best. Goodbye.

Reporter: And you. Goodbye.

It's pure comedy genius isn't it?

Here we have the CEO of a pharmaceutical company who firstly denies that his company did anything wrong, then secondly claims that his company's record in their desire to be transparent (and I quote) "speaks for itself"

I guess it probably does because you certainly don't Jean Paul (Ahem) sorry Pierre.

The interview can be heard here. Skip to 1 hour 32, where the Garnier interview begins. Hurry though because I don't think these shows are kept up for too long.

Hat tip: Ed Silverman over at Pharmalot for highlighting this moment of comic genius.

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