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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Zealand fighting back against GSK

Came across this great website earlier today. It's called Wholemind and they speak out against antidepressants. In fact, reading it threw up some information that I wasn't aware of before. For instance: Aropax [Seroxat] is government subsidized in New Zealand!

The author of the site, Susan Thrasher, also touches on the name given to paroxetine in various countries. She writes, "Do you suppose they change the name in different countries as a deliberate attempt to confuse the consumer?" Yes I do!

She is also as confused as I when trying to fathom out why different countries carry different information on the Seroxat Patient Information Leaflet [PIL]. She writes:

"I've provided links here for GlaxoSmithKline's Paxil/Aropax/Seroxat (US/NZ/UK) so you can see the differences. This example particularly highlights the concept that it isn't the pill or company that makes the difference, but the country's government regulations! You'll note in this case Paxil (US) goes straight to the US FDA black box suicide warning and then a lot of very technical information about the drug; Seroxat (UK) goes to an equally off-putting info sheet but at least it's more accessible by the average reader; in New Zealand where the government hasn't required any specific warnings, they are still promoting the drug Aropax (remember, all of these are the same drug, paroxetine) and you have to click on the little line at the bottom for "consumer information" and that is quite "soft" compared to the other two. Same drug, same company, different presentations"

1 Drug, Same Company, 3 Views

GlaxoSmithKline's information on Paxil (USA)

GSK's info on Seroxat (UK)

GSK's info on Aropax (New Zealand)

I've been banging the drum loudly on this blog for our friends down under, they are pretty much kept in the dark when it comes to Seroxat - their respective governments want it that way. The Therapeutic Goods Administration [TGA] seem about as caring as our own medicines regulator [MHRA] - I say that with confidence after listening to Kent Woods, CEO of the MHRA at the recent meeting with 1 campaiigner, 1 solicitor and 1 former Seroxat patient. Woods, still thinks he is right about the safety of Seroxat in adults - despite overwhelming evidence to the contary.

Anyway, I suggest visitors to Seroxat Sufferers from down under pay a visit to Wholemind. It's what Australia and New Zealand has been crying out for.

Susan Thrasher, take a bow.


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