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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seroxat Withdrawal Reports Part I

This one goes out to Kent Woods, CEO of the MHRA
Real people - real problems.

The following comments are taken from the current online Paxil Petition, which has been signed by no less than 9,951 people.

Look at it as a global yellow card system.

People are not happy Kent, you shouldn't be either.

Below is Part I of Seroxat withdrawal problems. Other parts will follow soon.
Rick DeMorrow - Not only did I have problems quiting, it ruined my life while using it! - US

Michele Brewer - I only took Paxil for a couple of weeks, but it caused me to have crazy mood swings. - United States

Helena Weber - I am going through hell trying to get off of this drug. I've been on it for 4 years - tried to get off of it twice, unsuccessfully, and am now trying a 3rd time. Each time I get so sick, I give in and start taking it again so that I can function. I never would have taken this drug if I would have known the consequences. - USA

Robin Swantack - After taking this EVIL drug for almost 9 years, I am now suffering the HELL of trying to taper off of it. The withdrawal is absolutely horrible. I can't function, can't drive, can't be a human being anymore. Wish I would've known then what I know now. - USA

Linda Nolen - I am dizzy, have "spaciness", electrical impulse type feelings in my head and am trying to wean off Paxil. What a crock. I also am off-balance and cannot drive right. I hope I can get completely off this stuff. - Stone

Chris - withdrawl is terrible! - Canada

Reanne Soroko - I don't want to go through what my poor sister went trough. This is enough!!!! - Canada

Renelle Guertin - I'd rather have major depression then suffer from Paxil's evil withdrawals - Canada

Laurie Crawford - The withdrawal I experienced was pure torture! - USA

Laura Thacker - This is a real and serious problem. I urge you to please take responsibility and warn people of this drug's addictive quality. Doctors should be advised and know how to properly help patients with the withdrawal process. Please address this serious issue. Show that you care about people not just about profit. Bottomline: You are making people sick. - USA

Candice Pyne - Absolutely vile withdrawl symptoms. My doctor advised me to grin and bear it. But after wasting my entire school holidays vomiting I couldn't stand it any more, and he put me on Zoloft. I've never been so physically sick in my life. - Australia

Cal - How dare you! Six years of hell and counting - you've stolen my youth and deserve to pay the price for the thousands of lives you've ruined. What goes around comes around - wishing SKB their downfall! - UK

Angela Kammler - Paxil has ruined too many lives - take it off the market & help us get our lives back! - USA

Jose Izquierdo - getting off paxil was an absolute nightmare - Canada

Thomas Edwards - Paxil should be taken off the market!!! - USA

Larry Schmidt - TV ads are going to hook minors. It is a very dangerous drug. - USA

Incontro-Schmidt - The worst thing I have ever had to deal with. Brought on so many problems and had to quit live. I am still batteling with it!!!!! - USA

Kevin M Murphy - My 13 yr old daughter is suffering terribly for 2 months so far - USA

David Rasmussen - withdrawl...horrible - USA

Mary Swenson - Very sick with electrical charges in head when trying to quite. This is like being addicted to hard core drugs. The manufacture needs to have a plan to withdraw people who take this. I have been sick for at least 2-3 days everytime I try to decrease the dose. It's been a horrible experience. I want off this drug and no one seems to know how to stop it without getting sick. - Burleson, Texas

Lucyann Cosentino - I have suffered lasting effects from Paxil usage and suffered through a withdrawal from "hell" - USA

Jean Jarvis - Am experiencing many of the side effects of this drug. - USA

Amy R. Steppe - I am in HELL from PAXIL withdrawal -- Has Ruined my Life and Relationships - HELP - USA

Helen Hills - I have tried twice to stop taking Paxil. Each time I tried I got severely sick with shakes, vomitting, severe headache and flu like systoms where I missed several days of work. I was completely incapacitated, I could not even get out of bed as everything seemed to be spinning around. My doctor finally put me back on Paxil but lowered the dosage. I have been taking Paxil now for three years with no hope of withdrawing any time soon. Before I was put on Paxil, I specifically asked my doctor if this medication is habit forming and I was assured that it is not, however, my experience has been one of desperation and extreme fear that I am now dependent on this medication. I need help. - VA, USA

Cheri Innocenti - I am trying to get off Paxil after a year of taking it. Now not only do I have anxiety but I feel awful with bad headaches and severe dizziness. It is causing a lot of problems in my life and I really have no idea when I am going to feel better or IF I am going to feel better. - USA

Johanne - PURE HELL... I feel like I'm never gonna get off this drug... - Canada

Dee Jenkins - Will I ever get my life back? - Canada

Lina Godden Van Zyl - Have tried to get off for 1year now and unable to do so without severe side effects. - South Africa

Jerald E. Shelato Jr. - Dizziness, "shocks" behind the eyes radiating down the neck into body; you've read it all before. I can't believe you're advertising this stuff on television. Continuing to manufacture, advertise and sell Paxil without proper warnings for its withdrawal side effects equals MORAL BANKRUPTCY. - USA

Angela Russo - wish I had been told all the facts about Paxil! - USA

Robyn M. - I was given a prescrip for Paxil for mild depression after just meeting my Dr (for the 1st time) and talking to her for 20 mins. I found many websites online (thankfully)& only took 2 doses - I can't believe that Drs. can be so irresponsible as to hand out this med without looking into it. What ever happened to "First Do No Harm" Drs. need MORE EDUCATION - forget what the manufacturers say about it - they DO NOT care about people and their lives - only money!! I bet none of them are taking it or letting THEIR family members take it!! Very, very sad. - USA

Marina - We need to get the word out on this dangerous drug. - USA


Normajean Brady - bad side effects. bad withdrawal symptoms. bad drug. - U.S.A

Dottie Geiger - They should tell you about the withdraw and addiction before you start - USA

Tracy M. Ross - Paxil is a highly addictive, extremely dangerous, debilitating drug. I am an RN with great public contact. I will warn others of this dangerous drug the rest of my life! - USA

Patrick A. Lengyel - I've recently stopped taking Paxil after 18 months and have experienced many of the side effects associated with withdrawl - hot flashes, electrical "zaps", inability to concentrate, weight gain, dizziness, headaches, etc., etc., Had I been aware of these withdrawl horrors, I would have requested that my physician prescribe another medication. - USA

Shari Johnson - having a hard time getting off Paxil! - USA

Melissa A. Parks - Paxil just about ruined my relationship with my husband and caused me severe withdrawal effects especially severe dizziness to the point that I could not function,it took me a month and a half to slowly wean off it, I still feel the effects of paxil even though I have been off it for four months, I experience headaches, flashes of light in my eyes, agitation,I feel like I may never be me again, I have more anxiety and problems than I did before taking it.Paxil should be taken off the market and people should be cautioned against using it. - Canada

Kristin - I am miserable and I owe it all to your company for not getting the word out about withdrawl symptoms and possible life-dependance! - USA

Judie Ellen Warren - I'm on my second attempt at quitting and I'm so sick right now that I'm in tears. I'm not sure I'll make it this time either. I wish I'd known this was part of Paxil, but my doctor handed it over without a word of warning. No one should ever have to go through this. - USA

Loraine Urquhart - even weaning off paxil is debilitating.a few years ago i wondered if i would survive depression. now i wonder if i will survive paxil withdrawal. - Canada

Charles Interrante - My wife has been going through hell weaning off paxil - U.S.A

Erik Dean - Withdrawal has made me violiently ill: vomiting, dizziness, headaches, chills, etc. This has been going on for three weeks now after a slow tapering discontinuation! - USA
Trudith Anne Ohki - They should be sued. My family and I have been through HELL! - CANADA

Grant M. Anderst - It is a LIVING NIGHTMARE! thanks to Paxil and SKB - Canada

Arlene Posner - Withdrawl hell and i'm not a drug abuser. - USA

Lawrence Pullom - Withdrawal HELL - USA

Stephanie Elizondo - Withdrawl hell. I am dizzie? I feel these weird electrical? sensations in my brain. I heard that withdrawl was hell, now I know. I have been on this medication for 1 year for panic attacks, depression, anxiety. I was on 20 mg, I cut back to 10 mg for the past 2 months. Last week I cut back to 5mg (1/4 of a pill). I feel so weird in my brain. Dizziness? I know what this is. I have never felt like this before. How can they outright lie and say there is no withdrawl? This is not true. If I knew that this drug was addictive, I NEVER would have consented to take this medication. Please someone help us. - USA

Kelly K. Roe - I was prescribed Paxil approximately 4 months ago for depression. I was worked my way up to 30 m.g., but shortly thereafter was not feeling as well as I had hoped. I decided I wanted to get off Paxil with the hopes of trying something else they may work better for me. I took three full weeks to slowly taper myself off Paxil, once I had discontinued it I began experiencing a very strange and disturbing sensation in my head. The sensory problem was similar to a vertigo but I was not really dizzy? At any rate it progressed and has become almost completely disabling for me. I never thought it could be the Paxil. I was treated for inner ear disfunction and have recently been referred to see a Nerologist. I now know that it is the Paxil because I can completely eliminate my symptoms by simply taking as little as 10 mg of Paxil and get releif for a couple days before I have to take it again. I am outraged and as stated in the Califorina lawsuit, feel entraped and as if I will never be able to get off this drug. This is particularly a problem for one such as my self who would like to obtain some relief for depression and cannot because of the need to get off one anti-depressant before being permitted to start another. So now I am hoplessly addicted to a drug that is of no help to me in terms of relieving my depression! - USA

William H. Chaiken - hospitalized three times for paxil withdrawal - U.S.A.

Steven M. - I have been taking "paxil"for 18 months,for anxiety and panic.My doctor assured me of no severe side affects,I take 20mg once a day,it is expensive medicine around $90.00 a month for 30 pills,I have severe mental confussions,nightmares,black objects swimming around in my eyes mainly in the daytime,I have aching parts that I didnt even knew I had.I have tingling in my arms legs feet you name it.I am 6ft 1 inch and have never weighed in my 35 years here on earth more than 165 pounds I have gained in the last year up to 198 pounds.ever since I have taken paxil my body seems to be falling to pieces.I have tried to wean myself from "paxil"but when I do my mind starts on a journey to "HELL"this drug is not fit for nothing but to be flushed down the toilet, the sad thing is it is easier said than done,one to be able to cold turkey stop would no doubt have to be put in a straight jacket.It is a shame that the people that start to take "paxil" grasping for hope for a better life end up more desperate for their old life back than the one that this so called wonder drug offers.The reason it is called the wonder drug is once you start taking "paxil"you "WONDER WHAT THE "HELL"IS HAPPENING TO ME"this drug should be erased from the drug stores and "smithkline beecham and paxil should be put out of buisness,for the lives they have destroyed.I will video my symptoms,and my withdraws no matter how long it takes. - North, Louisiana.
Angela Dugosh - I'm living in a nightmare trying to get off these pills - U.S.

Michelle Goldberg - struggling to get off for 3 months so no avail!! this is the worst thing that a person can endure, i do not know how i am supposed to be free of this poison...this drug should not be prescribed without indicating to each and every patient, the hell that they will go through if they decide to wean off. - USA

Gerald A Grant - slowing to a stop, my sanity is worse , addictive? yes - Canada

Colleen G. Chambers - I am a healthy 26 yr old female, wife, mother and professional. I have been "tapering" off of Paxil for about six months now...literally shaving my pills down b/c my withdrawal symptoms have been so severe. I am still not off of it completely as it disrupts my life so much to have these symptoms. I did not have a clue about them and was taken to the emergency room when I was told by my former doctor to just go "cold turkey". BEWARE - USA

Kathleen N. Vercimak - Had I been given the withdrawl warnings I never would have taken this drug. Shame on you for not giving the public ALL the information regarding your drug. - USA


David Roy - my mother has been on paxil for along time & she gets sick everytime she trys to stop taking them, you put adds on TV about paxil being good for aniaty I ALL MOST STARTED TAKING PAXIL LAST JUNE FOR MY ANXIATY what are you trying to do to people ? - P.Q. QUEBEC

Sarah Strayer - This drug must be discontinued! I went through the worst experience of my life. Initially I didn't realize I was having withdrawal and thought I had some violent and rare viral disease. I was in and out of hospitals and all the doctors could do was shrug their shoulders and give me anti-vertigo medication. This did nothing. I couldn't work, everywhere I walked I felt high as a kite, extremely nauseous, I couldn't walk straight and felt like I was walking on a wobbly magic carpet. I also cried uncontrollably when I wasn't throwing stuff around in a rage (and I am normally very calm). The electrical sensations and vivid dreams can only mean permanent damage, possibly on a chromosomal level, has been done. I am optmistic that SKB will be held fully accountable for the emotional and physical despair Paxil users have suffered. I want to know the exact chemical make-up of Paxil along with an explanation of what these chemicals do and the long term known and unknown ramifications of ingesting these poisons which I suspect will be very bad news. - USA

Ronna Torrisi - Never even thought about withdrawl symptoms until I tried to wean off my measly 10 MGs a day that I've only been taking for 2 months!!! - USA


Javier Ortiz - I was prescribed this Paxil medication and after months of using it it has definitely made m have mood swings and hasn't helped the problems it claimed it would help me with - U.S.A

Debbie Marshall - have suffered terrible withdrawl, feel betrayed - Butler


Megan Malone - One of the worst experiences of my life was trying to come off of this drug. - United States

Paul Sirianni - I've been trying to get off paxil and ever since i tried to get off never felt the same since, it's been over two months - USA

Victor Tremblay - my wife is on paxil, she tryed 3 times to get off paxil got very sick and had to start them again. in mid Jan. 2001 she will try again after the halidays. SKB you made people life HELL ( thanks alot ) - Ormstown P.Q. Canada

Monty Barb - My life bottomed after taking this drug. I am now in bankruptcy court, single, and just found a new job. - USA

Dubord, Jocelyne - On this drug, I lacked concentration and felt like a zombie all the time. This is my third attempt at trying to get off this drug. The first two times, I weaned myself off very slowly. Did not work. This time, I went cold turkey and the symptoms are the same as the weaning process. Either way, you will not feel good. I am on day 13 and hopefully this time around I will succeed. Hang in there everyone! - Canada

Brenda Desrochers - Went through hell getting off this drug - Canada

Dianne Corbett - I have tried twice to reduce and dicontinue Paxil with very ill effects! i am going to have to live with this drug for the rest of my life!! I can not even sleep with anyone because of my frequent leg spams at night caused by Paxil. - Burke

Amy R. Steppe - I am in HELL from PAXIL withdrawal -- Has Ruined my Life and Relationships - HELP - USA


Beth Cavalieri - This is FAR more difficult that quitting smoking was! - USA

Troy Porter - Definite side effects associated with reducing dosage from 20mg to 10mg. Symptoms include: dizziness, disassociative feeling, numbness in lips. - USA

Rodrigo Ribeiro - I have terrible withdrawal - United States

Julia Sharp DANGEROUS WITHDRAWAL! and it was the wrong drug for my problem - USA

Eileen P. Arnold - I will NEVER take Paxil again; it numbed me out psychologically and physically and the side effects during withdrawal ruined a month of my 39 years of precious life. In total, a year of my life was adversely affected by this drug. I will recommend to anyone I know to stop taking it; I have another friend switching drugs who was also "numbed out" and he is now having adverse withdrawal side effects as well. - USA

Cheryl Fortezzo-Miller - It has taken me 8 months to stop, People need to be warned!!!!!!!! - USA

Paul David Brown - I used Paxil (20-30 mg) to control depression and anxiety. Lately, after about a year on the drug, it hasn't helped either. Now, I've quit cold turkey during the Christmas season, which is like climbing Mount Everest in flip-flops: each day is torture. Actually, I'm sort of enjoying the uncontrollable crying, because at least I'm no longer an emotional zombie...I'm actually feeling emotions again (painful ones, for the time being). - USA

Susan - severe adverse affects from discontinuing use - USA

Edward Joseph Kiezik - Have been taking paxil for about two years and slowly finding myself requiring more and more . After a few doctors consultations he just advised me to increase the dosage. When and were will it end ......good question! In conjunction he has put me on TRAZODONE at night because at the end of the day I'll need another "HIT" of PAXIL.. Thank you very much SmithKline Beecham for allowing the doctors to market your product without their full knowledge of its effect ! - Canada

Sandra Bambini - I'm smack in the middle of paxil withdrawl right now. I just found the lawsuit site and am very angry. I have tried and failed to "kick" paxil before never understanding why I felt so horrible. And now I'm afraid of how long it will take for these debilitating symptons to leave me. SmithKLine Beecham you have commited a grave immorality. SHAME. - Canada

Doug Bounds - I and my doctor, in good faith, thought we were embarking on a safe and effective therapy. Now we both know we were mislead. - Baldwin

Michelle - really bad withdrawl symptoms. - Canada

Kathy Blanchette - I've been trying to get off Paxil for years, but felt the symptons of my original problems were returning so went back on. I've now been off 2 months and feel better each day but it took a long time. I'm still having trouble sleeping. - United States

Wendy R. Leax - paxil withdrawl makes me want to kill myself - United States

Christine Radcliff - I started taking Paxil because two members of my family were terminally ill. Now I am trying to get off of it, and the withdrawal is hell. - Ventura

Melissa Hooks - Im currently having problems stopping my paxil.The withdrawls are nothing I expected. - USA

Laura Wicks - I hope to save others from the hell I went through when "discontinuing" Paxil. - USA

Anthony Cook - help - USA

Robert Depew - I, too, have had adverse effects - Dallas

Kelly L. Pavlik - What SKB has done is wrong. I would not have taken this drug had a known of the withdrawl. I'm losing time in my life suffering these withdrawl symptoms. I feel betrayed. - USA

Sandra Barber - I feel trapped and controlled by Paxil. When I tapered it off over a period of 3 months I became a trembling, sweating, panic-ridden total insomniac agoraphobic and I am now too scared to stop taking it. It has made me fat too, despite a healthy diet and 4-5 sessions per week at the gym. I am not and have never been a drug user/abuser, and I feel that Smithkline Beecham tell positive lies on their literature when they say that it is not addictive and that withdrawal symptoms are very rare. I do not know what to do. - England
Patrick Bonneville - One of man's greatest crimes is oppression in all of it's many forms. Paxil's side effects are criminal in the manner the drug is advertised. I would not have taken it had I known how it would oppress me and my lifestyle. - United States of America
Michael Norkus - Major, major withdrawal problems are far more common than you are admitting. Please stop false advertising claims and properly inform doctors and patients. - US

Allen Saenz - From physically harming people to puking each morning. - USA

Rhonda Padgett - Its awful that i wanted help and in return I feel worse than i did before - USA

Betty Erb (deceased) - We worked very hard to detox my mother from Paxil. I was a horrible process. - USA

Richard K - Nasty, nasty thing to try to quit, have tried several times and it's so hard. Didn't sign up for this! - USA

Diane Staeheli - I can't stand this, why was I not told? - U.S.A

Clifford Davis - I have a real good friend on paxil and she is screwed up and gained 40lbs while on it and she has stopped taking it but now she twitches and all kinds of bad stuff. But she has lost 5 pounds since she stopped taking it. - United States of America

Natasha - Paxil did not help my depression. It caused sleeping problems, extreme constipation, loss of libido and weight gain. Stopped "cold turkey" not being told to do it gradually. For many weeks experienced extreme irritability, head aches. I feel lucky to be off of it!! It was awful!! - USA

Shirley - I used Paxil (started on 10 mg, but got very sick with 20 mg) to control depression and anxiety. I gained weight, and felt more depressed on Paxil, so I weaned myself from it and after three months I still feel the affects of the drug. I still have the shakes and trouble sleeping and a number of other problems. - CANADA

Tricia Speakman - This stuff is a poison that locks its victims into a personal hell. I have tried repeatedly to wean off of Paxil but the symptoms (nausea, dizziness, unfocused eyes, headaches, sleep problems, etc...) are completely intolerable. I've gained 25 pounds during the 2 1/2 years that I've been on this stuff. NEVER was I warned about these horrible side effects - I would've never started it. The side effects are far worse than any supposed help it has given me. - USA

Linda Valentine (RAPS-SCI) - My sister tried to kill herself twice on Paxil! - U.S.A.

Randolph Lee Hart - This drug has destroyed my life. - United States

Andrea - 30lb wt gain in 12 mo, terrible withdrawl symptoms - Canada

KIMBERLY TRIANI - I have been unsuccessfully trying to discontinue the use of paxil and can not due to severe side effects - USA

Crystal - I have never experienced anything like this. I have been very ill to the point where I cannot function. - USA

Rob - I've been on 20mg of paxil for over a year now, and find that it has reached its maximum effect as far as relieving depressive symptoms. I find myself just as depressed now as I did when I first started taking the drug and recently decided to try to wein myself off, under the O.K. of my doctor, only to experience severe withdrawal affects described by other sufferers of the drug. I thought I was the only one that was experiencing these feelings "zaps" and didn't know what was happening until I went to the emergency room at the hospital, and was told to go back on the paxil. I don't know what other recourse I have but to continue the use of the drug, and see my doctor on a regular basis for therapy. There has been no progress to date, and initially, I was told and given a prescription for diazipam, 5mg three times a day to help with my anxiety. I was told that this works well with Paxil and will help my situation. Now I find myself addicted to them as well, and taking more and more as time goes on to relieve the same symptoms I have experienced in the past. I'm glad I found this site, because I thought I was the onl;y one that was going through this ordeal, and when I see my doctor real soon, I'll be talking to him about it. I would love to hear from anyone out there that is going through the same hell I'm going through. God Bless all of you ! - Canada
Sharon Keigley - Please help us. I have taken Paxil and been off of it for about 2 months now. I still can hardly walk, I am so dizzy. I cannot work, my husband is retired and not well so we are getting into financial problems when we should be able to enjoy life - and it is all because of this horrible drug and the withdrawal symptoms I have had to deal with. And my doctor said it wasn't habit forming!! - United States

ZEKE - This drug has ruined my life. I can't get off of it. it is complete HELL - US

Patrick - continued use of Paxil, because withdrawal is severe. - USA

Sherrie Hope Childers - I have suffered, suffered uneccessarily - U.S.

Jessica Gonzales - I have been taking Paxil for over two years and have been experiencing withdrawal syptoms without even lessening my dosage. This is a horrible drug that will you give you more problems than the ones these drug companies are claiming to cure. - U.S.A

Amanda Diston - I can not stop taking paxil without sevier withdrawl symptoms - United states of america

Robin Carter - I started taking paxil 4 yrs 40 mg...This is my second attempt to get off of it. - UNITED STATES

A. Becker - To sum up in one "word" what my wife has gone through: PaxHell! - USA

Beth Williams - This drug was not studied enough for it's release, it took me three months to withdrawl from it. - USA

Christine Sturby-Thibeault - I can't believe this drug is legal! What a horrible experience. - Bahamas

Charlotte Desorgher - Withdrawing from paxil is the hardest thing I have ever done - much worse than from cigarettes - UK

Willeke Barens-Kerr - Paxil is poison for me, getting off is hell - Republic of Ireland

Indira Srikant - Suffering from withdrawl symptome - depersonalization. Am at 10mg/day - USA

Letitia Kostik - After stopping I experienced suicidial thoughts very close to doing it if it wasn't for family and friends concerns. - United States

Candace Robinson - I regret ever taking paxil, it has ruined my life. - USA


Paula Stewart - I've been taking Paxil for 8 months. Due to the slight weight gain my doctor told me to stop taking it cold turkey. I was out of work for a week because of nausea and weakness. My relationship has suffered a great deal from the side effects I experience while taking the Paxil. I am currently taking 10mg every evening because I could not handle the withdrawal symptoms. I have become numb to everything and have no emotions. I will attempt to wean myself off again and hopefully for good this time. - USA

Melissa Boutilier - I suffer terrible Vertigo and the inability to think and concertrate. I start to suffer from sever headaches. I become severly upset and depressed. I am afraid to discontinue the use of my Paxil, because I cannot function. I am greatful that this drug has changed my life for the better, but I was told it was non habit forming and there was no withdrawl. I have been on this medication for 3 years. Please at least inform people that it may cause negative side effect with discontinuation. Thank you - Canada

Laura Last - Witnessed the terible side effects on my boyfriend and pray everyday for his better well-being. - USA

Kimberly Devereaux - I went off Paxil in Dec. '99 but couldn't function due to the severe headaches and nausea. I feel 'trapped' on this drug. - VA, USA

Lori MacLaughlan - withdrawal is HELL - USA

Christopher Milosavljevic - I've been on Paxil since August 2000 for panic and mild depression. I will say although this drug has worked, I am now having a tough time getting off of it. Constant vertigo, lightheadedness, dizzy, insomnia, and zaps, which the only way it can be described is, electical jolts going through your head. If I was made aware of this side effect, or for that matter, my physician was properly warned rather than being bribed by the kick backs that SKB offer, I would have sought an alternative. Once I found the paxil database and learned I'm not the only one suffering these symptoms, I became angry at both SKB and the FDA for allowing such a drug on the market. I hope anyone reading this will think twice before taking this drug. - Alberta, Canada

Renee J. Juillard - After spending 1-1/2 years on Zoloft to help with depression related to chronic illness, my doctor suggested switching to a low dose of Paxil, instead of increasing the Zoloft past the 150 mg/day that I was taking. I thought I had heard something about addiction problems with Paxil, but my doctor assured me that I would be kept at a low enough dose that there would be no chance of problems. I have been on Paxil (20 mg.) for only 3 months, but experienced problems that included dizziness, weight gain, lethargy, apathy, and hearing noises (doorbells, voices, music, electrical humming) that weren't real. After 6 days off (cold turkey), I realize that other problems that I had been experiencing may be related, including earaches, TMJ pain, headaches, and sore throats, since they were going away during my few days off. My doctor agreed that Paxil wasn't working well for me, and said to stop it with no need to wean off it. What a huge mistake! The dizziness rapidly increased, as did the chills and need for ever more sleep. In addition, I started getting "jolts to the brain" accompanied by nausea, not to mention the first panic attacks I have ever had in my 43 years of life! Due to my severe confusion, I do not recall what else was happening to me. Luckily, I have a wonderful, supportive, and caring husband who left work several times on moment's notice to come hold me and take care of me during the worst episodes. I was convinced that I had a brain tumor, or some other serious problem, when we decided to check the Internet for Paxil Withdrawal. After reading the message boards full of withdrawal symptoms exactly like mine, we decided I should get back on Paxil at 10 mgs. so I could have some semblance of life, then try to slowly wean off. Within a few hours, the worst stuff had receded, and now I am somewhere in between all the side effects and withdrawal effects. I hope to get off the Paxil, and try to find some other way to deal with depression, as I don't know that I will ever be able to consider antidepressant medications as safe options... By the way, I have NEVER been a drug addict before, but I feel like one now! This truely is hell. - USA

Shawn Michalski - This drug should not be on the market and almost ruined my life! - Canada

Alyse Cutler - I had really bad withdrawal symptoms - US

Linda Jones - While being on Paxil helped my anxiety the side effects of Paxil are now outweighting the benefits. I tried weening off of Paxil but started to experience bad withdrawal symptoms. I am trapped. - USA

Tanja LeBlanc - If I would have been warned about the "withdrawal" symptoms, even when tapering off of Paxil, I would have thought twice about ever putting Paxil into my body to begin with. - USA

Jennifer S. Carter - Paxil was wonderful when I was depressed but weaning off paxil is near to impossible. As an RN-BSN I would never reccomend this medication. The severe withdrawal effects I have experienced three time from paxil are more debilitating than the depression itself. I would much rather be depressed than nauseated,diaphoretic, and sicker than I have ever felt - USA

Jacqueline - i feel like i'm dying. I'm scared. I only took 20mg for three months and i quit cold-turkey. I am newly engaged and i am ashamed of how i'm treating my fiance right now. He loves me and i know he won't leave me but i really don't like myself. I am positively spinning as i am writing this. It is 2:30 in the morning and i feel frantic. I haven't slept in two days. I am buzzed, nauseous, sweating like crazy and feel like i'm going to faint. Never again will i take any antidepressant. I'd rather be sad and be myself. I have has awful, vivid nightmares. I feel like i'm going to die. . . . - Winnipeg, CANADA

Kathy P. - I feel like PAXIL has ruined my life. I hope it's not too late for others. This medication should be removed from the market or something should be done to restrict it's use more than is already. I am STILL experiencing withdrawals from this after 2-3 months of not taking any (I took this for over two years). I feel like I have the worst case of the flu and a number of different doctors have diagnosed me with several other diseases, based on my symptoms. None of the symptoms can be backed up by any lab reports....but these fine specialists see severe and debilitating symptoms which are indicative of disease regardless. I hope this petition helps someone who is yet unsuspecting. I DIDN'T KNOW, and I discussed it's use with my physicians in detail prior to beginning it's use. I also thoroughly read the insert, and was completely confident that there would be no problems, which are much more frequent than is suggested. I also thought that stopping its' use would be do-able, NOT DISABLING. - USA

Lisa Mitchell - My doctor kept me on this drug forever. Told me to take 3 day vacations and never explained the withdrawl symptoms. I kept being treated for ear infection and the flu ( The dizziness, loss of balance sick stomache etc...). i am now being slowley weaned off of Paxil and feel like i am going stark raving nuts with t he Paxil flu. Thanks for the warning SKB) my Dr. Didn't even know until recently... - USA

Yvonne Goguen - My niece has tried 3 times to get off paxil with no result, but she is giving it another try , she is sick like if she has a flu. - Canada

Barbara Lubbers - Problems while on it/ horrible time getting off it - Arapahoe

Jonna Nielsen - I am currently suffering, I have been unable to get off of it without severe symptoms and I am currently taking another SSRI and doing so worries me. I worry I'll not be able to get off of the Paxil at all. I have taken it before and the symptoms were not explained to me I thought I was having some strange illness that none of my doctors could figure out. Now as I attempt to taper off I remember these feelings only this time they are 100 times worse. I can't even take it an hour later than usual with out bursting into tears and feeling like I am deathly ill. I hate it. I use to recommend Paxil to people with depression because it had worked so well for me the first time, that is why I chose to take it again. Had I known it was addictive, which I asked my Doctor if it was and was told no, I would not have taken it. - USA

Renee Willour - I have been on Paxil for about 5 years and cannot get off of it. I am extremely disappointed in the withdrawl effect this drug has on me. I feel like you should help me and make it better. - USA

Laurie Hubble - My sister is being destroyed by your "wonder" pill. She was given a prescription for Paxil for mild depression and now, months later I feel like I don't even know her. She's become terribly hyper and has been having vivid and frightening dreams. When I try to talk to her about weaning herself off Paxil she thinks I'm the one who "doesn't understand". She doesn't even see what she's become even though it's more than apparent to her family. You've created a catch 22 for me. She's messed up taking your medication and now I'm finding out that the withdrawal symptoms are just as hideous. Thanks! - Canada
Suzanne Teichreb - Paxil has caused me much more anxiety while trying to withdraw than I have ever experienced with my actual anxiety problems! - Canada

Judith Roush - I have decreased my paxil from 20 mg. to 10 mg. per day. However whenever trying to go to 5 mg. per day, I suffer bouts of "motion like" symptoms so I have to go back to 10mg. per day. How can I get off it? - USA

Amy Crosslin - I am currently suffering from withdrawl symptoms from discontinuing Paxil at a slow rate. I have extreme dizziness, nausea, motionsickness and headaches. I can live with all of them, but the diziness is the worst. - United States

Sharon Kennedy - It has taken me 8 months to come off Seroxat after taking it for only 7 months. I am currently suffering horrible side effects which are worse than my original symptoms. SKB should be ashamed. - United Kingdom

Michael Wood - Suffering from withdrawal! - Canada

Clarissa Cosgrove - This is like five times the morning sickness with the flu on some hallucinating continous trip. I was tapering from 40mg to 10mg to nothing from being on the drug for about six years. The way I am feeling and functioning may cost me several classes at the university. I do not feel competent enough to do any critical writings or essays. I would bet these effects are very similar to illicit drug withdrawl symptoms. I will not take Paxil again. This cannot of gone undetected during trials, or maybe the morality behind the Paxil in the marketplace is like having your customers addicted to nicotine. The masses will keep consuming the stuff because they can't give it up. There is something ethically and morally wrong to having this kind of drug on the market without definately stating the withdrawl effects of it. Do people addicted to morphene have this level of withdrawls? I do believe Paxil ranks up there if not more in withdrawl effects. Thanks A Lot, SmithKline Beecham, for making this a worst Hell than just living with depression. You may owe me a semester of tuition whether you guys agree or not. Eat your own pills for a while and try to kick the habit! I may have a couple a buckets left around for you guys to puke in. Better yet, try holding in your own puke after a while. Sounds like real Paxil rollercoaster fun, doesn't it? - USA

Simon Finney - this drug put my girlfriend through HELL - United Kingdom

Jennifer Dumas - I have been addicted to paxil for approximately 4-5 years. I could go on and on. When further info is needed let me know. - United States

Linda Casey - This withdrawal has stopped my everyday life. I cannot even work until the symptoms subside. SKB should acknowledge their responsibility in all this and try to make reparations. You are playing with people's lives. - USA

Liz Bloking - Tried several times to stop taking paxil. One time under the direction of my doctor, I stopped "cold turkey", it landed me in the emergency room. Even now, if I happen to skip a day, I experience the horrible withdrawal effects. - USA

Laura Snyder - My withdrawl experience from Paxil was horrible. I have never been addicted to anything in my life. I sure wish the withdrawl syndrome would have been disclosed to me before I started taking it. It took me three months to get off of Paxil. - USA

Julia Knight - Had I known about the withdrawls I'd have never taken the drug. The doctor nor the pharmacist said nothing, - Canada

Susannah Curry - This drug ruined my life for two years - Canada

Debbie Mauldin - I work in the medical field and understand what withdrawal is. However, I never thought that in my life time I would be going through an experience such as this. I am very angry at SmithKline Beecham for what they have put me through. I am currently on medical leave from my job while I try to get the drug out of my system and and waiting with great hope that the withdrawal systems will cease in a relativity shortly peroid. I never thought that something like this would happen to me. If SKB would have been more responsible (and less gready to make money) and encluding information about withdrawal on the packge insert that comes with the drug (and in the Physicians Desk Referance) my doctor and myself would have been well informed about Paxil I would not be going through drug sideeffects and withdrawl symptoms at this time as I would never have allowed myself to be put on paxil. I would have been more informed and I would have the right to refuse the drug. SKB however, took that right from me and I am furious. Sorry I am babbleing but this subject stirs up emotion in me and I will always stand on that "soapbox". I am thinking about legal action as I feel that SKB took away the right I have to be healthy and to make an informed decision in making choices that envolve my body. - Houston, Tx

L. Lacey - I was on Paxil for 6 months @ 30 mgs, I stopped cold turkey. It took 4 1/2 weeks for all of the major withdrawal symptoms to diminish. I still get headaches and dizziness. I used to race cars professionally, that all stopped because of Paxil. Paxil should be banned! - L.A. Ca. USA

Sarah Craig - In trying to withdraw from paxil, I reduced my intake to 15 mg a day for one week, and now 10 mg. I have the worst vertigo and headaches! My doctor wanted me to go from 20 to 10 mg for 1 week, then 10 mg every other day for 1 week, then stop. I think this would have killed me! Still having a hard time. Don't know if I can make it or not through withdrawals. - USA

Steven Krason - I'm going through withdrawal as I'm typing this. It feels like I'm going insane. I feel worse than I was BEFORE I started taking this drug. I've been tapering my dosage gradually over the last 2 months, and STILL I can barely walk straight from the dizziness. My doctor put me on Ativan as well, to combat the withdrawal effects, but now I'll go through a withdrawal from that as well. Hopelessness is an emotion that can kill the clinically depressed. The makers of Paxil need to realize the damage they are causing. - USA

M. Jackson - I did it "right". I tapered off slowly as told by my Dr. I STILL am going through the most horrible and terrifying time of my life. I hope something can become of this petition. I wouldn't wish this feeling on my worst enemy. - USA

J. L. Jones - The symptoms of whithdrawal from this drug are far worse than the mild anxiety for which it was prescribed. - USA

Kimberly Fiester - Going through horrible withdrawls - USA

Pamela Carlock - still have numbness in my hands, decreased vision and tingling up my spine 20 days after taking Paxil on 1/31/2001 one 20MG dose and 1/2 that dose for four more days. i am not even on it now. when will my hands get better ?, what has just this small dose done to my brain ? - S.C.Valery

C. Vallarta Serrano - Every person takeing any kind of medicine is entitled to know all the posible effects ot taking and withrawing it. This information should always be provided both bya laboratories and doctors. The effects of paxil witrawal are devastating for some of us. In Mexico, my country Paxil is sold without the need of a prescription!!! In this case I would not know who to blame first: SMK, my doctor or my government. But it is the manufacturer the one who certainly knows best abou the pros, the cons and the consequences of their own products. They have the number one responability. This medicine should not be available to anyone (including doctors and goverments) who does nbot full understant its effects and who knows to tell the thruth to people whose hopes of a better life are set on a pill. - Mexico
Connie Campbell - I was placed on Paxil when my husband was diagnosed with cancer August 1998 and now I cannot Get off of this stuff! - USA

Roberta Gttschalk-Wilson - Horrible withdrawal - United States

Darrin Gallant - It took approximately six months of "weening" to get off Paxil, which I had only taken for about a year before that. Quick on, slow off, horrible withdrawal. I am more angry and short-tempered now than I have ever been. - Canada

Paul Gadoury getting off paxil is a nightmare - United States

Dawn Ingersoll - I have been taking this drug for over 2 years, and after repeated attempts to wean myself off of it Ihave failed due to severe symptoms of withdraw. I feel, along with countless others, that this drug should be banned IMMEDIATELY! - USA

Sandra Mobley - I've been addicted to Paxil for 7 years. I've tried coming off several times but the withdrawals were so bad I was unsucessful. I once tried to quit "cold turkey" and ended up sick in bed for 3 days. I have now been attempting to slowly wean myself over several months but the dizziness, lightheadedness and dissasocativeness are unreal. This is NOT a good drug, and I would warn anyone against taking it. - USA

Jerry Kinney - I was given Paxil by a physician's assistant at our local HMO. My life has been a living hell, ever since I took that first pill. I had horrible side effects from both taking the "medication" and getting off of it. I was not given any advance warning of potential side effects, not the least of which was the inability to have sex. These drugs are passed out like candy, in the hopes of pleasing stockholders. Never again! Never again will I take any of this crap. - USA

Sandra F Clark - Please help, medicine is controlling me. - USA

Lynne - totally inadequate information about seroxat withdrwal in patient information leaflet. SKB completely refuses to discuss withdrawal symptoms over their phone helpline numbers. - UK


Melissa - I have really bad dizzy spells. My prescription has expired, but I refuse to get back on it. Wish me luck...I wish the same for all Paxil sufferers. - USA

Rose Keith - Extremely hard to get off of and major withdrawals at 20mg daily - USA

Dinos M. Metaxas - Your drug has destroyed my family/marriage! My dear wife/daughter are no longer themselves!! Now they are gone!! Only if this tradjety happends to your families/owners then you will understand the distruction that this powerful drug packed with such a demonic force behind it. So many innocent families have paid the price of which you 'S.K.' should be responsible/liable for it!! - USA
Matthew Ferri - This is the worst goddamn drug to get off of! - USA
Jill Bryant - I'm in my second day of withdrawal, and I feel like hell! No one warned me I would feel anything like this, and it should be part of the packaging instructions! - Canada
Wilma Mazingo - After being in a wreck that caused 3 people to be killed I was put on Paxil for Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome and Clinical Depression which seemed to work well after taking then for a few months.I did have several of the side affects but dealt with that.After being on them for a year at 40mg. a day I was now ready to come off them.Isarted to come off by 10mg. at a time as told to me by my doctor.I noticed something wasn't right in the beginning but never thought of it as withdrawls(since I was never told off such a demon as withdrawls).After dropping 10mg. until I was down to my last few days of taking them I finally told my husband I was going to check on the internet and see if there was side affects to Paxil.Boy was I in for a surprise.Everything I had told him I was feeling for over a month was printed by others just as if I had written it myself.I was hurt ,angry,confused and in worse shape that I was before I ever started taking Paxil.I am still angry and I hope something can be done to stop these people from poisioning our minds and body with things they don't know anymore about than we do before taking them.To all who have had withdrawls I only hope for you the strength that I have had to never infect my body with another paxil as long as I live. - USA

Jennifer Howard - Trying to get off of Paxil is by far the hardest and scariest thing I've ever had to do in my life TIMES A HUNDRED!!! I got on this evil pill b/c I went through a spell of mild depression, however the effects of getting off of it are so much more severe than the symptom it tried to correct. It is so terrifying to think you're going completely out of your mind and have absolutely no control over it. You might as well put a sign around my neck that says "OUT OF ORDER" because that's exactly what I am. I also find it a huge coincidence that the past six months I've been trying to get off of it, my menstrual cycle does not seem to want to end when in the past I was always regular. This is serious crap, I reach my lowest of low points when I'm off of this hell raiser from 1-2 weeks, and it gets so bad that at this point I find myself back on it. It's completely sickening and insulting. - US

Linda Pelletier - I was told it was no big deal getting off Paxil. This is a horrible nightmare! Headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue. I am going off very very slowly and am petrified I will be like this forever. HELP!! - USA

Jackie Nesbitt - I landed in the hospital after very slowly tapering off Paxil. I am disgusted at the drug manufacturers and doctors for not advising patients of these common problems. I am now a Paxil junkie through no fault of my own. I would love to take legal action! - Canada

Karen Dent - If I were given the more informed about how hard it would be to discontinue this medication I NEVER would have started taking it in the first place!! Doctors push it on people like candy and this company is making big bucks on people's pain and discomfort as well as getting innocent people addicted!! I have never been so miserable in my life as I have been since I have tried to get off this crap and I'm still struggling to get off!! Thanks for nothing! - USA

Jason Corson - Near impossible to get off of. I'd give my left arm to know why the FDA approved this trash. - USA

Debbie LeJeune - After 10 years on this medicine and several failed attempts to stop taking Paxil, I'm stilling trying to wean off. I'm miserable!!! I was never told of any side effects or withdrawal symptoms. The only thing I was told was that Paxil is not addictive. LOL It's time for SmithKline Beecham to be held responsible. - USA

Scott E. Wright - I reluctantly went on this drug. I have had two near death experiences in the last two years. Not wanting to seem disagreeable with my physician I agreed to using Paxil. Now I can't get off the drug and I am driving my family and myself crazy. My biggest fear for several years has been becoming addicted to prescription drugs and now I am there. Thanks. Had I know the chances of this happening I would never agreed to using Paxil at all. - USA

Jennifer Nichols - it costs me $50 every two weeks, and when I stop taking it, like right now, I feel like I'm going to die!!!! - United States

Alison R. Oakley - Had I known it would be harder to quit paxil than cigarettes, I never would have accepted it as a cure to my clinical depression - USA

Steven Kadlec - Paxil is the worst med I've ever taken. One 10 mg dose caused a week of severe panic attacks and nightmares like I've never had in my life. - USA

Tracy Billings - It;s time that the makers of Paxil start telling the truth! The withdrawal and side effects are a nightmare! - USA

Mariah - i too am addicted - USA

Linda Pantone - Horrible withdrawal - USA

Valerie Depinto - paxil has turned my life into a nightmare - United States

Emily Van Wert - I have been taking Paxil for 2 years. It has caused major tremors an I am unable to come off of the drug - USA

Linda Brosseau Paxil withdrawl is the worst hell I've known... - USA

Troy - Would like to know if there is any way to get off Paxil. Been on it for aabout 6 years. Each time I have tried, I feel like my depression symptoms are coming back. It is depression, or the Paxil? - USA

Sharon DeVault - I started out on 40 mgs./night. My doctor suggested that I take my meds before bedtime. I have had terrific headaches on Paxil; I weened myself down to 10 mgs by cutting down gradually. I have had terrible dizzy spells and have had a lot of problems controlling my weight. I would like to go completely off of Paxil and see if I would feel better. I actually feel worse than I did when this drug was originally prescribed to me. - US

Nicole Dionne - Terrible, terrible side effects/withdrawals - you don't know what you're getting into - CanadaNicole Elbert - can't quit due to severe withdrawls - USA

Gabriela Medici - you have destroyed my life - USA

Bob Wallace - More serious side effects that I have been warned about by Smithkline. This is far from a miracle drug, there is a price to pay. WARN US. - USA

Michelle Pamir - I have never had a worse experience in my life - USA

Helen E. Roth - Tapering off Paxil was one of the worst experiences of my life . A person should at least be warned that this might occur, so they could make an intelligent decision as to whether of not they want to risk the possibility of experiencing this HELL - USA

Marta Knickrehm - Paxil withdrawl was AWFUL! I had to go back on. Don't know what I'm going to do now! Side effects bother me way too much! - USA

Esther Rogers - being on paxil was like a one-way ticket 2 hell!!!!! - Midlothian, Va.

Valerie Whitcomb - Would like you to know that I didn't seek out informaiton about withdrawal until I was having the very distrubing symptoms. Withdrawal from paxil is not fun. Even with my sense of humor, I couldn't enjoy the feeling of falling over; the sleepless, sweaty nights; or the zaps. The zaps are the scariest. If those didn't happen, you would have assumed I was dehydrated. But the zaps made me think I was ready to have a stroke or anerism. Please takes some responsibility for the realities of your product. I would reccommend it and use it again because the benefits are good; but experiencing the drawbacks so unexepectedly greatly reduces your credibililty and puts your integrity in question. A good name is better than sweet perfume. - USA

Roy Costigan - I've been trying to get off seroxat for 2 years - United Kingdom

Christina Bartley - I never would have started it if I'd known what I would be going through when I quit. - USA

Kelly R Garrell - side effects are absolutely hell on earth! - USA

Christina Barber - There needs to be more information made available to patients being subscribed Paxil BEFORE they agree to begin treatment. Also, doctors need to be informed and educated as to the withdrawal symptoms and how to properly wean someone off Paxil. It's the responsible thing to do. I suffered needlessly while being "treated" and taken off paxil. It even lead to a needless MRI to determine the "cause" of my symptoms, which turned out to be withdrawal from Paxil. Very irresponsible medicine. - United States

Nathan Allen - It put me in the hospital because I was dizzy and had a lack of balance. Also, I was never warned of the withdrawl stage. - Alachua

Kathy Cooke - I have been on Paxil for 4 years and trying to get off for 1 year. I have FINALLY succeeded in getting off my dependency from Paxil, but my battle has just begun. I feel I will never be free of the withdrawal HELL. There should be FULL DISCLOSURE NOW from SKB. Had I known getting off this drug would ruin my life I would never have gone on it to begin with. SKB has done a great job of hiding Paxils addictive nature from the public at large. - USA

Terry J. LOWE - I have been taking paxil for 6 years, want to get off, but i can't ! - Cheatham
Jesse G. Baehler - I'm suffering paxil withdrawl now, as i sign this! - United States of America
Shannon Miller - Patients should be informed by the physician of the possible withdrawl effects associated with this medication. I was told by my physician that there were NO symptoms or withdrawls. Until today, the fourth day off of Paxil (10mg), I had no reason to believe I would experience any type of withdrawl. I have experienced severe dizziness and the so called "brain zaps" almost continuously since the last 1/2 mg I took. I plan to deal with the symptoms as they occur. I will not return to Paxil as the symptoms which led my doctor to prescribe it have now ceased. I believe it is necessary for individuals to understand fully that while Paxil will help anxiety and depression, it may also cause severe withdrawls. I think I would have dealt with the onset of the withdrawl more successfully had my doctor taken the time to explain some of the reported symptoms associated with withdrawl. - USA

John Sack - I've been on paxil for 3 yrs. when I tried to ween of I caused physical harm to my wife and am now charged and plead guilty to felonious assult and domestic violence and I am facing prison time and loss of my business ... - USA

Sheri L. Wipfli - Paxil withdrawal is VERY real! I have always been an educated consumer, but when desperate times call for desperate measures, we expect to be able to trust our doctors and pharmaceutical companies to provide us with SAFE medications. I have been violated in the strongest sense of the word. USA

Dianne Hill - I am a RN, and began taking Paxil on the advice of my physician to help relieve the sleep problems associated with Fibromyalgia. I am now trying to wean off, and am suffering extreme withdrawal symptoms. I wouldn't wish this "hell" on anyone. Paxil is legal poison... - USA

Charlain V. Andres - If I survive the withdrawal - & right now I'm not sure I will - it will be interesting to observe the person I will have become: I'll either be incrediably strong or completely destroyed - USA

Kelly Fiedler - Let me give you the "zaps" for a day and then tell me there aren't any side effects!!! - USA

Caroline Gillis - This med. has been nothing but trouble for me. - USA

Diane P. Carlson - Paxil has destroyed my sister. She is not the same person she was. - United States

Sheila Macaulay - Paxil worked great for me until I had to stop using it. It has been a difficult road weaning off of this drug. I don't see how the medical industry can say that Paxil doesn't have adverse effects when quitting it. - Canada

Dawn Eilers - I have been on many medications for my panic disorder and I have never felt worse than I do now trying to get off of the Paxil. We really need to know all of the information of a medication before we start taking it. - United States

Elizabeth - My mother was prescribed Paxil after she finished chemotherapy for breast cancer. While she was on the drug she was an emotionless zombie and didn't care about anything. She was not happy or sad, just numb. She also could not sleep and said her mind would race every night she laid in bed and tried to go to sleep. Eventually she was reduced to 5 mg every other day. She cannot get off even that little dose b/c the symptoms she suffers are too much for her to tolerate. So... basically a woman who has breast cancer and residual depression as a result now has another burden due to this "wonderful" drug called Paxil. What a JOKE! I am sooo angry with SKB and cannot wait to see you pay for what you have done to soooo many people, how can you sleep at night???? - USA

Heidi - I was only taking Paxil for two months and decided to stop taking the medication due to unreasonable, rapid weight gain, disgusting night sweats, total lethargy (I had to leave work early to go home and take a nap!) and a zombie like state. I was so spaced out on Paxil that couldn't drive safely. Since discontinuing the drug I feel like I have the flu, I have constant hot flashes and I basically just feel like crap! I am amazed that so many people have suffered from this drug and I am very thankful that some action is being taken! All of the sufferers need to be validated! - USAPaula Christman - Going off Paxil is HELL - USA

Shay - I have just stopped taking Paxil and have never felt worse in my life. I am so dizzy and nauseaous and bewildered by my inability to concentrate.These horrendous electrical pulses in my brain are pure torture. I was never warned this could happen. In fact, my doctors seem completely in the dark about these withdrawal symptoms I am experiencing! This should never be allowed to happen to anyone again. Shame on you! - USA

Myra Brooks - The worst decision I ever made was to begin taking paxil and believing the doctor when he said it wasn't addictive! - USA

Amanda Challstrom - Paxil has horrible withdrawal symptoms - United States

Heidi Baldwin - SmithKline Beecham has completely lost any respect I ever had for your company. How can you continue to let people suffer like this? This medication is a complete nightmare! I tried going off once but my doctor put me back on because he thought I must have a chemical imbalance - he didn't know the withdrawal symptoms existed! There is no reason for a doctor to be so uninformed by a pharmecutical company! I went through 2 months of hell after completely stopping - I had seizure like episodes repeatedly unti l my doctor put me back on the drug. PLEASE DO SOMETHING NOW - WE ARE ALL SUFFERING!!! - USA

Charlotte Beverly Furber - this drug is addictive, there are major withdraw symptoms. it is not fair to us as humanbeings to allow people to trustingly take your drug, we took this drug to help us with problems we have or had and now you have added more problems than we started with. addicition and withdraw sucks- do you even know what it is like to have to watch someone you love go through this pain, even worse do you have any idea what it is like to be that person?? this drug should come with a warning given to every potential paitient to whom it is prescribed or at best it should be taken completely off the market. - USA

Kimberly B. Maez - started 20mg paxil 10/00, tried to quit twice, unsuccessfull. - USA

Troy Bailey - It was a nightmare trying to get off Paxil. I ended up back in therapy and unable to work. - USA

Sheryl Kinsler - The withdrawl out weighs the effects 10 to 1. Please be more responsible to those that need this type of medication! - United States

Emily - You can be addicted to Paxil. The withdraw symptoms are hellish. - USA


Tammy - I was forced on paxil when I was 11 years old, without any psychiatric evaluation at all. Not only did I have a bad withdrawl from paxil, but paxil had serious adverse effects on me such as anger, irritability, violence, depression, which all seemed to dissappear when I got off of it 2 years ago. Paxil is not only physically addictive, but also emotionally destructive. - USA

Sue Worstell - I am suffering intense withdraw symptoms, after using 10mg of Paxil daily for 4 years. So tell the truth about the withdraw! - USA

Paul - I am 16 years old and I can't get off paxil because of these bursts of disiness and this pain, like pins and needles, shooting through one side of my body. 16 years old...thanks! Make it a controled substance! - United States

Adam J Fortis - Withdrawl from Seroxat seems worse than any depressive episode I have ever had - United Kingdom

Heather Buggy - First and only hospitalization while on Paxil. - USA

Ingelora P. Terpning - My husband has been trying to get off Paxil for 5 years. He is a changed person. So sick all the time. His life is all but ruined. Our children suffer. Our marriage is all but ruined. This has been MUCH WORSE than any of the problems he took Paxil for originally. - USA

Darla Wilder Sergeant - I am having withdrawl symptoms from Paxil - USA

Sr. Dawn Marie, ODC - Side effects and withdrawal have ruined my life. - United States.
Amanda Sayward - I am crying reading all these comments - grateful that I have at last found out why I feel so ill. Discovering that the drug I have been taking is so serious frightens me. I feel so ill, I've been off the tablets completely now for 5 days, having taken them for 3 years. I have weaned myself off slowly, having tried once before unsuccessfully. The dizziness is the worst, the 'shock' like feelings in my hands and head are frightening and the diarrhoea is continuous. How long will this last? You people seem to know far more than teh doctors do. I am hopeless. Contact me to share, please... - UK

J Sides - The after effects of Paxil have cost much more than the initial problems. - US

Sharon Vaclavik - I am having bad side effects from getting of paxil. My doctor told me that it was not an addicting drug. I have never experience anything like it. He prescribed Klonopin to help with the problems. - USA

Jeff - Im trying to get off Paxil. I feel half drunk all the time. I cant sleep, I have tingling in my limbs and lips and my mood swings are more than average. - USA

Lillian C. Kingsford - Have unsuccessfully tried to discontinue 3 times. Each time experiencing dizzyness, problems with coordination and aggression. - USA

Sue Matson - Side effects are bad but trying withdrawal is much worse. Now, they tell me I may have to take it the rest of my life! I hate it. - Sutter

Mike Venneri - the side effects of paxil are far worse than the mild anxiety i was given it for - USA

Janet Suarez - On paxil for 4 years, tried to get off it twice, but unsuccessful. I want to try one more time when i am ready because the side effects feel like if i was a drug addict. - U.S.

Denise Mulkey - I have been trying to stop for 2 months and find myself dizzy and nausous. It is very discouraging. I've been on other antidepress. and have never had trouble feeling sick after stopping them. - USA

Charlotte Weiland - Took Paxil, almost died, suffered wiithdrawal symtoms - USA

Rosemary Linder - Paxil, for one year, has played havoc with my life. When taking the maximum dose of 40 mg, I am so constipated that I go over a week without a bowel movement. When I tried to reduce my dosage, under my internist's direction, I almost had to go to the hospital. I am now down to 15 mg, but it has taken 6 months to do so. And to top it all off, at 49 and never been overweight, I now weigh more that I did when I had my only child 27 years ago. I tell everyone I meet to run like hell away from Paxil. Something need to be done. - USA

Karla Rosario - I have major withdrawal when I try to go off Paxil and would really like to go off but I feel I am stuck on it! - United States

Pam Cook - I am suffering withdrawels because I lost my job and could not afford to pay for new rx for Paxil. - USA

Sheila Macaulay - Paxil worked great for me until I had to stop using it. It has been a difficult road weaning off of this drug. I don't see how the medical industry can say that Paxil doesn't have adverse effects when quitting it. - Canada

Gregory Ott - Before this website I thought I was the only one that suffered withdrawal symptoms, the zaps I felt, the dizziness, the nausea, the sweats, I thought it was due to trying to get off Paxil but I wasnt sure...I feel both relieved, and saddened that I am not alone. This is a horrible drug, and I cant believe I'm addicted like this. SKB you should be ashamed. - USA

Tina Trussell - I have never experienced anything so frightening as withdrawals from Paxil. - USA

Ellen Mote - Paxil was a choice of treatment for my depression that, had I been adequately forewarned about the problems involved in going off the drug, I would have opted not to take in the first place. I would have chosen, with the help of my physician, a medication with a longer half-life and less slick advertising. Simply seeking relief from depression, I was woefully unprepared for the possible consequences of my uninformed decision to take this drug. I took Paxil for about six months at dosage levels varying from 10 to 40 mg. daily. During my time on the medication I experienced marginal lessening of my depression accompanied by a signifigant weight gain. In my attempt to go off the drug I have experienced dizziness, nausea, and the perception of "phantom noises" that seem to be emanating from the areas behind my ears. The noises are especiallly noticable when I move my head suddenly or am exposed to environmental sounds of a certain frequency such as those coming from refrigerators or motor vehicles going at certain speeds, or even my computer. I have had trouble concentrating and seem to have hearing black outs when the phantom internal sounds block out the real environmental sounds. These experiences have been extremely disconcerting and at times I have felt that they have compromised my safety and the safety of those around me. I can't even spend much time in the refrigerated areas of grocery stores without feeling like a victim and a prisoner of this drug. I am now at a 5 mg. dosage level and hope to be free of this curse very soon. If a huge pharmaceutical corporation such as SmithKline Beecham and the FDA can push these drugs to market and on the public, they should take more responsibilty for adequately informing the public about the possible complications involved in trying to free oneself of dependency on these drugs. How can we make informed choices about our health if this type of information is not readily available and offered freely?. - USA

Joseph A Lo Guidice - I tapered off from 20 mg under medical supervisionand I am suffering! - United States

Kevin Lynam - Paxil had positive results for me, but I have been unable to quit the medication. The side effects of quitting are horrible and very, very real. - USA

Jennifer Harrel - This drug has made my life hell for the last two years! - USA

Laurie Herr - I initially started taking Paxil for mild anxiety-you know, the kind of stresses that life brings. I wanted to be a better mom and wife and thought that maybe Paxil would help. Since my doctor was totally ignorant of the withdrawal symptoms-and in fact assured me that there were none-I am sad to say that I was a more loving mom and wife before the medicine. I am now trying to get off the drug. I have many of the side effects that are common-the zaps, irritability, trouble concentrating, nausea, physical pain-and these greatly affect how I perform as a mom as I am cranky much of the time. But as bad as these are, the worse one by far is when my son asks, "Mommy, are you mad at me?" - USA

Maureen Beeby - I am 18 years old and have been taking paxil for the past four and a half years, starting at 5mgs and at one point was up to 40 mgs (50 mgs is the maximum dosage allowed). When I began this medication, no one told me of any kind of withdrawl symptoms or dependency problems associated with Paxil, but I know better now. Several times in the past 4 1/2 years I have been without my medication for one reason or another, and it has made me incredibly sick. I was so nauseated, weak, groggy, and depressed that I couldn't drag myself out of bed. These withdrawl symptoms would start the morning after the day I didn't take the pill, and would last until I began to take the medication again. If I had been informed of these debilitating side effects in the beginning, I never would have touched it, and would have been much better off. I'm currently trying to get off paxil by slowly reducing my dose, but I'm still experiencing these withdrawl symptoms. Please, SmithKline Beecham, spare others from what I've been through with Paxil! If you aren't willing to take the product off the market completely, at least warn consumers in all your advertisements and on labels and such of the frequency with which these horrible withdrawl symptoms occur. - USA

Brad Rayburn - I suffered severe withdrawal years ago at a time when nobody knew (or was telling) about the debilitating "Electric Zap" symtom. I suffered tremendous stress and fear at that time. - USA

James Rogers - Im having a very hard time tapering from 30 mg. I get to 15 and can't reduce from there. Frustrated!! - USA

Joseph Hoffman - I am a Ph.D. Candidate in history at a highly respected university. I made the mistake of trusting a doctor at Student Health who prescribed a low dose of Paxil when I sought care for a mild sleep disorder. Feeling burned-out and in a general "funk," the school psychiatrist pushed Paxil combined with Ambien. I wish to God that I had insisted on trying the Ambien alone first. After taking Paxil for nine months, I had gained thirty pounds. (Previously I was an accomplished whitewater kayaker and altitude backpacker). Where I had once been a highly energetic individial and doctoral student, Paxil transformed me into an unfeeling globule of fecal matter. After consulting with a real physician, ie one not employed by student health, I was told that he would NEVER prescribe Paxil because of its withdrawel concerns. Together we decided to abandon the "Paxil therapy." I had prepared by weening myself down to a mere 10mg per day (from a high of 20mg). I experienced what could only be described as cranial electrical shocks and general disorientation. However, after completely dropping Paxil, the true horror began. For nearly a week I felt like I was going to lose my mind and, in fact, encouraged my wife to hide my handgun for fear of what might become of me or what I might be capable of doing. It has been two months now and while my condition has improved considerably, I am still experiencing nausea, disorientation and those persistant electrical shocks. The way I see it, SKB owes me for nine months of my life. I too would like to meet those who took part in the "clinical studies." - USA

LeeAnn W. Elkins - withdrawal symptoms should be discussed openly with patients & doctors- they are real - US

Susan Summers - This is hell!!!! - USA

Gina Godwin - I have never done drugs and yet I feel like I am in detox trying to quit the Paxil! - United States

Lisa Zurita - 3 different doctors told me I couldn't be having withdrawls from paxil. I even ended up at the emergency room due to extreme dizziness! - USA

MaryAnn Evans - The withdrawl is very real, don't let anyone try and tell you different. - USA


Dawn Hammett - Withdrawal is hell - UK

Marie-Pierre Simard - withdrawal is hell! - Canada

Paula Goldstein - I have been on Paxil for several years, and have had good results for the problems that it was prescribed for. My concern is that when I have missed a dose or two, or have tried to stop taking Paxil, I become quite ill. Tell me...Is this NORMAL? How do I stop taking this drug, and NOT become so SICK? - USA

Jay Greenberg - Terrible suffering with withdrawal from Paxil - USA

Susie Hintz - My niece is on paxil and cannot get off or she gets deathly sick. This is not right. - USA

Deidra Lamb - A living hell! - USA

Kimberly A. Kohler - The withdrawl from this medication is absolutely AWFUL!!! Your company should let people know about this before starting this drug. Had I known this in advance I would have NEVER taken this drug!!! I'm appalled!!!! - USA

TyAnne Frields - Have been unsuccessful at withdrawing from Paxil four times due to severe withdrawal symptoms - USA

Van Widener - paxil has changed my life for the worst,while coming off paxil lost my job,and my family - USA

Judy McAuley - I would not have accepted my prescription for Paxil if I had had any idea of its subsequent withdrawal symptons...even with tapering the dosage, withdrawal symptoms have impeded my abilitliy to function normally on a day to day basis - Canada


Stacy L. Singer - This Paxil withdrawl is hell. Had I had been told about the potential withdrawl symptoms - I would have never began taking this medicine. - USA

Norma Harris - I witnessed my sister attempting withdrawal from Paxil and she was violently ill. She had to go back to her normal dosage until her doctor returns from vacation. She doesn't know yet what his plan will be to get her off of this medication. She thought at one point she was having a mental breakdown due to the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. I was very, very worried about her. - USA

Jan - I wish my doctor/pharmacist would have warned me about the bad side effects this drug causes, including the massive weight gain that replaced the anxiety with profound depression. Also, the withdrawal symptoms are a nightmare!! I would advise anyone considering this drug to look at other alternatives first. - USA

Charles A. Deaderick - Withdrawal from Paxil is causing severe emotion and mental trauma...I'm 13 years old!! Help!! - United States

GM Watral - Paxil worked great for my anxiety and depression. I had experienced the "brain shocks" when I missed a dose. Recently, I missed two doses and became very ill. The doctors have to know what to inform their patients when they prescribe this medicine. It worked for me, but I'm afraid to get off. - USA

Arlene Stachura - I have gained 30 pounds on your wonder drug. I have been trying to cut my dosage down, I can't stand the withdrawal, I need help! - USA

Susan Coles - Sleeplessnes due to the "Electric shock-like symptoms" not to mention other withdrawal effects have made my life a "HELL" these past four weeks. SKB-you screwed up!!!! Thank God for the people in CA.!!! - Harris County, Texas

Shirley Lawrence - suffering severe withdrawal symptoms/Paxil - USA

J. A. Peacock - Shame on You skb - WITHDRAWAL IS HELL!!! - USA

Janet Tubergen - Paxil had been a wonder drug for me... but in withdrawl is turning into a nightmare drug. - USA

Gayle Dreelan - I have been on paxil for 5 ,worked great for me.Have tried several times to get off,but the process of weaning myself again but have terrible terrible withdrawal symptoms such as memory loss,cant focus,cant think straight,dizziness,equal librium off,light headed,have night sweats,very irritable,if i turn too fast,i feel like my eyes dont catch up with my brain.i cant retain information/conversations.i feel like my brain cells are slowly disintegrating/early alzheimers.this drug truly has been a nightmare for me.even ended up in the emergency room with flu-like symptoms and headache from hell when trying to quit cold turkey. HOPE WE CAN ALL GET THRU THIS ORDEAL ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - USA RENO NEVADA

AIan Forrester - Never experienced such a hell. I feel like a heroin addict. - CANADA

Theresa Lampman - I am very against this drug!!! it ruined and almost took my life as well as ruined my marriage. I am very angry that my family had to go through the severe suicidal depression that I experienced when coming off this drug to this day my children get fearful that i am going to take my life when i get upset about something despite my constant reasurrance that i wont do that to them. They have lost an innocence and sense of security because of this drug. it should be taken off the market!! it is an extremely dangerous drug If I knew I could sue someone for my pain and suffering I would hire a lawyer immediately. No human being should have to suffer as I did its absolutely sickening that someone with an MD could subject a person to that type of living hell its was torture. - USA

Marie Andre - side effects suck being on it. Can not think straight and have memory loss. I have been on paxil for over a year now. I must of gained about 50lbs. My doctor is going to help me get off of it. So it loks like I'm going to have one hell off a journey..Wish me luck!! - U.S.A

Susan A Shaner - had i known how drastically paxil would ruin my life i would have never taken it. - United States

Paula Sherry - I have take Paxil for 5 years. It probably helped with the original depression, but the 80 lb. weight gain sure hasn't helped! My Dr. assured me that weight gain wasn't a side effect. I don't believe it. Now I have quit taking Paxil "cold-turkey" and the withdrawl is Terrible! I am dizzy, nauseated, tingle all over to the point I can't sleep for more than a few hours a night. It's been 2 week, I sure hope it gets better!!! - USA

Mark Watson worst drug I have ever taken. - UK

Brian Roux - I am going trough witdrawl now, and your company is to blame. Shame on you. - USA

Yvonne Recchia - I am going through withdrawl and it sucks. - USA

Sue Arnold - I have attempted 3 times to get off Paxil and I get so sick. I thought I was bringing this on myself, because my doctor told me that it couldn't be the paxil. I started taking Paxil again because I couldn't take how bad I felt. So now I am at square one again, and I want to get off of this, but I am so afraid to get that sick again. The brain zap thing that everyone on this web site has described is so real. I have never felt anything like it before. I am a Mom and need to be well for my children. I feel somewhat happy that I have found the reason why I was feeling so sick. I new that Paxil was the cause but no one would back me up. I would drive my kids to school and have to pull off the main street to puke out the door. This has happened many times. I am going to try again to get off, but I am scared. told - Ohio- USA

Karen Gouldman - Doctor's should advise patients of withdrawal symptoms prior to prescribing the medicine. When we feel ill, sometimes we are so desperate for help that we fail to ask about side affects or withdrawals. The medicine worked great until I decided to stop due to the advise of my obgyn. - USA


Dylan Monrow - its not a good drug, it messed me up.. - USA

JULIA STROUD - I am currently suffering from horrible withdrawal symptoms from Paxil. I was never told that these symptoms could occur. I missed 2 doses and am off work today to get myself back in "working order" due to these symtoms. I feel like a prisoner in my own body. - USA

Leslie Valente - Worked wonders at first,but try getting off this drug o runing out and not being able to afford to get it refilled. You have nightmares from hell,as if your on some kind of bad LSD trip from the 60's. And the terrible mood swings th drug creates when that was why it was pescribed for in te first place in my case.For PMS. Drug from Hell! - USA

Mechelle Calvert - Paxil has stolen so much time from myself, my husband and my 3 children, we will never get this time back. - USA

Nicole Neal this drug has made my life a living hell. i am currently going through horrible withdrawls and i cannot function. no one deserves to go through this. - USA

Bella Evenhaim - paxil screwed my life - Florida

Julia Morgan - While on Paxil (20mg for 3 years) I experienced practically nonstop menstrual bleeding. I took hormone pills, had D&Cs and was tested for tumors, cancer, etc. I almost had a hysterectomy! The moment I stopped taking this drug, my periods were completely normal! Also, a hideous withdrawal! - USA

Karla Schnettgoecke - PURE HELL - USA

Laurel Ellen Cameron - horrible withdrawal symptoms - USA

Mark Kreuzwieser Been taking Paxil as prescribed since fall 1994; up to 40 megs a day now. Have tried tapering off several times under strict psychiatric supervision and have been unsuccessful. Take for depression. - USA

Jared Heltemes - the withdrwl effects are a horrible nightmare - United States

Amy H. McKinney - I am just now attempting to withdraw from nearly six years on Paxil. I am learning that much of the ailments that I've experienced in these years could be attributed to Paxil usage? I am sad about this information. I believe that Paxil did help me at the beginning... - US

Bruce Sparks - Paxil, "THE WONDER DRUG"; what a crock. My wife was put on Paxil for severe anxiety due to the ill health of her son. From day 1, her life had been hell. Other than the feeling of not knowing anything, total loss of ability to function mentally with any clearity, there was the very large weight gain, which only compounded the depression and insecurity about herself. She would tell me how she felt dizzy, numb, and disoriented all the time. She repeatedly asked her doctor to help her. All he did was increase the Paxil to 20 mg / 3 times a day. Well, do you really want to know what hell is like? She can tell you. Her life was turned upside down and sideways. She did not know it was the Paxil that was doing this to her. Her doctor had reasured her that it was just her depression, not the Paxil. After about 6 months she could not take it any more and threw her bottle of Paxil away. She quit "Cold Turkey". Ok, so we knew what hell was while she was on the Paxil, well there is a place worse than hell and she was there for about 3 months after she quit taking it . Everything imagineable was happening to her, hellucinations, dizziness so bad she would stagger when she walked, I would find her cowering in a corner with her head on her knees, crying. She felt that her world had fallen apart, she could no longer trust herself, me, or the kids. All the world was against her and she wanted to die. Its been over a year and she's managing day to day but is suffering terribly with severe abdominal pain. We have to wonder if their isn't a connection. She is still trying to loose the weight that she had gained , a total of 85 lbs. in all, only 55 lbs. to go. My daughter was taking Paxil for about three weeks. She had missed a dose and started feeling some the same symptoms my wife did, dizziness, hallucinations, weird dreams, you name it. Luckily we managed to get her off of the so called "wonder drug" without to much trouble. How can SmithKline Beecham continue to market a product that is proving repeatedly to be harmful. Why did they not know what was going to happen and how can a drug be approved without releasing the research done on the side effects as well as the withdrawl. In all honesty, I feel that the RCMP should do a thorough investigation into all the suicides recorded since Paxil became available. I have to wonder if they wouldn't find some shocking results. - Alberta, Canada

Whitney Thompson - I feel like I am in hell. I have been trying to taper from 30 mg a day to 15 to nothing over the last 10 days per my doctor's instruction, and I feel like i am going insane. I had to leave work due to the extreme dizziness, zaps and hot flashed that make me feel like i am going to die any moment. Had I known these would be the side effects of withdrawing, I would NEVER had started taking this horrid pill. - US

Jeannine Goguen - freedom to choose is gone forever - Canada

Teresa M. Busha - You're company needs to give help to people ,like myself, who have tried every thing with my doctors help to come off this DRUG . My system will not allow me to come off it. I've tried tapering off ,40mgfor a mth.,30mg a mth.,20mg a mth,and so on. HELPME PLEASE! The drug was given after the devasting premature birth of my fourth child followed by a hysterect. - Anderson
Max Kohn - Missed Paxil 2 days and suffered big time :( - USA

Don Johnson - I have been on 25 mg a day for over a year and decided it was time to get off of this stuff. The ZAPS are real folks, and the headaches are real along with the cloudy head. - USA

Madalena R. Carrera - My sister has been on Paxil for at least 10 yrs and it's been a living hell! Her husband divorced her over a year ago. She was put on a 42 hr observation at a psychiatric hospital and then after she was released days after Thanksgiving she overdosed on her medication, she was then taken back to the hospital put on another 42 hour observation and when they released her she overdosed again and was back in for a longer time and back on Paxil. I'm convinced that she is addicted to Paxil. She's been living with 2 sisters, 1 of them has moved out and the other will move out in this summer. My sister Alicia (the one on paxil) has no where to go, may become homeless. My mother cannot let her stay at her place, she takes care of small children. I cannot let her stay at my place, I have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter and I can't trust her while she's still on Paxil and connected to someone else who will soon be released from the mental hospital. My sister Alicia has exhibited every adverse psychological reaction to Paxil. She can't keep a job., she's very unstable. She was put on Paxil for obsessive compulsive disorder and she was never physically diagnosed by a non-psychiatric doctor for any medical health problem which may have caused the OCD in the first place. Also has depression and was also never given a thorough medical exam. She's been convinced by the mental health field that she needs to stay on medication. The field has not offered any real solutions, just given her a bunch of "talk therapy". My family is in a complete panick. - USA

Amelia Moniz - If I had known about this withdrawal, I would have never taken this product. My depression was due to my husband's terminal illness and going through this withdrawal has been devastating. - San Diego, CA

Tammy Daniel - Paxil IS addictive...and the doctors prescribing it are misinformed to this fact. This is my first experience with an addiction, and I have considered placing myself in a "Drug Rehab Program". Paxil should be an illegal drug! - United States


Sharon H. Wagner - I have tried to get off Paxil twice and the withdrawals are horrible. No one should have to go through this for a drug your doctor prescribed to initially help you. - USA

Jean Mitchell - This drug should be taken off the market. I was given this for treatment of anxiety associated with menopause and after 4 days I was trying to get out of my skin. This will cause people to have suicidal thoughts just to get over the feeling of wanting to get out of their crawling skin. This is a dangerous drug. - USA

David E. Wilkinson - My niece is suffering from Paxil withdrawal even though she has never taken any kind of drugs. - United States

Patricia Tedder - After months of withdrawal and the effects of what took place during the withdrawal I would rather die than go back on this drug. I thought I was at one time. - U.S.A.


Melanie Johnston - Severe withdrawal including: "electric shock impulses," horrific nightmares, shaking, sweating, uncontrolable crying, etc... - USA

Joshua Gordon - I have tried repeatedly to discontinue using paxil. The withdrawal is severe and I can't manage to do it, wether I taper or stop abruptly. - USA

Joyce Maynard - since taking Paxil I feel like a zombie, all I do is sit in a chair, more depressed than ever. I have tried to quit and it was more HELL!!! than staying on it. They should TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET!!! - USA

Angela Massey - This drug is evil, no one told me the sife effects could become so real. I hate this drug and I think people should be told about the things it can do to your body and mind. - USA

Shannon Hoff - I have tried to stop taking paxil, five times now. The withdrawl gets so bad I can't deal with my children. So I guess till I have 6 weeks where I can lock myself up and come down, I will be taking paxil. - USA

Judy Heberger - My daughter was put on Paxil when she was 14 years old. This was 8 months ago. She was having panic attacks and was told that Paxil would be a wonderful drug for her to go on. She started at 20 mg and was increased to 30 mg. At the time she was put on 30 mg, there was a drastic change in her personality. She started to have suicidal thoughts, slept all the time, became very moody, and has not been wanting to eat. She is a totally different person!!! I had a suspicion that it was the Paxil probably, so I came here to find some answers. I wanted her off! So, when I came here I could NOT believe the HORROR stories about this drug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my child is ONLY 15 YEARS OLD!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!!! BAN this drug!!!!!!! It is only ruining lives!!!!!!!! Now my daughter will have to go through some kind of living hell to get off this drug and I wont even know what she will be going through!!!!! - US

John D. Geringer - ive never used any type of illegal substances. so when i tried to quit taking paxil the withdraw symptoms where horrible i was hearing sounds or voices and my ears would pop and i would get very dizzy. now i cant miss even miss one dose without some sort of withdraw. Im addicted to this stuff, i dont have the anxiety i had before but i also lost my sex drive,so now my marriage is suffering because my wife thinks im not attracted to her and its not that at all. hopefully i dont lose her over this. they dont make a medication for that - USA

Nichole Taylor - Quit cold turkey, and I wasn't told, nor did I expect that I would go through hell....I hope that this will end soon, and I would NEVER take it or recommend it again! - Canada

Jacqueline A. Whitney - I am attempting withdrawal now; it is very difficult, so much dizziness can barely stand it - USA

Scott Stedman - I encouraged my ex-wife to start Paxil to help deal with stress. It was deemed safe. I took her to emergency yesterday to deal with the withdrawal effects. If I'd had this information, the truth!, I would have never encouraged her to start it in the first - Canada
Pamela R. Johnson - Currently going through a very REAL withdrawal - Dakota County
C. Walters - My physician abruptly switched me from Paxil to Celexa. After asking specifically about a slow cut back on the Paxil, she said that it was not necessary. I am extremely dizzy to the point of falling over. I am afraid to drive my car because I can not turn my head quickly without losing focus. I am nauseus and have been unable to sleep. A plan must be given to patients that need to make a change. I have also gined 20 pounds in less that 1 year. - USA

Lauren Baker - I was only using 20mg of Paxil for about two years and am experiencing most of the withdrawal symptoms. - Canada

Christina - I was told it wasn't addictive and now I can't stop it because the withdrawal stmptoms are so horrible! - US

Andy Wildman - How on earth do I come off this drug? I've tried (slowly) and I felt like I was going to die. No one told me to expect this... - England

Chuck Orton - Trying to get off Paxil after 5 years - USA

Janet L. Hodge - The withdrawal feels like it's killing me. - USA

Martha - I was on Paxil for just over 1yr...side effects were horrible, and coming off was impossible...I had to switch to another SSRI just to get the Paxil out of my system...scary medication!!! - Canada

Alisa Standley - My doctor has put me on Paxil and now I can't get off without having withdrawal symptoms, even thought I have tapered off slowly. Please do not tell me doctor, that Paxil is not addictive, that it is not withdrawals that I am having, and that it is my fault that I have gained 30 (THIRTY!) pounds in the last two months. - Sumner

Jennifer Goodwin - I took Paxil for 8 years mainly for OCD, depression and anxiety. Although it was excellent for my OCD, I decided to stop the Paxil because I felt confident that with the knowledge I acquired over the years and soon to follow a CBT program for OCD, I decided to stop Paxil. THis was my third time trying to get off. Previously, I had mistaken withdrawal symptoms for a relapse and had to get back on the drug because of what my doctor and pharmacist told me. They didn't know of the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. I've been off the Paxil for 8 days now and tapered slowly for 3 months. It was extremely difficult and still is. I still have confusion upon awakening, panic attacks I didn't have before, severe diarhea every morning, and a lot of anxiety. Knowing what I know now I never would have taken the Paxil. If I took medication in the first place it's because I wasn't feeling well. Now on top of dealing with my issues, I have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms I feel are draining me of my energies which I need to focus on getting better. I find myself having more problems now than I originally had. It is definitely psychologically and physically addictive and feel that I have been robbed of some time in our lives. THe time we spend suffering throught the withdrawal should be time given to work on ourselves. Instead we end up with more emotional and physical problems than before. The worst part is feeling so alone because there aren't any doctors who know enough about this. I wish I could find a doctor who knows what I'm going through and help me somehow. I pray God every day. Smithkline Beecham, you have to take your responsabilities towards people like us. We are now drug addicts. I never thought this would happen. - Canada

Vera McGuinness - The symptoms of withdrawl are horrific, even though I'm not a drug abuser. Paxil shouldn't be given to anyone else; addiction is a terrible, terrible thing. - USA

Debi Gould 3 years on it--can't get off - USA


Debbie - No withdrawal symptoms? Ha! I had them for well over a month & the 'zaps' for over 3 months... Buyer BEWARE! - Canada

Lisa Mann - I have begun Tapering off with a dr's help this month. one side effect is that I can actually HEAR my eyes when they move. It is like a swooshing sound. This usually happens when I get the ZAPS. - USA

Cheryl D - I didn't want to take a prescribed medication for my anxiety and depression but my doctor told me Paxil was a great drug to help me. I admit I became a changed person (for the better) after starting Paxil but after 2 years I wanted to stop taking it. I've tried several different ways to taper off of this medication but the withdrawal symptoms are horrible. The worst are the "zaps" and the flu like symptoms and the HORRIBLE dreams. The funny thing is my doctor told me Paxil wasn't addictive. Maybe not but how the hell do you stop? More information need to be made available to the doctors and the public. Put the information into the little drug insert fine print. If I'd have known I would have tried another alternative. - USA

James C. Brinson - I wished that the creator of paxil could develop a med to eliminate the withdrawl symptoms. - USA

Ramona K. Hovey - While Paxil was wonderful while taking it., the withdrawal has been horrible. I have been very gradually weaning off, but yesterday spent the day in tears when everytime I moved my eyes I wanted to throw up. I also cried more than I did before the Paxil. - USA

Juli Gross - I had severe withdrawal symptoms while coming off paxil and would like to see this drug removed from the market. - US

Wendy Sipkens - Hard to quit this drug. I've been on it for 3 years. - Canada

Scott Olsen - I am so far gone, I don't know what to say.... I want my brain back. This company will pay. - Canada

Deidre Smith - Terrible withdrawal side effects - USA

Henry Fischbacher very nasty withdrawel side effects with paxil - USA

Edith Cimaglia - warnings would be nice i had no idea i'd go crazy if i forgot to take it, until i did forget and now i'm suffering. this is pure hell and i dont think i can take it! - US

Cara Nolan - The withdrawel is almost as worse as the panic attacks I had before I took Paxil. - USA

Christina King - Prescribed for me due to irritability associated with menopause and now I can't get off of it! extreme vertigo...I only take 10 mg a day and have cut back to 5mg and still get sick as a dog! this is ridiculous. I am a single mom trying to support a family by myself and I can't afford to be sick or miss any work. - USA

Greta Rose - This drug has sent me on a rollercoaster of nasty withdrawals. - USA

Dawn Gilgen - I am doing this because a friend of mine is very sick because she is no longer taking Paxil, the side effects are awful - Dakota

M. H. Allen - Have gone "cold turkey". Now on day 5 and I am totally useless to myself and others! Can't sleep and just want to sit around all day. Sitting around only makes the "zaps" worse so I'm spending my days staggering around the yard and my nights watching old movies. Horrible, horrible time! - Mississippi - USA

Sarah Miller Nagy - I have been suffering from Paxil withdrawal for the past 2 months. This is a highly dangerous drug that is too freely prescribed. Everyone should be warned against the painful and disturbing withdrawal effects. - USA


Angie - This horribe drug has taken me to hell and back...I am now off paxil but 40 pounds heavier and I don't think the "zaps" will ever end! - U.S.A

Jon Markos - I was a calm and very caring person before taking this mind altering drug. Since taking paxil I have committed numerous violent acts, I've stolen from my friends, broken into houses, and nearly blew my head off. Now I am experiencing withdrawals. I think this drug should be taken off the market immediatly. These drugmakers are seeking profit from the misery of others. They lie, and we must pray that God is merciful to them for their lies. The more I see of lies the more I smell the stentch of lies the more I hate them. Im trying to find a lawyer that will help me sue their asses. - United States

Samantha M. Nannen - Paxil has ruined my life, and because of the withdrawl symptoms I have experienced while decreasing my dosages, I am afraid to discontinue the medication. It has also contributed to me gainig over 65 lbs. What's worse is the fact that I still suffer from depression, the medicine doesn't even help. - United States of America

Mark Altom - My life has been hell from withdrawls for the last ninety days- possible nerve damage plus more - USA

Anna - I was in a relationship with someone on Paxil. The withdrawal he went through destroyed our relationship. The withdrawal made him question all of his feelings, remember things that were not real and forget events that were reality, verbally abusive, and exhibit an unfamiliar amount of rage and anger. - Canada

Tracie Carmichael - can't get off this drug, it is screwing up my life!! - Canada

Teresa Randolph - I am trying to quit this awful drug, I feel worse now than when I started it, I wouldn't wish what I am going through to my worst enemy! - USA

Leslie Boisvert - I had EXTREME side effects coming off this drug - US

K Paschal - Awful withdrawal symptoms!!! - Tarrant

Barbara R. Schramm - Not only can I not withdraw from Paxil safely I need to keep increasing the dosage in order to not suffer side affects which are not unlike the symptoms of MS (i.e. electrical-like jolts that course through my body from the bottoms of my feet to and including my neck, upon walking, sitting or any other activity!) My heart is also becoming involved. The entire electrical system of my body seems to be affected. - U.S.A.

Amanda Eddins - The withdrawal symptoms are awful and I was never made aware of that up front and was told there was no adverse reactions - USA

Jessica Javed - I am going thru very bad withdrawal, for 8 days. Even felt like suicide and couldnt control my actions don't know how long i have to go thru this but I do know other people should never be put on paxil and not know what they will have to face both physically and emotionally. i pray to god everyday to get me thru this alive and help everyone who is and will have this withdrawal. This drug needs to be taken off the market. - Anchorage, AK, USA

Jennifer Ferguson - I was on Paxil just 2 months. I developed tingling, tremors, etc. Dr.'s suggested MS, all denied it was the Paxil. The neurologist suggested that it was all due to hyperventilating. I thought it might be Paxil and asked him how to wean myself off. He said just stop taking it - you won't have any probelms or side effects. After two weeks of misery I'm still suffering with severe muscle cramping and various other symptoms. It's a scary, scary drug. - USA

Thomas H. McLamb - I am suffering from withdrawer pain right now - U.S.

Deborah J Kincaid - I started taking Paxil to help end one nightmare little did I know I was entering a whole new nightmare - USA

Devra - I was on a small dose of paxil which was suppose to take away my stomach pain and depression, I was on paxil for only a week and when my mom saw what kind of a hell i was going through and how sick i became with all the side effects, she made me stop taking it. Thank God i'm better now because of my mom but please don't make others suffer like hell because of that anti-depressant! - Canada

Kelly Dean-Bailey - Getting off of this medication is hellish. Had I known of the addictive properties, and what it must be doing to my body as a result, I would have never taken it. - US

Jennifer T - Use of Paxil has been, by far, the worst experience of my life. I'd give anything to not have started taking this drug. New users, please beware... there simply aren't sufficient words to address what's happened to my life since Paxil became a part of if. - Canada

Leesa - I hate this drug. I think it should be removed from the market. From the weight gain, decreased libido, and the withdrawal side effects...I think SKB should face up to what they have done, and remove this drug. However, perhaps they want to keep poeple hooked...increases their bank accounts... - Canada

Samantha Haynes - I'm 17 years old going on 18. I don't smoke, drink, do (illegal) drugs, or commit crimes. I've been on Paxil since I was 16 to treat my social anxiety disorder and mild depression. Then I thought Paxil was doing me some good. I even defended it from family members who thought it was doing me more harm than good. Recently I decided to quit the therapy I was involved in because I felt my anxiety was gone. Subsequently I tried to quit the Paxil. To my shock and dismay (literally) I found that trying to get off the drug was causing me more anxiety than I had in the beginning. Body shocks and tremors and sensitivity to just about everything are only a few of the symptoms accompanied with Paxil withdrawl. I'm not even an adult yet and here I've already developed an unwarranted addiction, a psychological dependence to a drug I'm doing all within my internal willpower to avoid. Thanks a lot SmithKline Beecham or Glaxo SmithKline, whichever you are. Thank you very much):-( - United States Of America

Sherrie Reeves - Paxil is a nightmare. The cure is worse than the cause. - U.S.

Adam Raud - After 7 months on 30mg of Seroxat, i have now reduced to 20mg. A week after the reduction, i am now feeling terrible. I am experiencing severe stomach pain and diarrohea, nausea, dizziness and "brain shivers". Would it not be pertinient to take on board the personal testimony of all those who experience similar withdrawal symptoms and use it to try and eliminate them, or at least warn people adequately of the possible side effects of withdrawal. - Britain

Mark - Withdrawing from Paxil caused me cluster migranes. I was in the headache clinic for 4 days with a morphine drip. - USA

John Doan - 6 year user tried to get off the last 2, no luck - United States

Jennifer Mikus - I myself am not on Paxil but my fiance is. His doctor took him off the medication cold turkey, and gave him no for warning of the side effects. He has had every possible withdrawl symptom imaginable. The doctors said there was no side effects, SKB said there were no side effects or withdrawl symptoms, my fiance has been going threw hell and now unfortunatly is back on the poison they call paxil. My family is slowly falling apart at the seams and we now know its do to this "medication" I myself refer to it as SATAN. I wish you all the best of luck I hope and pray this petition will do some good in order to protect any future patients of the world whose Dr. may try to prescribe them this hell. - United States
George Nobilski - My wife has been suffering with many of the listed withdrawal symtoms listed. This drug is terrible - and should be taken off the market. - USA

B. Knorr - You MUST do Something -- Withdrawal Suffering is Unbearable. You must have a plan for people who want to come off of this drug! - USA

Nancy Morris - I am going through severe parenthesia in my unsuccessful attempt at discontinuing Paxil. My withdrawal symptoms are acute & iniquitous, particularly in light of no informed consent regarding addiction & withdrawal issues. I feel criminally mislead by SmithKline Beecham's Paxil drug insert. Said insert, as well as my doctor's PDR information let us to believe that Paxil was non-addictive, with no withdrawal. SmithKline Beecham was grossly negligent in its dishonest portrayal of Paxil. I was not cognizant of any problems with addiction & withdrawal regarding Paxil; in fact, advertisement campaigns seemed to imply the antithesis, that Paxil was problem-free. This warrants immediate FDA action regarding Paxil & SmithKline Beecham. SmithKline Beecham likewise needs to provide those of us with severe withdrawal issues with 1mg. increments of paroxetine HCL (Paxil), whereby allowing us an exacting laboratory- measured dosage for withdrawal purposes. It is very dangerous to "shave" Paxil tablets rather than have easy access to 1 mg. increments. The withdrawal is so debilitating, that I feel in grave danger of operating my motor vehicle, & have had to "nibble"an approximation of 1-2 mg. of a 10 mg Paxil while driving down a highway. This withdrawal process has been going on for me for too long of a time. I am incurring exorbitant medical bills for this painful withdrawal process. SmithKline Beecham should be held liable for expenses, as well as probably future neurological damage. With the peripheral neuropathy & parenthesia I am experiencing, it will be amazing if there were not residual damage. A nationwide class-action suit against SmithKline Beecham is clearly in order. - USA

June Mitzel - I never would have started taking Paxil, if my doctor had informed me that I would suffer anything even close to what I am experiencing, at my current dosage of 10mg from 20mgs per day. - USA

Margo Thompson - I am miserable withdrawing from Paxil. - USA

Deanna Christman - terrible withdrawel symptoms - U.S.A.

Janet Weber - This is a horrible drug that should be removed from sale to unsuspecting people. It is next tp impossible to withdraw without feeling like it's the most torture possible. Brain and boby zaps, dizziness, visual and auditory distortions, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, the most weird and scary nightmares causing completely rotten sleep, feelings of flu, muscle aches, chills, sweats, and zaps almost continuously. This is awful to be allowed to happen. These withdrawal effects should be made public so people can make up their own minds rather than be pulled into this drugs addiction. This drug is highly dangerous and should be discontinued for sale IMMEDIATELY before there are any more innocent victims. This company has ruined enough people's lives for too long and it is time they came to their senses and did the right thing and REMOVE THIS ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! - USA

D Wright - terrible side effects. This medicine needs banning. - England

Louetta Sutton - Terrible unknown withdraw effects - United States

Christina Zelaya - I resent being on this medication (Paxil) because I can not get off of it. It is expensive and debilitating. -Orange

S. Renee Dias - This drug is evil, withdrawal is hell. - USA

Elaine Crandall - paxil is a terrible drug and can not get off - US

Anita Smith - I had tremendous withdrawal problems & am still on the drug. - USA

Mary R. Jones - it has stolen "me" & my life!!!!!!!!!! - USA

Jackie Gregory - This drug took 4 years of my life away from me. Because it was so overly-marketed to family doctors, my hypothyroidism was mis-diagnosed as depression. This drug should not be marketed for people with depression. It should only be marketed as an anti-axiety drug. - US

Tracey Pinell - Just stopped taking and the w/d symptoms are horrible - America

Nancy Lalonde - Life isn't hell, paxil withdrawal is!!!!!! - Canada

Jessica Boltik - I had a SEVERE reaction to put my family through the WORST imaginable changes, that still affect us (and myself) everyday!!!!! - USA

Pink Pill - I can't believe I found this - I thought *I* was the only one feeling the zaps, extreme dizziness, lumps, and emotional detachments. I'm 28 and have been on 60 mg of Paxil for a year. I am terrified to come off of it... - Canada

Jennifer Knudson - What the heck ?? I am a very conscientious person...and asked a lot of questions prior to being prescribed Paxil. Initially I was very ill....and was told that these side effects would wear off. They did....but NO ONE EVER EVER told me the horrendous side effects I would have coming off of Paxil. I feel next to death...the nausea, inability to sleep, fuzzy brain, etc...were never told to me. This is unfair reporting...WE NEED TO KNOW. And as a person who works in the research science field....I KNOW THAT YOU KNEW about the side effects and withdrawal. So why didn't you make it public ??????? - Canada

Paula D. Simon - Deception and failure to fully disclose withdrawal side effects should be a crime. If I had known what to expect in weaning from this drug, I would have reconsidered ever taking it at all. - United States of America

Donna Galbraith - I am trying to come off paxil and it has made my life a living hell. I hope that I have not emotionally damaged my 2 year old due to my severe mood swings. I am very concerned for my well-being not to mention my families. I am spreading the word to all my friends about the dangers of this drug. - USA

Debbie - Started Paxil in 9/2000. Started discontinuation on 7/11/01. This just isn't pretty. - USA

Tina Bomar - This is horrible. I feel so violated. There is no other way to put it. How could this drug company (drug pushers) do this to people?! I was put on Paxil to treat my Depression and though I have not actually tried to quit, I ran out of medication and immediately went into severe withdrawal. I am just grateful to sites like this one that helped me figure out what the problem was and that I wasn't dying. But now I wonder...Will I ever be able to get off this drug? I'd rather die than feel the way I've been feeling these past days without these horrid pills. I am back on it now because I couldn't stand the way I felt. I even asked my doctor about the weight gain and she said that Paxil wouldn't do that, if anything it would cause weight loss. I ask, how is this helping my depression??? Now I am overweight and addicted to a drug! - USA

Nicholas Mair - I've been addicted since March 1996 -this contradicts GSKB literature supplied with the drug - UK

Brandy Proffitt - All I have to say is:....this is the worst I have ever felt in my life...since trying to come off Paxil. If only I would've known this before...I would never have started it - USA
Mary Ann M. Gassen - shame on you - both my doctor and my son who is doctor had no idea of withdrawal like i am experiencing - went through surgery, with complications, 6 weeks ago,, could not sleep, doctor put me on different sleep medications which didn't help - thought I would have had more problems with drowsiness from Paxil than restlessnes - right now i am still healing from surgery and suffering from withdrawal systems of Paxil - shame, shame on you - was on Paxil due to husband having bypass after my being shot right between the eyes with a rifle shot coming through my window (we didn't know if i would recover or have brain damage)and having a handicap child to care for - a lot to deal with at the time - although Paxil helped with this - didn't know i would still go through this getting off -please release more data or do more testing - USA

Jim Elmore - i feel like im dying, thank you very much. i was better off before i ever took it. - USA

Olivia A. Burris - Quiting Paxil has been a nightmare to me. I even told my close friends and family on the phone I wish someone would come and shoot me in the head. I have been to the doctor and the emergency room in regards to the withdrawal symptoms and spending in access of $2,500.00. - USA

Chery Trudell - Had I known the problems of getting off of this medication, I would NEVER have taken it to begin with. It has made my life miserable. - USA

Elsa R Alfonso - i had severe withdrawal from paxil for one month: nausea, slurred speech, unsteady gait, blurred vision, memory & concentration problems. i still have memory loss and concentration problems three years later. - USA

Johnna Bowman - I was living in hell for months and still not ok - San Diego

Angelita - I feel that they are making alot of money off of people like myself that cannot get off of Paxil because of the side effects. They need to have a detoxing program for those who want to get off the medication.- USA

Angela Gilchrist - I can't bear the withdrawals from paxil. The drug does help me but when I have attempted to cut down or quit, I feel like I might die. Seriously. - USA

Suzanne Albert - Unbearable Withdrawal Symptoms - USA

Deanna Vella I am in the Pharmaceutical Industry (I participate in Clinical Trials as a matter of fact) and I support the industry fully. However, I too am currently experiencing horrible withdrawl symptoms from Paxil that I was completely unaware of. I emplore you to market and label this product appropriately so the public can make informed decisions about taking this drug. - USA

Brenda Swan - I had severe tremors, spasms,shocks while on it - Canada

Robert Aldrich - I've experienced terrible, frightening, never-before experienced feelings in association with Paxil and Paxil withdrawal. My doctor’s advice is more drugs. My decision is to give any subsequent treatment a very close look first. The feelings I experienced while on Paxil were far worse than those I was trying to relieve. - US

Terri Resch - I have taken Paxil for nearly 5 years @ 40mg. I was being tapered off the Paxil, to be replaced with Wellbutrin. I tapered down on the Paxil over 6 weeks. After 10-14 days of being completely off the Paxil, I began to have unanticipated withdrawal symptoms. I wanted to be taken to the hospital! I sincerely thought I was going insane. I wanted a "shot" or something to right my brain. Anger and irritability? I shattered a cast iron skillet into 5 pieces! Suicidal, homicidal, I experienced ALL the uncomfortable symptoms except insomnia (God bless Klonopin). I thought I must have a brain tumor, or that something was terribly wrong. This drug which I believed was saving my life, I now see as a drug with the withdrawal side effects of heroin. Damn you, SmithKline. You nearly took my life. Now I have to be back on the drug just to function. I feel like a low-life crackhead. - United States

Marisa Green - If I only would have known about the hell I am going through before I started Paxil, I would NEVER have taken that first pill - USA

Andrea Schleufer - I sit here with electical firing going on through my head - lips tingling - massive headache - muscles cramps - severe irritability, rage and sick to my stomach, dry heaves. I break out into severe sweats. Within 30 seconds I am drenched from head to toe and then 5 minutes later and have chills in 80 degree heat. I have vertigo and if I turn my head the ground comes up to me. I am having nightmares so vivid - I feel as though I am awake and fully participating in the nightmares. - USA

Deborah A. Breden - This is the 2nd time I have tried to get of of this medicine and the withdrawal symptons keep me from going to work and functioning normal. This was suppose to be a non-addicting drug. How do you explain this? - USA

Martha C. Crossley - I tried suicide on Paxil and my 17 year marriage ended. This drug is dangerous. I am not the same person anymore. I am trying to get off Paxil after 4 1/2 years and the symptoms of withdrawal are so severe that I have chosen to stay on it at this time. - USA

Jessica - Taking this drug has been the worst mistake of my life. Had I known what I know now, I NEVER would have taken this. Coming off of this poison is hell on earth and I just pray that it subsides soon. Please don't ever get on this is in NO WAY worth it!!!!!! - USA
Helena Milton - If I had known about the withdrawal effects I never would have taken Paxil and would be a much happier person today. - US

Alexis Ballantine - I was put on Paxil by a doctor and was on it for about a year and a half. I gained some weight, and went to another doctor, who suggested switching me to Luvox. While being wiened off the Paxil, i suffered a migraine which lasted five straight days. Soonafter, while driving home, I experienced dizziness and crashed my car into a telephone pole (Jan 6, 2001). With the Luvox, I've gained about 50 pounds in 8 months, I am having mood swings. With the Paxil, my actions were compulsive and impulsive. My emotions numbed, i suffered from insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, restlessness, violent thoughts, self-destructive behaviors, muscle twitching in my face, confusion, weakness, dizziness, headaches, nausia, altered personality ie careless attitude, poor judgement, and difficulty in concentration. I strongly believe that paxil needs to be pulled off the market. It is a terrible drug. Notice all the recent school shootings have been committed by children who suffer from depression, anxiety, poor judgement, obvious violent thoughts, thoughts of self-destruction, no concern about consequences... Maybe there is not a link, but we shouldn't be taking a chance..we are being used as a mass scientific experiment, it is horrible. It would be reeeally nice if the doctors were made aware from the beginning of such side effects, so they could warn patients before they agree to take it. It was put on the market to help people, and it's making them worse, so why is it still out there? - USA

Sandra Wells - i never wanted to take paxil dr. kept insisting it would help me b/c my son is severely autistic and my sister was committed and delusional. I was told that there were no risks to taking it except for minor sexual side effects. I was on it for 1 1/2 yrs and the dr kept having to increase the dose b/c I was getting physical side effects (dizzy vertigo), it's a VERY destinctive dizziness, you can hear it, I call it Helicopter Head (whoosh, whoosh sounds). I had this happen when I would miss doses of paxil, also had it happen until dr. increased. I was up to 40 mgs, was on 40 mgs for 5 months when I got the dizziness again. I decided this would never end & didn't want to be a slave to medicine. I went off it, just quit taking paxil ......that was July 2, today it's August 7th. Since July 2 I have been going through emotional and physical misery. First 3 wks withdrawl incl. daily vomiting if I ate more than a few bites of food at a time, diahhrea, intense bone-weary fatigue like the worst flu you can imagine, dizziness so bad that driving was dangerous b/c when I would only BLINK my eyes the room would spin, water retention. Emotionally I feel like before paxil I always was able to have a postive outlook, even when my son was diagnosed I was positive, when my sister was committed I was positive. I am so depressed now, I feel like everything about life is terrible, I don't tell anyone this b/c it's not what's important, my feelings that is, but inside I feel like i'm dying. I also have nightmares every night which are SO vivid, they are like movies, I remember all of them wierd thing is I can't remember what I ate for lunch 10 min later without doing some heavy thinking. I am irritable, can't stand to have more than one thing going on at a time......impatient, and I am so worried this will never go away. - USA

Tracie Dagenhart - I have the ZAPS after 3 days of Paxil withdrawl. My doctor assured me this was a non-habitual medication. Too bad patients can't trust their doctors. - Alexander
Linda Green - was prescribed Paxil 5 months ago for severe anxiety attacks. The first 2 months were euphoric! and panic attack free! By the 4 month I began recognizing a series of strange physical problems which my friends brought to my attention: severe headaches daily, unusual weight gain (wasn't eating more), leg spasms, drenched sheets at night when sleeping, short term memory loss, needing 10-12 hours sleep, staring off into space at work, completely unmotivated, lightheadedness and HELLISH dreams...what was wrong with me?! I went to my doctor who suggested increasing the Paxil from 10 to 20mg and perhaps adding on an antidepressant. This scared the hell out of me,..I didn't want more medication. I was relieved the panic attacks had stopped but feared more medication. My doctor dismissed everything and told me it was "depression". I have never taken medication before. After listening to my friends who noticed all these changes (I NEVER would have noticed because I was like a droopy, sleepy zombie), I looked on the internet for Paxil and problems with use. Well I find I am not alone, except for the fact that I was not reducing medication, but it did appear as if my body was screaming for more the effects were the SAME!. "Non-addictive" ...CRAP! I have been chipping away at my 10mg a day week by week today is my first day with nothing. BE RESPONSIBLE SMITH KLINE! - USA

Cinde L. Ponder - I have taken it, and am wrecked on withdrawl it almost killed me and no one would tell me! - USA

Benard Wagner - I was even tapered off slowly by my doctor, and I am going through total hell 2 months and counting! Zaps in head and face, disorientation, vertigo, muscle twitches, irregular heartbeats. This is the worst experience of my entire life. - USA

Elizabeth Parker - This drug has ruined my life! - USA Columbus Ohio

Paul - Causes aggression on withdrawal! I'm happy I no longer live in the same country as the idiot that prescribed me this shit! - Germany

Steven Martin - Paxil brings about massive addictive personalities, withdrawl symptoms worst than the depression it was prescribed for. - US

L Rutledge - Withdrawl is unbearable, my husband and I are both on Paxil, me 20mg and my husband 30mg. We can't take the dizziness anymore I just fall over if I turn too quickly. My husband is experiencing severe withdrawl. I feel like a tight band is around my head 24/7. The nausea, well what can i say. PUKE! I haven't enjoyed this summer yet and can't take the sun because I have light sensitive eyes and besides when you go to the beach and fall down after turning around to quick people think your drunk. It only took one comment to keep me home. I was on Serzone for 3 1/2 years for depression and never experienced anything remotely similar to this "____ING"CRAP! I only switched over to Paxil because it was recommended by the Psychiatrist and thatSerzone doesn't do anything for anxiety, but hey Serzone was alot better and I would have done some creative visualization techniques to help the anxiety that I do now, at least they work, and I don't get Bitchy. Had I known that the side effects were this bad I would NOT have chosen to go on Paxil. I have "WARNED" all my friends and family and have asked them to pass the info. around "to not go on Paxil". Research other drugs that don't have withdrawl symptoms this bad. "I want my life back now, not in 6 months when I'm still on 1 flippin mg." Dam you SmithKline Beecham.You should be ashamed. - Canada

Nathan Pawling - I nearly costed me my life. The withdrawals were horrific, I wanted to die. I was happier before I took Paxil. Psychiatrists hand them out like m&m's and don't tell you the withdrawals are worse than opiate withdrawals, I have experienced both and Paxil withdrawals are ten times worse than opiates. - United States of America

Stephanie Luft - The medication was a Godsend when I first started taking it. I've been on it for almost 3 years now and would like to quit but I get the shakes and severe headaches if I skip just one day. - USA

Lundy (Baker) - Very Addictive Drug (I am not a drug abuser) - USA

Regina L. Reckart - IT has been HELL getting off this - Hillsborough

Mickie Patterson - This drug has been tormenting my life for the past 3 months. The withdrawal symptoms are horrible and make me feel worse than I did before I began taking the drug. - USA

Rev. Barbara Yovino - My daughter is suffering so much from this drug! She can't get off of it too! Please do something about this! How could the FDA allow this? - Brooklyn NY USA

Danny De La Cruz - This drug is a very bad drug. These people are supposed to be helping mankind with their breakthrough drug discoveries, but instead are only worried about the one thing that makes this world go round. THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR!!!! Since coming off this drug I have had mood swings, anger, feelings of being smothered and feel like I cannot get a good breath in. The witdrawls are the worst thing I have ever felt. Never in my life have I ever felt these things. My anxiety is way more bareable than these withdrawls. Because of this drug I have a new found respect for real drugs addicts who come off of their respective drugs and go through withdrawls probably 100 times worse than us. This is horrible, horrible, horrible. These people should come clean before it hits them where it really hurts them, their profits!!!!!! Land of the free and the home of big business! - United States of America

Geraldine Damone - This drug is a NIGHTMARE!! - USA

Jessical Leschnikoff - I have suffered dreadful withdrawal from this drug - either by phasing out gradually, or by stopping abruptly. No-one told me about the risks to my health and well being, and when I discussed the findings of some recent research with my GP, he knew nothing of the research, and had no advice to give me in the light of it. - United Kingdom

Tina Spencer - I thought i was going crazy until I realized that I was having wihtdrawal symptoms. Noone should have to go thru this. My husband and children do not deserve the hell that I am putting them thru. - Canada

Susan Hirshman - Withdrawel was a nightmare - Jackson county, Oregon

Amanda Clark - I have experience many of the side effects. The most scary was the electrical shock like flashes. I thought I was the only one, what a relief to know that I wasn't losing my mind. - USA

Melissa L. Eilts - This drug was very hard to come off of and I suffered severe withdrawl from it!! - USA

Terry Burris - I tapered off and still threw up for 3 days. My girlfriend cant get off it. - USA

Maxine Friedmam - My girlfriend calls me up in tears going through withdrawl it a bad medication for her - SouthFL

Terese Pacensa - I have suffered from Paxil withdrawal not knowing its side effects, and would not wish them on anyone. - U.S.

Jeff Wing - Have tried to "wean" off paxil 4 times with no success. - USA

Susan Sabados - I have been trying to tapered down and it has been so hard I am so sick right now someone needs to make the public more aware of the withdrawal side effects - New York

Wanda Coe - When I tried to stop Paxil I had all kinds of problems so I had to go back on. How do I get off the Paxil without all the bad side-effects? - Florida

Kelli D. Mims - I've been on Paxil for approx 10 years now and I am trying to come off of it due to too many side effects to list. I would like to invite whomever manufactured this drug to come and live with me right now. I guarantee you wouldn't make it out of here!!! - Oden, AR

Nika Naylor - I am in hell - United States

Linda M. Reid - I was a silent sufferer for many years, trying to come off Paxil at various times and giving up because of the severe withdrawal symptoms. Again, I am two weeks into slowly reducing the amount of the drug in my system. I hate it. - USA

Jennifer Smalls - Paxil withdrawal was a total nightmare- thanks a lot SKB for the lies - United States

Lisa J Bellavance - The Withdrawals for Paxil are horrific and I am still experiencing them. I am experiencing Physical and Psycholgical symptoms and people around me that do not understand or havent been on such a drug think I am "pycho" as I have been called. It isnt right that being on a medication that is suppossed to Help depression has made my life worse. - Norton,Ma


Catherine Skrinak - I have been on Paxil for 8 years. Yes, it has helped with my depression, but now I am addicted. I have tried to be weaned from this and at one time had to go cold turkey. I am absolutely terrified to go through ANY withdrawl from this drug, it was beyond hell. I was told by doctors not to worry and that I could not become addicted to this, but all along I knew something wasn't right. So,now what am I supposed to do? Also, the price of this drug is outrageous! Your company is making money hand over fist from the demand of this drug, while you are creating addicts. I can only imagine how much money this company has made from Paxil. Not only should the drug dealers on the street be brought to justice, so should the bastards that have created addicts through Paxil. - USA

Janice Rider - I am having an awful time with withdrawl, I feel like I am a drug addict - USA

Beverly Toney - addicted to Paxil - USA

Lara L. Smith - I went through 6 months of Hell trying to get off of Paxil not only did my depression get worse but the physical side effects of the withdrawal were beyond any thing I could ever expect. I stongly recommend any one considering taking this drug to "NOT" It's not worth it ! - USA

Jacque - I experienced terrible withdrawl symptoms when I went off Paxil in 1998. - USA

Bryant Thombs Jr. - currently hopitalized in psychiatric institution for suicide attempt due to withdrawl from paxil - U.S.A.

Patricia Martinez - I am still withdrawing from paxil and I am scared - United States

Colleen Carney - I am unable to stop this medication. I have been on it for 3 years and just with being on it, I have headaches, weight gain, delusions, severe tiredness, and confusion. When I try to stop, it makes me very sick...weak, dizzy, severe migraines, nausea, etc. I wish there was something I could do. I am tired of feeling this way.My doctors never told me all the side effects to this. - Northampton

Wills, Mara - Even though I am in the medical profession, I had no idea Paxil withdrawl could be so severe. Unfortunately, because I could not tolerate these severe symptoms, I am back on Paxil going on my fourth year with no end in sight. - USA

Lisa G. Sapolis - I have been trying to get off of Paxil for over a month and am suffering from physical and psychological symptoms that make it very difficult for me to functiona and make me very depressed and anxious suddenly. I would have never agree to take this particular drug if I had known these repsonses were possible. - USA

Donna Rutter - I am having major withdrawal symtoms which almost caused me to wreck my car. - USA


Patrick Mullen - whenever i stop taking paxil for even a day, I get electrical like flashes and severe headaches. - United States

Amy Baker - Paxil withdrawl has caused me so much pain and suffering. The public needs to be warned! - USA

Kim MacIsaac - I've tried unsuccessfully 4 times to taper off Paxil. My doctor now tells me I will be on it the rest of my life. The withdrawal is terrible. My Doc originally told me Paxil was not addictive, 5 years later... - USA

Deborah Seymour - Paxil is helping me cope with a very difficult situation I'm going through. I'm afriad to stop taking it though, I tried once and the results were unbearable! - Jefferson County, CO

Kelly A. Story - the withdraws are unbelievable - USA

Dawn Caldart - I called the company because my symptoms were so severe. The representative told me I was the exception and to go to my doctor. I specifically asked for instructions on what I could be doing to lessen the side effects and they refused to offer me any assistance. I even asked if I could have my doctor contact them directly so that he could assist me and they refused! - USA

Jody Serkes - terrible to get off this drug - USA

Marie Spencer - I am a user of paxil and I want to release myself from this medication but, its very very hard to do so. The withdrawals of this medication is impossible. Please help me please. - United States

Stephanie Kallio - Have tried getting off Paxil 3 different times. Bad withdrawal symptons and I go back on the drug. Don't know what to do. - USA

Amy Hinger - Unable to get off Paxil without severe withdrawal symptoms - U.S.A.

Robert Gates - I experienced dizziness and strange sensations while on Paxil, which only got better by taking more Paxil, but I toughed it out for months of withdrawal and it finally cleared up. I lost a lot of work time to this medication that was "supposed" to help me. - Arlington

Michelle Bovair - I've tried 2 times to get off and can't, it's easier to stay on, blurred vision, electric shock like leg jumping, dizzy, nasua -'s just easier to stay on it...I hate this!! - USA

Karen Martinez - I was given Paxil for severe depression and was taking 40mg. per day. When I stopped taking Paxil I suffered Severe Withdrawls from the drug. When I seeked out help from my Medical Professionals regarding my Withdrawl Symtoms I was told what I was feeling had nothing to do with the drug. I even went to the Mental Heath Emergency Unit due to feelings of Mental Breakdown from coming off the Paxil and was told there was no Withdrawl Systems from Paxil. I was lied to. And the whole time being told that it was me and not the side effects of the drug. I suffered feelings of disassociation, tingling in face and neck, as well as numbness in my head, arms, and hands. I began taking Paxil in the Spring of 2000 until July 2001. I didn't decide to quit taking Paxil. I lost my job and with my job went my insurance. I could not afford the $ 90.00 per month to get my Paxil perscription refilled. So without choice I had to stop taking the medication. After about 3 days of not having the Paxil I began to have the symptoms I described to you. One day while coming from a job interview I broke down and had to pull over to the side of the road where I was sobbing uncontrollably because I was having thoughts of killing myself. I sat in my apartment for days before that and contemplated many ways to commit suicide. I withdrew from my family and friends. I was trying to go on Job Interviews while having the Withdrawl Symptoms from the Paxil. During my Job Interviews I couldn't think clearly and was a mental and emotional wreck. I went to at least a dozen Job Interviews and each time the same thing. Also on each and every occasion of a job interview I had severe Panic Attacts directly after each Interview whlie sitting in my Car. I am a highly skilled and educated worker in the Area of Bookkeeping and Office Administration. I finally was able to borrow enough money to go see my Family Physician where he now has me taking 50 mg. of Zoloft per day, also my Family Physician now has me on State Disability due to what he labeled as Severe Depression which is correct, however I do believe that the Withdrawl Symptoms I had from the Paxil has contribitued to my Currnet State of Mind, as well as my Current Disabiltiy. - USA

Tammy - can't get off this stuff - USA

Danielle Davis - Have been on Paxil for Several months...have had experiences where I forgot to take med and had horrible side effects at work and had to come home..this is very scary..and not fair ...we as patients trust our Docter and Pharm. companies...this may be a big what do we do? - USA

Kathleen Loreena Martell - I am a QMHA and I was on Paxil for 1.5 years following my divorce. I experienced several very intense effects each time I tried to quit taking Paxil. It was extremely difficult to get out from under. For the first time and I hope only time in my life I actually experienced an episode of suicidal ideation coupled with exteme anxiety. I am fine now but I would not wish this experience upon anyone. I just helped a friend through a very difficult time that came right on the heels of quiting Paxil. At the time it was looking to me that she was experienceing a very similar process to the one I experienced when I quit Paxil. Neither of our Doctors warned us about any sort of problem with quiting Paxil. Now I know why, they did not know that Paxil could percipitate withdrawal sx. I'm so glad to find out that Paxil is having the same effect on many people. It really angers me that a medication that is perscribed to help people through depression and anxiety creates just that only worse in the person when they try to quite. I did not try to quit until 1.5 years after my divorce and I went through lots of support on top of taking the anti-depressant. Just think what might of occured if I did not take such good care of myself and if I was not trained in dealing with depression etc. - USA
Paul Steffens - been trying to quit for years, severe withdrawl - U.S.


Dixie Cameron - I have such severe withdrawl I can't get off of Paxil. - El Dorado

Jeanne - This stuff is very bad JuJu. I've tried several times to get off of it, and I still have to take 20 mg. a day to keep my job. - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Shawn A. Spicer - Going through a living HELL! - United States

Lori M. Tillman - Getting off this drug was the most horrible experience of my life. - United States

Etta Snoke-Estes - 3 times i have tried to Quit paxil and was never told of thr withdrawls that happen physically and mentally from shaking to attempted suicide.Not to mention what it put my family through both mentally and physically stopping my attempts to take my life on these withdrawls california - USA

Warren Bellazer - I thought I was falling apart - U.S.

Mrs. Johnson - Zaps; irritability; mood swings, tingling of hands; I had no idea how difficult withdrawal is.... - USA

Amber P. Nanney - I have been a Paxil user for 4 years and have tried to stop taking this drug several times, all with the same results..................nausea, dizziness, "electric shocks", vomiting, fever, etc. Each time I tried to stop taking Paxil I would experience these withdrawal reactions and thought that there was just something wrong with me. Now I know that I am one of thousands with the same problem. - United States

Melissa Lynch - I am currently on this drug & was trying to be taken off of it and I started having all of the severe anixety problems & have had to stay on it until I can see a psychitrist about getting me off of it...all I wanted was to get better not worse!! - USA


Sandy Norden - I am going thru Hell - USA

Mark E. Nielson - took paxil for three years or more, it has terrible side affects and withdrawel problems, and presently may have damaged my liver - USA

Jennifer Shea - This drug was supposed to help me make my life easier by helping my depression and anxiety. In the end, it was the biggest mistake I could've made in taking a drug. Paxil did help for a while but then I had to keep upping the dosage. I felt there was definitely a problem because it didn't seem to be helping anymore even though I was taking it on a regular basis and felt I was taking a pretty high dosage. When I decided to come off Paxil, that's when the nightmare really began. The tremors, uncontrollable muscle spasms, the nausea and diarrhea, the inability to concentrate ... I really thought I was losing my mind. It was truly horrible. This drug should be banned. Nobody should have to go through what I did, especially not knowing how addictive this drug is and how awful it is to quit taking it. - USA

Mike Bosnick - Paxil Ruined my Last Marriage - USA

Mary Duncan - When trying to eliminate paxil, I found that I could not. I cut back slowly and still could not eliminate using it without great distress. I currently still take the drug at 40mg per day. - United States

John Carter - Terrible Withdrawl Symptoms! - USA

Mike Cole - 10 years bad side effects little benefit severe withdrawl - USA

Tracy L. Cinquegrani - I have tried to no avail to get off this drug. It causes me to feel like I am coming out of my own skin inside out. Help others to not suffer as I. My ex husband is using this against me saying I am drug dependant and I am. The side affects are worse than the original problem I ever had! - USA

Charity Figearo - you have ruined my marriage becuase of the sexual side effects and then made it so I could NOT get off paxil - USA

Gail Slater - I wished I would never started taking Paxil. I told my Dr. I did not want anything habit forming. He told me Paxil was not habit forming..but you did have to taper off. I Have a appointment with him to try to get off. It has caused me so many problems!!!! - USA

Elizabeth Keller - "Discontinuation Effects:Some patients may experience discontinuation effects such as dizziness/lightheadedness, gastrointestinal complaints, headache, agitation/restlessness and sleep disturbance in the period immediately following the discontinuation of paroxetinetreatment. These events are generally mild and transient. " This statement, from information available from the manufacturer, is false. Paxil withdrawal is severe. One or two missed pills causes me to become bedridden with suffering. - USA

Deborah Wooley - As of date, I have gone from 40mg. to 10mg. Still having electric shocks in my head, and hair loss, weight gain and mood swings. - United States

Ashland Arditi - I am completely unable to stop taking Paxil due to the painful side effects (i.e. "head buzz feeling" & instant emotional rollercoasters that occur when the drug leaves your bloodstream). I am stuck struggling to afford a drug that has a hold on my body because coming off is horrible. It's not right that the public was not informed of these problems before taking your medication. - USA

Allan Lee Ulrich - I have been on Paxil for over two years and have attempted to withdrawal from Paxil twice in the past 6 months. Both times I was forced to go back on the medication to regain my balance, concentration, and eliminate vision problems. I recovered generally within hours of returning to the medication. I never would have agreed to using Paxil if I had known how difficult it is to "kick the habit". I am not an opportunist just going lawsuit crazy. A couple of months ago I was so frustrated with the drug and its grip on me that I filed a complaint with the FDA through their website. - USA


Maryann L. deSteph - Unable to withdraw from Paxil - USA

Richard W. Edwards - Still decreasing dosage after 5 months! - USA

Lana Renee' Workman - I am currently trying to get off of paxil and I quit cold turkey without knowledge of trying to gradually get off the drug and I am going through pure hell with the numerous symptoms. - USA

Barbara Searight - I wish that I had the information on Paxil correct before taking it, now I am withdrawing and its a total hell, the making of which I hold you responsible. - USA

Jason T Smith - I am trying without success to get myself off of paxil. It is a living hell. Why wasn't I told how addicting this drug is?? - United States

Ana Dumitrascu - I have tried, unsuccessfully, to stop taking Paxil twice. The withdrawal symptoms were too unbearable for me. - Canada

Carrie E. Bale - one month into withdrawal and symptoms are getting worse instead of better - U.S.A.

MARY PERKINS - I Have been experiencing major problems trying to quit paxil. It has really ruined my life. - United States

Kate Stark - This drug was helpful, but the side effects and withdrawl are horrendous - USA

Sue Arnold - Paxil has been a nightmere for me to get off of. I have tried several times only to fail and have to take it again. I have suffered with extreme nausea and zap like feelings in my eyes and head. I should have been told of these side effects when weaning off. This drug has been responsible for a great degree of suffering in my life. I am trying to get off of it again, and am experiencing similar effects. It is tuff to be a Mom and feel so sick all the time. I cannot believe that this is happening to me. - USA

RICKY WALLIS - When I tried to quit taking Paxil.I had wierd headrushes and bad depression - U.S.A.

Nathan Eberhardt - I tapered off Paxil over a two week period before quitting. I have been suffering for over two weeks now at time of signing, from severe withdrawal reactions from taking the medication Paxil, including the following: electric shock like disturbances, dizziness, fatigue, lack of appetite, sensory disturbances(hearing distortion and a shock like feeling when rotating my eyes horizontally), profuse sweating sometimes accompanied by chills, significant confusion and inability to concentrate, vivid abnormal dreaming and interrupted sleep cycle with repeated wakenings during the night, nausea and acid reflux, feeling faint and light-headed, some amount of vertigo(after climbing stairs), tachycardia(resting heart beat on some days over 130 beats per minute), muscle aches & weakness. - USA

Jane Dawson - horrible withdrawal during pregnancy - USA

Barbara Thomas - Paxil is the most horrible experience I've been through! No one should be subject to GSK blatant hidden truths about Paxil!! - USA

Debra M. Carpenter - severe withdrawl symptoms,weight gain - USA

James Lumpkin - I am on Paxil because of depression brought on by the death of my teenage son. I needed something for a short period of time and I specifically asked my doctor to prescribe something that WAS NOT ADICTIVE and that is why he chose Paxil - - now how do I get off of it? - USA

Angela Churchill - I can't believe that Paxil is still be prescribed to patients. Not only are the withdrawl symptoms a nightmare, but it didn't help me at all while i was on it. All it did was strip me from having ANY emotions. - USA

Johanne Rockwell - Scared Paxil Addict trying to get off - USA

Kathleen Jordan - wrecked by Paxil withdrawal - Pennsylvania

Thomas P. Conte - Uninformed victim of post paxil symptoms - USA

Carrie S. Bale - have been off of the drug Paxil for one month and still experiencing side effects including muscle cramping, vivid dreams, dizziness, zaps - USA

Schmecky - began taking medication about 1989 for a severe anxiety attack(loss of control,crying,losing my mind,quit my $11.00an hour job) iwas unable to function.was put on paxil at some point shortly thereafter.began feeling somewhat better but began having side effects (mental confusion,lack of concentration,loss of short term memory, shocks,vivid nightmares,profuse sweating,constant headache,shakes, stumbling,shudders from sounds and movement,nausea, chills in80-90 degree weather,restless legs,trouble speaking,no energy,lethargy,restless sleep,tingling in teeth and face,fear of leaving the house,impotence,semen discharge while urinating,ect.)in years since i have always been depressed treated with various other meds some did nothing others had intolerable side effects.zoloft,welbuterin,effexor,doxepin,vistaril,prozac,desipramine,buspar,lorazapam. - USA

Penny Brehaut - Never having been on any drugs before other then ventolin, I am finding it nearly impossible to quit taking paxil. The effects of withdrawal are almost worse than the panic attacks and the depression. I wish I had been told of this before taking this drug. - Canada

Erika Carter - Paxil is destroying me - United States of America

Kevin Seaboyer - i have been going through sheer hell..spent a week in a detox center because i thoughti was going crazy - Canada

Debra - very awful side effects to this drug - US

Lynette M. Gray - I have been on Paxi 1 year. It's major effects are devastating to say the least. I had no idea how addictive this drug is. I am trying hard to get off of the medication but I find that I can't due to the overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. The side effects of the drug itself has gotten way out of hand, I don't know if it's due to my extended use of the drug or what; but all I no is that I need help with getting my life back. I am so afraid. I hope that in the future people become more aware of the side effects and pain of withdrawing from the drug brings. It's devastating to say the least. We need guidance badly. - U.S.A.

Hannah Stewart - Although Seroxat helped me initially through a serious bout of depression, I feel mislead and uninformed as to the HORRIBLE side effects of withdrawal. Why did my GP claim to not know the seriousness of these symptoms? I feel that this is unacceptable from a major drug company. - England

Deborah L. Schoeman - I went through SEVERE withdrawls - United States


Arline Johnson - Nightmare withdrawals from Paxil....over 2 years.. - USA

Joyce Logan - side effects and addiciton are my problems now - Baltimore City

Joy Fears - I am addicted, was hospitalized after tapering off - USA

Paul Keller - I underwent a personal hell coming off of this drug. - United Kingdom

Nikki Young - I have tried several times to quit Paxil. Each time I experienced "the zaps", nausea, dizziness, anxiety. After being on Paxil for two years, I have realized that my short term memory is that of an early Alzheimer's patient. I'm only 28!! I want off this drug. But I hate the feeling of the withdraw. Yes! That's what it is withdraw. I am afraid to even think about getting pregnant until I am Paxil free for atleast a year. - USA

Hollie Maloy- Humphries - I'm trying to figure out if I will ever feel normal again. I've been trying to get off Paxil for almost two months and I still can't function. I haven't been able to keep my balance, bumping into things at work, unable to see clearly, and afraid to drive because I feel so strange. I have this horrible tingling sensation, I sweat a lot and can't sleep at night. After hearing some of the other people's side effects, mine sound mild, and that scares me! - USA

Gretchen Grace Grant - This medicine if you can call it that is horrible, started having reactuons to it while on it seritonin syndrome no sleep for five days , passing out not sleeping intense sweeting, twitching uncontrollably, shaking, blurry vision, diarrea, dialated pupils, numbness, loss of cordination, loss of memory, extremely hot skin ect. and that was before quiting the drug cold turkey , the withdrawls were horrible and i do not wish them on my worst enemy!!! My doctor said that she did not want to deal with this any more and gave me a number to the crisis hotline like i was a complete nut!! - USA

Harry L. McCormick - I cannot get off Paxcil because when I try I get very light headed and sick - USA

Amanda Boudreau - I have never experienced such hell getting off a drug in my life. I was so sick at the time I was prescribed Paxil, that I just wanted to get better. I didn't research it, I "trusted " my doctor had done that for me already. I have numbness and "zaps" and neausea, throwing up, diareah, headaches, tingling sensation, extreme anger, I could just hurt someone real bad on this shit. I feel like a Guinee Pig in those old mental institions. I am so distraught. I have gained 50 lbs, which has given me back problems that cause me to not be able to do nothing. I can do the dishes if the counter top is high enough so I don't bend down. I am a friggin' mess. This is Garbage. I am hurt, dissapointed. This so called miracle pill isn't so wonderful any more. God, I hope they ban this. - Canada

Timothy Birkin - the addiction is worse than depression - England/United Kingdom

Julie Zellers - I was perscribed paxil for my post partum depressiona nd now I cant get off of it due to extreme side effects including disorientation manic mood swings and dizziness so great - I have trouble driving a car. - America ,USA


Dawn Pawluczyk - Withdrawing from Aropax (Paxil) has been hell and still is to some degree. - AUSTRALIA

Judy Anderson - Suffering severe withdrawl symptoms - United States

Angie Barela - I have just gotten off Paxil and now been going thru the worst withdrawals and sickness. - USA

Jessica - I have tried to quit several times. No matter how slowly I try to taper down, I have the terrible shocking feeling (ZAPS), irritability, mood swings, headaches. M y son was also on paxil for compulsive behavior, he is now so depressed he feels like life is not worth living. He was not depressed before he started taking the medication. The drug company had to know about these symptoms, surely a trial group would have shown these withdraw symptoms. We can't be the only ones. - Indiana, USA

Thelma Landsberry - Reaction after tapering off so severe, I was taken to hospital by ambulance - USA
Andrew Robert Cawdell - It was a nightmare, trully horrible. - UK

Catherine L. Wohlin - I have had tried three times to go off the paxil and have ended up at the hospital, for extreme heart palpations high blood pressure, extreme constipation, abd pains, and anxiiety attacks. USA ,Tucson

Laurie Konrad - I tried to wean off paxil and I thought I was dying - USA

Karen Rudd - It has taken me over 8 months to withdraw and I'm still experiencing withdrawl symptoms after 2 months of no Paxil. - USA

Teri L. Watson - Need help getting of this stuff - USA

Wilson J. Santiago - I have suffered the withdrawal, and went in to a severe depression. - USA

Sheryl McDonald - This drug is ruining my life and it is impossible to quit. What are we to do? - Canada

Michelle Jackson - PAXIL IS HELL - USA

Tina J. Harris - I have tried for the past 3 years to get off paxil, and the withdrawal are so bad that I can stop taking the drug, and at this point in my life I can afford to pay for it any more, so I don't know what I'm going to do! - San Bernardino

William Ferg - I have had nothing but problems in trying to get off this terrible drug. - Portage County in WisconsinJ. Scarriot - Paxil worked well while I stayed on it. Did not know it was addicting. Severe withdrawal symptoms. - U.S.


M. C. - Have been on Paxil for several years now. I was also told it wasn't addictive and had fewer side effects than other types of antidepressants. I've attempted to wean myself off the drug several times in past, but I experienced terrible flu-like symptoms and intense depression with severe dizziness and shakiness. I would return to taking the paxil and it would stop the symptoms. I felt my depression returning and the Dr. increased my dosage from 30 to 60 mg. This worked for a while, but the depression began to surface again and I also was feeling rather anxious/nervous. I thought perhaps the Paxil was effecting me negatively, so I tried to stop taking the drug by slowly reducing the dose by 10 mg at first for a week, but I began to experience the dizzy spells and nausea with trembling and was so scared and miserable that I went back to the regular dose of 60mgs. This did not seem to be having the effect it had in the past and I was desperaate for relief so I increased my dose to 90mgs and by the next day I felt fine again! I am convinced this drug is addictive or that it does something to the brain that is permanent! My Dr. insists that the drug wasn't responsible for the symptoms I had experienced and so, I am still taking the 90mgs per day. The Dr. has suggested tapering off the Paxil and trying a different anti-depressent, but I am terrified over the return of my symptoms that I had previously experienced. My whole family thought that I must have a brain tumor or something that was making me dizzy and shaky. I went to a neuologist and had all kinds of tests, but nothing could be found that would explain my "dizzy spells" I really started believing that perhaps I was going crazy and making myself feel that way! Now that I've read all the comments of others taking Paxil, I know that there must be some kind of connection to all these symptoms and the Paxil. I am so outraged that a drug such as this is being advertised as if it were some type of novel "in" drug suitable for all! - USA

Teresa Watson - I am going through withdrawal hell - United States

Carrie Rogers - Was able to discontinue, after several tries, but was very ill in the meantime. - USA

Crystal D. Orange - This was the worst experience I've ever had. Severe Withdrawl. Before it was perscribed to me I explicitly said "I don't want anything addictive". - USA

Cathy Staeven - I was involved in a multiple vehicle auto accident in Nov 1992. Paxil was prescribed for depression. I developed seizures in May of 1999 for reasons that are unknown. This September of 2001 my Doctor thought it a good idea for me to discontinue Paxil because he thought that may Paxil could be contributing to my seizure and had me taper off, and by taper off he meant 1/2 a tablet for two weeks and then nothing. Well, now I am in hell. I have been experiencing the jolts to my head continuously. I thought I was having a stroke. I too am feeling nauseous, unbalanced, dizzy, feeverish and have flu-like symptoms. I can't stand loud noises and when I sleep I have to have the shades pulled and all lights off. I get hungry and then eat and little and then feel sick. When I read this all I could do was cry. I felt relief that I was not losing my mind and that I did not have a stroke or a brain tumor. I also felt hatred for my Doctor because he never alerted me to any side effects of going off Paxil. I would love to have him in my body right about now. It is pure hell. I don't know whether to sit up or lie down. It doesn't really matter because the jolts in my head don't stop either way. I can't believe that a person is not advised of how this drug can affect them and how difficult it is to get of when the time comes. No one should have to suffer like this. This is a living hell. I wonder if they would prescribe these same drugs for their loved ones if they knew they had to be on them for a long period of time, all the while knowing how difficult it is to quit the drug. Right now, as I sit here writing this and my eyes move across the screen I am getting electrical jolts, and it makes me cry, and it makes me mad! Grandville, Michigan. - USA

Dorothy Fay Freeman - After taking Paxil for three years, trying twice to get off of it, I'm trying for the 3rd time. I'm determined to do it this time. I'm having the 'zapping' sensations, headaches, nausea, etc. This product needs to be taken off the market. It's horrible to go thru this. - Kent

Monica Calloway - My doctors put me on Paxil, but it turns out it only made things worse because I was misdiagnosed. I was never told the negative effects this drug would have on my body. Even though I asked over and over again. I am going through extreme withdrawal now and I can hardly face the day. Thanks paxil. - United States

Steve Hessler - Tried very slow withdrawal from Paxil: was an absolute nightmare. - Franklin

Lora Harding - I have had HORRIBLE side effects of this medicine - USA

Regina Kay Orton - I had bad withdrawal from this medicine - USA

William Ramey - paxil withdrawl is HELL - USA

Margie Wojciechowski - I decided to stop and gradually reduced my dose and now my life is a living hell. Morning sickness was a piece of cake to the nausea I now have, and the spasms in my skin and eyes and dizziness is horrid. Take it off the market or make a law requiring the side effects to be specified before administering Paxil - USA

Laurie A. Erickson - I suffered extremely detrimental withdrawal symptoms when I ran out of the drug Paxil and was between Dr. appts for a prescription renewal. The symptoms were very frightening and left me wondering what kind of drug I have been prescribed! I had severe dizzy spells, flu-like symptoms, electrical sensations with eye movement and hearing difficulty, headache, severe depression, confused thought and disorganized thinking, hot and cold flashes. My psychiatrist told me she felt guilty for not telling me that the clinic could have approved a prescription renewal order to cover me through the appointment and that I had experience extreme "rebound depression" with other Paxil withdrawal symptoms. I would like to taper and wean myself off the drug, but I am afraid of experiencing the withdrawal symptoms again. Is there an effective safe alternative medicine that can be given to allow a person to go off the drug without such horrible symptoms? - United States

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