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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Regulation - A Matt Holford Perspective

Matt Holford writes the blog 'It's Quite An Experience'.

The MHRA once labelled him vexatious.

Vexatious means annoying.

Here is something Matt wrote for this blog:

The way the current system is set up, the only people who bear the fall-out are patients. It's not the Worshipful Company, for "finessing" the results of their trials and giving shit information to everybody; it's not the MHRA, for failing to assess drugs properly; it's not doctors, for failing to diagnose and prescribe correctly, despite the advice available. No, it's the patient, every time, even though the patient is in absolutely the worst position to make a judgement call on any of this.

The evidence is already compelling: the system doesn't work, and not only is nobody doing anything about it, but we're being told that actually, it's state of the art. The very unwillingness of anybody to acknowledge that we have raised issues worthy of the name tells us all that we need to know about the way the system is skewed. The stuff that may be rebutted, or at least obfuscated, receives the treatment that we've come to know and loathe - like the ridiculous game of semantics played with "addictive". That stuff that may not be rebutted, like the question of benefit, and the detailing of the assessment process, is just ignored, and anybody who presses the issue is branded "vexatious".

It's crap. I've been told by my GP to anticipate suicidality with fluoxetine; I experienced suicidality; then I was told that it was down to me. I went to my counsellor, who advised me that I was subject to the biggest conspiracy theory imaginable. And all this, because my employer gave me work to do, and then refused to give me the authority or the information to do it; and I then spent my time wondering what the fuck I'd done to deserve that treatment. Fuck the system - there is no system. It's fucking chaos: I see no evidence of any method, whatsoever.

Anyway, the upshot is that I absolutely refuse to waste another minute of my life trying to have a discussion about this with people who have no understanding of what "responsive," "responsibility" and "professionalism" amount to. There is no way to progress this matter towards a satisfactory conclusion unless the MHRA, et al, feel inclined to acknowledge the issues, both clinical and administrative, that we've raised. As it stands, we'll just spend our time raising more and more matters, and having them ignored and rebutted, in equal measure, just so that the fuckers can maintain the status quo, where people like me can roll around on their dining room floor, screaming silently, while the whole world looks on and tells them that it's perfectly normal; and where people like Monty Burns can get paid huge amounts of money for bullying those who raise flags.


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