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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

66 Days... and the MHRA still cannot/will not answer FOI Request!

I asked a whole bunch of questions after the shambolic investigation into GlaxoSmithKline which was performed (Hmmm) by the Enforcement Team at the MHRA. They answered all but one, they promised to get back to me. 66 days on and they haven't!

The question was actually posed by former barrister, Carl Gardener. Carl was a barrister for Tony Blair's government on EU, human rights and public law for over a decade. I asked his permission if I could use it - he agreed.

The policy on timescale for answering FOI requests is 20 working days. The MHRA told me they needed more time to answer this one particular question. I have reminded them but still no answer.

Maybe they have to go through a whole heap of lawyers before they answer it?

If Seroxat wasn't licensed for use in children, as the MHRA are now saying, and if the normal conditions of use means simply licensed use, as the MHRA's lawyers seem to have concluded - how come the MHRA had power to vary the authorisation?

66 days and no reply. This really isn't good enough!


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