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Saturday, May 10, 2008

GSK Endorse Seroxat Self Help & Patient Groups... it seems

Well, in this never ending world of change we now see GSK move the goalposts yet again regarding Seroxat 'problems'.

Rather than accept any form of responsibilty it now seems GSK are referring patients to self help and patient groups to discuss their problems with Seroxat... at least that's what the revised Patient Information Leaflet [PIL] says... or at least that's the way I read it. One could be forgiven for making this assumption due to the layout of the PIL

The PIL kicks off with: Eight Important Things You Need To Know About Seroxat.

(They put the onus on the doctor many times.)

Seroxat treats depression and anxiety disorders: Like all medicines it can have unwanted effects. It is therefore important that you and your doctor weigh up the benefits of treatment against the possible unwanted effects, before starting treatment.

Seroxat won't work straight away: Some people taking antidepressants feel worse before getting better. Your doctor should ask to see you again in a couple of weeks after you first start treatment. Tell your doctor if you haven't started feeling better

Some people who are depressed or anxious think of harming or killing themselves: If you start to feel worse, or think of harming or killing yourself see your doctor or go to a hospital straight away.

Don't stop taking Seroxat before talking to your doctor: If you stop taking Seroxat suddenly or miss a dose, you may get withdrawal effects.

If you feel restless and feel like you can't sit or stand still, tell your doctor: Increasing the dose of Seroxat may make these feelings worse.

Taking some other medicines with Seroxat can cause problems: You may need to talk to your doctor

If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant: Talk to your doctor.

If you have more questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist (chemist) You may also find it helpful to contact a self-help group, or patient organisation, to find out more about your condition. Your doctor will be able to give you details.

Am I missing something here? Has there been an influx of doctors around the UK attending special classess that will educate them about Seroxat?

Self-help groups, patient organisations? - Wasn't this exactly what Janice Simmons asked Kent Woods (CEO MHRA) for at a meeting a couple of weeks ago?

And doctors know of these self-help groups and patient organisations? Funny, because I am pretty much up on the subject of Seroxat and I have never heard of any official self help groups.

Are GSK now saying that if all else fails listen to patient stories?

Fuck! Isn't this the message WE have been trying to get across to the MHRA for the past 6 years!

"You may also find it helpful to contact a self-help group, or patient organisation, to find out more about your condition."

Unless of course GSK are referring to self help groups or patient organisations that discuss the 'illness'? If this is the case then why add this terminology directly under the problems one can face whilst taking Seroxat?

The gem of the leaflet is the line:

"It is not fully understood how Seroxat and other SSRi's work but they may help by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain"

So glad that's been explained then!

It's funny because in 1996 the information GSK [then SmithKline Beecham] gave out was the complete opposite of what they give out today.

Back then they knew exactly how Seroxat worked... or at least they claimed they did.

"This medicine works by bringing the levels of serotonin back to normal"

"Seroxat works by releiving symptoms of depression and any associated anxiety"


1996 This medicine works by bringing the levels of serotonin back to normal


2007 It is not understood how Seroxat and other SSRi's work...

On one hand GSK/SKB are making it clear that Seroxat works by bringing the levels of serotonin back to normal then years down the line they are saying, "It is not understood how Seroxat and other SSRi's work"

That's quite a change in stance wouldn't you agree?

I guess there are two ways of looking at this. GSK can be seen to be the whiter than white company for updating the leaflet after taking into account the adverse reports of Seroxat or they can be seen to have dropped one humungous bollock by making the broad statement back in 1996 that they knew exactly how Seroxat worked. I would dearly love to know what scientific proof they used to make such a broad statement back then.

The 1996 flimsy leaflet can be read here

The revised 2007 version that goes into much more depth can be read here


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