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Friday, May 30, 2008

...and another thing Kent!

Maybe it's time to set up some centres across the UK to help those trying to taper off Seroxat, a kind of walk in clinic manned by people that actually believe in what the patients are going through. Glaxo don't seem to care, neither, it seems does the UK medicines regulator.

Your system of regulating patient reports IS NOT working. Hand it over to people that know what they are doing - at least hand over the Seroxat withdrawal reports to people that have experienced it first hand! Let US tell them that what they are experiencing isn't psychological - do you know just how much your stubbornness is affecting the lives of these people? Do you know how your actions are lining the pockets of GSK?

Speak to David Healy, he will tell you that these problems are not psychological.

And if you or any of your staff throw the 'it would be financially impossible to do that' line at me, I will come back with 'How much money was spent on the four year investigation into GSK when the answers were already out there for every man and his dog to see' line.

Speak to Healy. I dare ya... I double, no, I triple dare ya.

He is up for it. Are you?

Let's see what you are made of Mr. Woods!

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