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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comment from John Watkins of the MHRA

I have had permission to add this comment to my blog from John Watkins of the MHRA. It refers to my post 'Seroxat, Who should be held accountable?' where I questioned whether Kent Woods meeting with Janice Simmons at the end of this month was merely a token gesture?

Dear Bob,

I read on your blog for 28 April that you were “enlightened to hear that the CEO of the MHRA, Kent Woods, had agreed to a meeting with Seroxat campaigner Janice Simmons at the end of this month but disappointed to learn that he has offered her only one hour of his time. Is it merely a token gesture by Woods?”

Allow me to put the record straight on this. The date for the meeting was suggested to me by Janice. It was convenient for her and for others who would come with her. I told her that Kent Woods’ diary for the day would only allow an hour and asked whether she would prefer to look for another date when there could be more time for a meeting. On balance, Janice preferred to use the date she had suggested.

Let me assure you that this meeting will be more than a token gesture and that Kent would have been happy to have had a longer meeting.


John Watkins MHRA

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