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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Mysterious Disappearing Facebook 'Likes'

Through fear of being labelled an 'angry smeary conspiracy theorist'... actually, that's quite a badge of honour - thank you Mr Goldacre [see Andrew Witty: The Acceptable Face of Big Pharma?] - I am quite bamboozled by recent events on this blog.

A while ago I added the Facebook widget to highlight how many times a blog post of mine had been 'liked' on the popular social network. All was going good until fairly recently.

In a nutshell, 'likes' are being wiped off and reset to zero - I have no idea why?

This guest post by Stephanie Lynch had 249 likes... days later, the 'likes' reset to zero.

The tribute I did for Sara Carlin was climbing with approx 150 likes - days later it was reset to zero.

Cher Buchannan's guest post about citalopram and birth defects reached about 300, before it was reset to zero - it's currently at 45.

Elizabeth Kenny, Caught in the System has also been rest to zero likes.

Others reset to zero

GSK Use Delay Tactics on Grieving Widow

Shane 22nd February

Very strange.

Are Facebook in allegiance with pharmaceutical companies or is it merely coincidental that glitches would appear in these 6 very popular posts? Between them they have had over 3,500 views.

Just asking.

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