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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Further Email to GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria

Uchenna Uwechia, GSK Consumer Nigeria Plc's Legal Director and Company Secretary

Following on from Glaxo's denial that any of their employers were involved in the recent allegations coming out of Nigeria regarding a promotional lottery scam.

Basically, three employees of GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria PLC have been accused of  running a promotional scam for its energy drink, Lucozade, and its soft drink, Ribena.

The ten count criminal charge number FHC/L/478C/15 was filed before a Federal high court in Lagos by the Police Legal Officer from Force Criminal Investigation Department, Force Headquarters, Abuja, and named Dayanand Thandalam Siram, Jonathan Murray, Uche Uwechia (all of GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria) who, along with GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria are due to be arraigned before the court next month.

I wrote to Glaxo, they told me...

"We have been advised that charges contained in the publication are unsustainable and we are taking appropriate legal steps to address the issue."

As some of you will know, I researched this alleged scam for quite a while. My research found that one of the accused, namely, Uche Uwechia, aka Uchenna Uwechia, is the current Legal Director for GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria. Further research showed that Uwechia was previously employed by the Gulf Bank of Nigeria PLC and had been arraigned on a 21 count charge that had implicated him with various fraudulent activities during his time at the bank.

Despite endless hours of research I was unable to find the outcome of that particular trial, it seems to have vanished into thin air, which would suggest that a deal was struck with the prosecution. (Complete back story here)

So, I have put the following to Noah Falana, Consumer Relations Specialist, GSK South Africa, who wrote to me regarding the alleged lottery scam.

Dear Noah Falana,
Thank you for issuing this statement.
Just one more question that you may or may not know the answer to?
In 2014 GSK Nigeria's Legal Director, Uchenna Uwechia, was arraigned on a 21 count charge with regard to his previous employment at the Gulf Bank of Nigeria.
Could you tell me the outcome of this trial? Presumably Mr. Uwechia either had the charges dropped or entered into a plea bargain with the prosecution.
Source here - How Massive Fraud Liquidated Gulf Bank -
Bob Fiddaman

 As yet, Glaxo have failed to respond.

Bob Fiddaman

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