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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Prescripticide in Ireland?

I heard a fascinating couple of interviews yesterday on RedFM, a radio station out of Cork in Ireland.

For ease I have edited the complete show, which, in the main wasn't about homicide in Ireland, a subject that has recently reared it's head with the slaying of the Hawe family from County Cavan.

Alan Hawe is alleged to have killed his wife and children and then himself and many people are asking what would have prompted such an act.

RedFM's talkshow host, Neil Prendville talked to two women about it yesterday, both have experienced family members carrying out homicide and then killing themselves.

The first, Una Butler from the Cork village of Ballycotton, spoke openly about her husband, John Butler, and the homicide and suicide carried out by him.

John Butler killed his two daughters, Zoe (7) and Ella (2), and then himself in 2010 and Una has since been researching homicide/suicide related deaths in Ireland. She told Pendville that she had found that there has been 27 homicide/suicide related deaths in Ireland and was calling for more research into this. Una also mentioned that her husband was receiving treatment for his depression at the time of the incident.

Next up was Leonie Fennell, a friend of mine since we met a few years ago. Leonie too is from Ireland and has experienced homicide and suicide. Her son, Shane, was just 22 when he killed a young man and then himself in 2009. Leonie, just like Una, has been researching homicide/suicide related deaths. Shane had been taking and withdrawing from citalopram (Celexa) at the time of the incident.

Listening to the two stories it appears that Una has done some remarkable research but has not yet made the connection that Leonie has. I do hope, at some point, Una and Leonie can meet and share their research.

Listen to both women by clicking the play button below.

(If the player does not work then you can listen to the recording here)

Bob Fiddaman

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