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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

GSK Whistleblower Documents Released

Longtime friend and fellow activist, "The Truthman", is taking the bull by the horns on his excellent blog, GSK: Licence To Kill.

Today sees Truthman release just one of many documents pertaining to allegations made by Thomas Reilly who was sacked by GSK after bringing to their attention a staggering number of compliance issues. It seems to be a standard tactic for GSK to sack employees who bring compliance issues to their attention. Hamrick, Thorpe, Kumar are past whistleblowers of GSK who all met the same fate when making complaints to senior staff at GSK. In fact, I've yet to see anyone kept on by GSK who has made a complaint about their compliance procedures.

According to the documents, released via Pacer earlier today, Reilly claims that GSK's entire global manufacturing business has been running on defective IT systems putting their products at high risk of contamination. These products may include, but are not limited to, over-the-counter cold & flu remedies, sports drinks, dietary supplements, tubes of toothpaste. Also, prescription drugs manufactured by GSK, including their antidepressants Seroxat (Paxil) and Wellbutrin (bupropion). Many other products manufactured by GSK could also be at risk of contamination. For a breakdown of GSK products, visit here (last updated in 2013)

It's basically CIDRA on a global scale!

I'm not up to scratch with Reilly's allegations so here's Truthman to explain what has been alleged.

The Most Scandalous Case In Pharma: GSK’s Manufacturing Cover Up Puts Millions At Risk Of Harm.

Bob Fiddaman

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