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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 12 Posts of 2013

Another year of blogging and the views have increased considerably. I'm not all that far off a million hits now, I still find this hard to take. I'm just a normal guy with a gripe.

Anyway, here's 12 reasons why you all kept coming back in 2013.

For Claudette - Rest In Peace

January - Tenacity Pays Off For Swedish Journalist Larsson

February - Psychiatric Medication or Play Therapy?

March - Sometimes the New Zealand Government Get It Wrong

April - Global Medical (Mis) Information

May - Reporting Adverse Events to Pharmaceutical Companies

June - FDA Approve Re-badged Paxil for Hot Flashes

July - Witty Plays Down China Scandal

August - Witty Witty Bang Wang. The Glaxo Gangbang...Allegedly

September - GSK - A Runaway Train...Running Right Off The Track

October - Mylan Pharmaceuticals: "Make My Baby Come Alive"

November - ADHD - Making the invisible visible

December - Citalopram Birth Defects (Guest Post)

As long as you keep on coming back, I'll keep on writing.

Have a Happy New Year folks and thank you for reading.

Bob Fiddaman.