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Monday, December 02, 2013

Cronyism, Chinese Style

Cronyism - Favoritism shown to old friends without regard for their qualifications, as in political appointments to office.

British PM, David Cameron, is off to China, apparently he needs to drum up some business. It appears that the Prime Minister can't do this alone, he needs to convince the Chinese government that the UK are good guys to deal with.

So, who better to tag along with Cameron than his old chum, Andrew Witty.

Witty, whose company, GlaxoSmithKline, are currently being investigated by Chinese officials for corruption, bribery and other misdemeanors, is part of David Cameron's business council.

I find this really amusing. Here we have the leader of a country who wishes to convince Chinese officials that business with the UK is the way forward. To help convince China that the UK have wonderful business practices the UK bring along a knight, a sir, if you will, whose company, a British one, who are currently under investigation by Chinese authorities.

Laugh? I almost soiled myself!

However, this knight is not shining, in fact Witty must be cringing at the thought of being asked about Glaxo's behaviour in China. I can just imagine how the phone call between Cameron and Witty went. Maybe it was something like this...

DC - Hey, Andy me old mucka, DC here, you fancy an all expenses paid trip to China?

AW - Are you taking the piss, DC?

DC - No mate, honest, we seriously need to drum up some business and investors. The UK has pretty much had it and nobody really trusts me anymore, if you believe the polls that is.

AW - But you are aware the Chinese authorities are investigating my company, aren't you?

DC - Of course Andy but why are you worried about something so trivial, it never happened on your watch did it?

AW - No, and that's the position that I have taken. I would have used the era excuse but it was fairly recent and I just didn't think people would buy into it again.

DC - So, let's have dinner. I've invited some of our business greats along too.

AW - But don't you think it will be awkward for me if the press start to ask probing questions about the bribery allegations?

DC - Andy, Andy, Andy. C'mon, It's just a few bad eggs, don't stress my friend. Bring some Seroxat with you in case you get an anxiety attack.

AW - Sod that, have you seen what that shit does to kids?

DC - Just part of an era though, hey mate.


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