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Thursday, August 29, 2013

葛兰素史克公司 腐败 For Researching Chinagate

So, last night I came up with the idea of translating English to Chinese, to get a heads up of what is going on in China and what is not being reported in the western world.

I've devised a list of key words that advocates, journalists and the general public may have fun using.

First off, 葛兰素史克公司 - cut and paste this into Google and see where it leads you...

Pretty cool eh?

Now, you can add the following search terms to the one above, remembering to add a space.

Here's the list - have fun folks

彼得·汉弗莱 = Peter Humphrey

赵洪彦 = Zhao Hongyan

张国伟 = Zhang Guowei

梁洪 = Liang Hong

黄虹 = Huang Hong

葛兰素史克 = GSK

安德鲁·威蒂 = Andrew Witty

回扣 = kickbacks

妓女 = prostitute

性方面的好处 = sexual favours

帕罗西汀 = paroxetine

非法 = illegal

自杀 = suicide

支付 = payments

腐败 = corruption

贿赂 = bribes

行贿 = bribery

肉毒杆菌 = botox

舞弊 = fraud

举报人 = whistleblower

名人 = celebrities

哮喘 = asthma

处方 = prescriptions

代笔 = ghostwriting

卖淫 = prostitution

旅行 = travel

销售队伍 = salesforce

刑事 = criminal

有罪 = guilty

Bob Fiddaman

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