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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The AbbVie/InterMune Petition.

Take a moment out to sign this petition put forward by David Healy.

In a nutshell, AbbVie, makers of Humira, and InterMune, whose pulmonary-fibrosis drug Esbriet has recently been approved in Europe, aren't playing ball.

Neither of them want you seeing data from their trials on the benefits and harms of these drugs so both have filed suit to deny access to information that is important for the consumer.

What do they have to hide, more importantly who do they think they are by making demands that the public have no right to access this information? They claim that trade secrets would be released if they had to offer up such information. This is nothing but a smokescreen designed to stop the general public from getting to the truth!

The petition is gaining momentum, over 700 signatures in just 48 hours. However, more people need to sign it.

Let's put pressure on.

Petition can be read and signed HERE.

Bob Fiddaman

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