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Monday, August 25, 2008

Patient Advocate in Harassment Campaign

There comes a time in your life when you have to make a stand against what you believe in.

This blog is my stand. I believe GlaxoSmithKline are guilty of selling a defective drug and are guilty of hiding and/or manipulating the data for that drug.

I've been banging the drum loudly from my little place in Birmingham, others have joined in the campaigning, lobbying MP's or starting up their own blogs to help spread the word.

I believe this 'banging of the drum' has got me my meeting with Kent Woods next month at MHRA Headquarters.

I certainly expected critiques of many of my rants on here, for one, I didn't expect GlaxoSmithKline to take what shit I had to throw at them lying down. They regularly visit this blog [I have the stats].

What I didn't expect was a fellow campaigner, who originally had a gripe with GlaxoSmithKline, to post remarks about me on a mental health forum.

This week I took the unprecedented measure of joining this forum. I openly asked for this person to ask me questions and I would answer them to the best of my ability providing he would answer my questions for his readers. I stayed in the group for 24 hours. He never answered any of my questions, instead he posted vile comments about me. Associating me with a well-know pedophile, labeling me a benefit cheat and a racist. One of his members saw fit to add an image of my face to a cartoon and label me a serial rapist!

Trawling through the archives of the forum I found many comments left by this individual and in the 'Files' section of the group found three photo's of me for his members. When you read remarks such as the ones left by this individual it kind of turns your stomach. Further research through the archives show this person openly admitting that he was once arrested at gunpoint by the Irish Police. That kinda scared me. If he can break restraining orders and scare his wife so much that she calls the police then he could possibly have some serious mental health issues.

To this end, I contacted Yahoo Groups Complaints Department - 5 of the offending posts have now been removed, whether he has moved them, the group owner has moved them of Yahoo Groups have moved them is unknown.

I used to have a myspace and facebook account - these were removed through fear of this very sad individual 'involving' my friends with his bile. In fact he recently uploaded a picture of one of my friends to his little forum.

I find it utterly baffling why a fellow campaigner for better drug regulations in the UK would target not only me but two other Seroxat campaigners. It is plainly obvious that he cannot enter debate, he had 24 hours in which to do so but decided to post old articles about me instead.

Strangely, in 2003 he posted regularly about Seroxat and GlaxoSmithKline, he even taunted Alistair Benbow in some of his posts but somewhere along the line his opinion was changed, instead of targeting GSK and Benbow, he now targets myself and other Seroxat campaigners.

In June this year he wrote to Solicitors handling the Seroxat litigation demanding to know how I could afford a trip to Australia many years ago, he also asked why in the one photo he has of me in Australia, I look so 'larger than life', assuming that I was suffering Seroxat withdrawal at the time the photo was taken.

It has become an obsession for him to trawl through Internet archives and post about me, targeting a poetry site where I used to post then labeling me a 'Tampon Poet'. Yeh, I wrote poetry years ago, yeh I wrote one about Tampons, it's called humour.

He also could not answer whether he had wrote to a mental health charity CEO offering him the same snaps of me in Australia.

I know he wrote to my M.P Gisela Stuart with photos and various claims.

I can put up with critiques of my writing on here, I can even hold my hand up and say I have made a mistake, if it is pointed out to me.

One thing I cannot.. and never will put up with is claims such as 'Benefit Cheat', 'Racist' and associating me with a well known sexual molester of children. The individual wrote " Bangkok said no to Garry Glitter ....but no probs for Fiddaman" - He then posted a photo of me standing in the streets of Bangkok.

Some of his posts were entitled:

I wonder what Scientology lover Bob Fiddaman makes of this

Benefit cheat Fiddaman off to see Kent Woods @ MHRA

Fiddaman making dodgy remarks about Muslims !!

and in the files section he had three photos of me (one taken with a woman)

Two of them were entitled

1. Benefit cheat Bob Fiddaman in Bangkok
2. Benefit cheat Bob Fiddaman in Melbourne

Another member writes... "Evidence Proves Date Drug Rapist Pirate Bob Molested Parrots"

It's a shame that he once used to be focused and belittle Seroxat, he even defended a fellow campaigner whom he now 'slags' off, by writing on a Channel Four Forum. He was incensed that a Seroxat victim had been treated unfairly on the Richard & Judy Show here in the UK. He now 'bad mouths' this Seroxat victim.

I feel for this individual, he needs mental help, hence the reason why I have refrained from naming him in this post.

Yahoo Groups Complaint Dept are investigating further posts he has written and earlier today I contacted West Midlands Police to investigate my claim of Harassment from this individual. No doubt they will be in touch over the coming days.

The jury is out to see whether this very sad individual has learned his lesson.

Read more about this insidious coward HERE


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