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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

16 Year Old Haley Stands Up To Be Counted

I received a comment on one of my earlier posts from 16 year old Haley Willard from the USA. Haley is the sister of Manie, the little bundle of courage whose life has been ruined by Paxil [Seroxat]. Julie, the mother of Haley and Manie, stood up to be counted some time ago. Her blog is a testament to the courage of her son who from birth has had such a tough time.

Haley has took the bull by the horns, she too is sticking her middle finger up to Pharma and the regulators. She too, like Manie, has been let down by the system.

She wrote me and said she would be honoured if I left a comment on her blog. Well, Haley, I am honoured to be in the thoughts of your family. Grit, determination, bravery and strong will are traits that will unite you all and keep you standing.

Keep up the good fight.

I salute you.


Haley's blog can be read here

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