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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cervical Cancer, Ofsted & GlaxoSmithKline

A story that slipped under the radar yesterday was the announcement that the NHS will be treating 12 year old girls with GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix, a vaccine for cervical cancer.

You may remember the uproar when Paul Blackburn was appointed to the board of Ofsted earlier this year. Blackburn is a senior vice-president at GlaxoSmithKline. His appointment came two weeks before the company won a reported £100million contract to vaccinate all schoolgirls of 12 and 13 against the sexually transmitted virus linked to cervical cancer.

Pressure from bloggers and other parties, I believe, forced the resignation of Blackburn and left Ofsted red faced.

Yesterday's news that the NHS will be treating 12 year old girls with Blackburn's employers vaccine should come as no surprise to us all.

With such an apparent tainted history regarding children and Glaxo's drugs, the NHS have simply turned a blind eye. To put it bluntly they are allowing a company with an apparent history of woeful neglect of our children in through the door to once again ply their wares.

If you are a parent with a 12 year old daughter, do your research. Take a look through the many stories where Glaxo have showed utter contempt for children.

If you ask me, Ofsted walked away from this debacle unscathed.

Why did they appoint Blackburn in the first place?

Schools Secretary Ed Balls, one of Gordon Brown’s closest advisers, said Mr Blackburn had a ‘passion’ for helping children.

So did Mr. Jones, my school teacher from many years ago!

Teresa Cooper, author of 'Pin Down' and No2Abuse also highlighted the Ofsted appointment of Blackburn. Yesterday, she was forced to resign from her job. She believes it was because she had highlighted this particular story on her website. She left her employers yesterday... her employers biggest customer? One GlaxoSmithKline! Read her story here

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